Malaysian transgender activist dies

A famous Chinese woman transgender activist originally from Ipoh died of heart issues on Sept 2020 when she was in a grab taxi on her way to USJ Town. She had been one of the loudest activist against the Christian ex gay movement in Malaysia.

Her activism peaked in Sept 2008 describing her experiences with the exgay movement in Malaysia. She even had articles with exgay watch. It effectively ended in Sept 2008 when her “husband” from Darwin Australia withdrew support for sex change surgery in Thailand on claims of abuse and high maintenance. The fairy tale ended and perhaps should never have started with all the warning signs of unsustainable support from a white unemployed Australian bloke. Their marriage was not legal in any sense.

The experiences reflect a delusion of life suffered by many in the exgay movement. After coming out of the exgay movement, I guess many transgenders would have wanted to become a housewife supported by a loving husband. But there are few men who would marry them. Hence, bad choices can be made.

Transgender people often suffer deep scars of being abused and rejected in their entire lives. This makes entering into relationships difficult and they are often abusive and demanding of others. Hurt people, hurt others. Without a partner and a job, they are out on the streets.

Many in the transgender community would have wanted to be themselves, to work in the jobs they liked eg a working professional (which would not be possible in a highly anti transgender society) , but this can be delusion resulting in demanding support from others leading to further rejection.

The Christian exgay movement is an extremely insidious and deadly movement because it kills the individual, the spirit and soul within, leading to depression, suicidal tendencies, impulsive choices and delusional lifestyles. It takes away the individual and you are living in the Christian Right straight theological construction. You’ll realise your life have completely stolen by those who cared nothing about you but to fit their own theology.

In Acts 8:26 to 40, an Ethiopian Eunuch met Phillip and was baptised by him. Curiously, his heart was already tuned to the story in Isaiah concerning Jesus. In Acts 8:33, “who can describe his generation, for his life is taken away from the earth”.

The Eunuch would have understood for his life and generation was also gone. Phillip explained that Jesus was the Messiah mentioned in Isaiah, and nothing prevented the Eunuch from being baptised which is actually contrary to the Jewish law because the Eunuch would be unable to enter the Jewish temple to know the God of Israel because he has no male genitalia.

Is there anything that stopped me from being baptised asked the Eunuch? None said Phillip, by the Holy Spirit of God.

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