The nameless ones

As I walked passed a famous economical chicken rice in Chinatown Singapore, I always remember the seat I sat when talking to a dear gay Christian friend. It was the last time I saw him. His story is one of the many killed by the condemnation of the Charismatic Evangelical Christian Churches. They are nameless, for few recalls nor remembers them, nor call for those who had caused harm to be bought to justice.

When the Christian Right takes away the basic rights of gay people, they do it by grouping and labelling, so that gays are no longer a person created wonderfully and uniquely in the image of God, but hitherto referred to solely by their same sex orientation. The gay person becomes nameless. Christians refused to see beyond a person’s sexual orientation, because the truth scares them that their gay sexual orientation is innate and the evangelical’s Bible interpretation wrong. What else could be wrong? And who bears the punishment for the sin against gays? Jesus Christ?

Liberal Christians are no better. They don’t see the unborn as humans at all, but a problem to be destroyed and annihilated not because of health, but because of selfish choices and personal rights. The rights of the unborn does not matter because they are nameless and hidden. The liberals don’t really love, and perhaps hate the unborn that was killed, and they became nameless. These supposedly Christians kept on emphasising on love ad nauseam as to compensate for their hidden sinful deeds. This again is vanity.

The Christian Right in Singapore are dumb silent on abortion with the wear white gate keepers not giving even a murmur against it despite the many public statements against gays. This is because they do not want to look into their straight mirror and see their own much more horrid sins. Putting their own straight sins on the gay gentle lamb will not save them forever. Instead of rainbow banners insidiously welcoming gays home to be changed to straight, shouldn’t they be displaying aborted foetus when thousands of abortions take place yearly. This again is vanity.

We are actually all nameless, because we are all sinners fallen from the glory of God if indeed Christ is not in our lives as the payment for our sins. We often hear that we are wonderfully and beautifully created, but the God of Israel sees us as nameless because we are under Satan’s dominion and ownership. We remain as such until we call out to the God of Israel through the name of Jesus Christ, thus giving us back our name and presence before God to be pulled out of the nameless swamp and be given a name as a child of God.

Some ask why we pray since God is all knowing. It is because the God of Israel can only have the right to answer and help us if we pray to God in Christ Jesus to ask for help on account of the finished work at the Cross. After all, we are actually nameless, all sinners before God under Satan’s domain. God has no moral reason to answer our prayers let alone to bless us where it is needed since He is all knowing. He is unable for righteousness sake until we give God a righteous reason. And that reason is our petition standing on the Rock and the finished work of the Cross. If Jesus had not died and risen, our prayers have no standing to be replied, let alone many who do not believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

Many churches are nameless because the God of Israel sees them nameless as they pray to a God of many names for the God of Israel is a very exclusive God, for God is One and does not want His glory shared whether the Mother Sun God Ashteroth, the Sun God Ra, or the saints, the holy Father or the universal divine. The church say “let us pray” but it is not to God the Father through Christ our redeemer and advocate, for many churches now do not believe that Jesus is Lord God and Saviour, nor the truth, the Way and the life. They play church to justify themselves before man and God. This is again vanity.

The US dollar note has the bold statement “in God we trust”. However with pagan symbologies on the very same note to the Sun gods Ra and the God Queen Ashteroth, which God is the US trusting? Is God nameless unless we meant the God of Israel? The liberals and even conservatives have made the name of God vague, until it is nameless and there is no salvation and redemption in Jesus Christ, as Lord God and Saviour. Even God becomes a nameless divine in the liberal theological construction becoming themselves little gods and co-redeemers. With God nameless, all is vanity.

This week, Gays are given a name, it is Tom Daley who had won the Olympic Gold and Bronze medal in diving, and another gay person, Jerry Windle, the father of an Olympian Jordan Windle who took care of the Cambodian orphan and raised him up to be a champion. Whilst the same time, the news in UK, US, and Australia was about the head of Hillsongs being charged for concealing child sexual abuse. When gays are given a name, the church is in trouble because the nameless is given a name whilst Christian leaders with a big name have their names dishonoured.

The nameless ones are also victims of sexual abuse often by faith authorities such as Catholic priests and Church pastors. They stayed quiet bearing the guilt and shame. The charge against Brian Houston was that he covered up the grave sins of his father of sexual abuse against minors. The cover up is coming to an end for the church. Soon their sins will be uncovered. Houston was charged because one of the nameless victims decided to come out and took on a name.

The evangelical church has stolen the lives and dreams and bore false witness against gays. As long as these are nameless, there is no judgement. As the nameless ones receive names, the church is guilty as charged and judgement starts at the church. In the end days, the God of Israel will give the Eunuchs a name in the house of God. In the ancient times, there are Eunuchs of straight people due to forced castration or natural Eunuchs with no desire of sex with women. The God of Israel is giving a name to the outcasts in the last days, that their lives will no longer be in vain.

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