A Fallen Church at Halloween

Halloween is coming on 31st Oct 2021, a remembrance of the ancient pagan occultic past of US and Europe. It is also Reformation Day when Martin Luther nailed the Ninety Five thesis, a statement against the fallen Church in Oct 31, 1517. What Martin Luther did not realised was that Satan was like a thief and the problem was not indulgences but the church had fallen into the abomination of worshiping the evil one, in the likes of King Ahab and King Manasseh.

Fast forward 1500 years later, the wear white Gatekeepers and the mega church may remiscent fondly of the 500 years remembrance of the Protestant Reformation in 1517, but very few would have mentioned that the state of the church in 1517 had deeply fallen and the Gates of Hades was at her centre. So when they claimed, they wear white, the Protestant and mega church roots are but from a fallen Church which is deeply darkened by the worship of the Sun God and the occultic symbologies.

The church is infamous for bashing gays for perceived sins? Why? Because sub consciously they are the ones guilty, not gays. If we go to 1 Cor 6, it was about the Corinth Bema, the public judgement seat. It was not about gays. Paul was so angst of the internal disputes in the Church being dragged into the public platform, because he was once sent there by the religious Judaist from the synagogues. So a commercial dispute with reference to the pagan faith practices of the world coming into the church become somehow twisted by a fallen Church to apply to gays when the verses on same sex acts are actually pagan faith practices.

The church started to fall in AD313 in the Edict of Milan when it became the state religion thus opening the door for the various occultic faith practices to be aligned with the church beliefs. Ironically, the abomination is not same sex acts per say, but sex acts to join themselves with Satan and this is what the church has been engaging since the fall.

The fallen church was free to do and dictate truth, and it did exercised it to the fullest with the pope being the Co redeemer. Jesus Christ was replaced by the worship of Mary, the Apostles and the Saints as the intermediaries. The Gates of Hades ruled th fallen Church until the rise of literacy and the widespread printing press in Europe by 1500.

The first press was made to print the bible with the Gutenberg Bible printed in 1455. But the printing press also made bible truth and interpretation readily available to the common masses thus making the protest by Martin Luther in 1517 of the church indulgences possible.

Many millions were murdered by the counter Reformation activities by the church led by the Jesuits. Whilst the mega church pastors talked about Reformation Day, it is a day of reflection of how much the church has fallen because there are few Reformation churches left in mainland Europe holding on the the solas of Martin Luther. They are gone, destroyed and infiltrated.

By the end of the 19th century, the church were by enlarge either under the church hierachal or of liberal persuasion who were opposed to the solas of Martin Luther. There was no spiritual power in the church. But something happened, the first Zionist Congress in Aug 1897. This was followed the Azusa Street revival in Apr 1906.

There are many mega church pastors who say that we are in the dispensation of grace, the anti Christ or the son of perdition will come, and there will be 7 years of tribution before the judgement. But Christians will not be impacted because they will all be raptured before tribulation. If based on Paul’s letters to the Churches in Asia Minor in the AD 50’s, this could have been the case if we were living in Jerusalem before AD70. But Paul did not live to see the events of AD 70 or AD 135.

For all intention purposes, the Jewish Christians had the right to fear. For the Jews, they did see the tribulation and the son of perdition mentioned by Paul. The 2nd temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in AD70 with millions of Jews killed, and the Jews were nearly wiped out from Judea after the Bar Kokhba revolt in AD135 which ended in Emperor Hadrian and the temple of Jupiter sitting in the holy of Holies, the ultimate abomination. Judea was no more, and renamed Syria Palestina in order to wipe out the Jewish people. Fast forward 1870 years later in Nazi Germany, more than 6 million Jews died. It was no dispensation of grace alluded by the charismatic pastors. The Jewish people had suffered great judgement and tribulation for the sake of worshiping the God of Israel.

The picture of Halloween with all the pictures of the occultic beings hides the true image of the church hierachal for the church is so deep in abomination until black becomes white and they insist on calling themselves Christians. So when the mega church pastors wear white against gays, and declare that the tribulation and judgement will not come until they are all raptured, they are living in deep denial and could only do so by putting all their sins and the historical sin of the church of 1700 years upon gays. The churches of the Reformation are mostly empty. The Holy Spirit has gone from them.

The ancient Jews and Paul in the seven churches in Asia Minor were not able to determine the date and time of return of Jesus Christ, because the triggering events were so far into their future, the fall of Jerusalem, the Bar Kokhba revolt, and then, 1760 years later the Zionist Conference marking the return, the bud starting to appear in the fig tree in the First Zionist Congress in 1897, and 50 years later in 1948, the founding of the state of Israel.

It is true that we are in a period of grace, but it is not the 2,000 years mentioned by the mega church pastors but for 50 years from 1967 and 70 years from 1948. Just as the Jews experience relative peace from the birth of Christ until the fall of Jerusalem, there has been relative peace from 1948 to 2018. But thereafter, judgement is coming but in reverse order to the events in Jerusalem.

We are in and going further into a period of great tribulation and judgement, because God is shaking the powers of darkness now ruling over the nations and the church to purify the church and bring a holy spirit revival and to bring back the diaspora to Jerusalem breaking down the nations who had opposed it and hitherto conquered Jerusalem. The strong man who had been in control since AD135 will suffer grave violence.

Just as Judea was banished from the nations in AD 135 with the name Syria Palestina, with the temple of Jupiter built on top of the 2nd temple by Hadrian, the lands of Judea will be returned to the Jews. And the church hierachal, the Romans ie the European Union, and the Arab nations who had strongly supported dividing Israel into two states, will suffer a great fall.

Judgement is coming against the fallen Roman Church, the Roman empire of old, where her global power and authority will fall. For Jesus is coming back and all earthly anti christ who had exalted themselves far above Jesus Christ, who had occupied and destroyed Jerusalem and had denied the rightful return to Jesuralem and Judea of God’s people will fall.

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