377A repealed as we Go out to the hedges

Luke 14:23 and the Lord said unto the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled’

Why is 377A being repealed because God is moving in the highway and the hedges in the end times, the last generation. A special invite has been sent out to the outcasts for the world has rejected Jesus Christ, as the way, the truth, and the life. However, It does not look good for the churches. They preached the law and so what they sow is what they will reap. Gays are not mentioned in the Ten commandments yet worshiping pagan idols are. Yet, we don’t call for the ban.

For the charismatic evengelicals in Singapore, it is one of their greatest disaster and subconsciously they know it. Why, because the bible says whatever transgression we sow against others, four fold we shall receive. Gays are so naturally innate that the church has had to spin very hard with many lies and half truths, because the truth scares them and for many, it undermines the bible.

Blibical Christianity has never been particularly pro family. It has always about Jesus Christ being king of Kings and Lord of Lords, above every principalities. When God wiped our pagan worshipping nations, all were killed including women and children.   King David had a few wives but his son solomon had 700. But in the anti gay movement, we suddenly took on the pro family mantle when the bible was never about one man married to one woman. In 1976, same sex activities was legalised in California. Non of the breakdown of the family happened. It was also a time of the charismatic renewal.

The real abomination in the bible is worshiping other spiritual Gods apart from the God of Israel and not gays or gay marriage. Even the church itself is steeped in abomination with the church hierachal worshiping Mary and the sun god. Yet, when we hide our sins, our conscience needed a scapegoat. For 500 years, gays has been the gentle lamb to be sacrificed. And judgement of God is coming upon the church.

In Singapore, at the National Day rally 2022, it was announced that the 377A will be repealed soon as the public opinion becomes more accepting of gays, and the law coming under increasing challenges as contradicting the equality under the constitution. Yes, the repeal was inevitable but for the many lives lost and deeply harmed, it matters little. They are like dry bones in the Ezekial valley of bones.

We are in a slippery slope not into immorality as claimed by the Christian Right for the straight people has already a monopoly of sin causing family breakdowns with tens of thousands of adultery, divorces and abortions, but an uncontrolled descend of the church into judgement and great shaking. Time is increasingly compressed and so many things will happen so fast. One of my most dislike verse is where the Word of God does not pass away, in the context that sins will be remembered. The repeal of anti gay laws is a trigger for judgement of the sin against gays for the last 500 years.

Although Singapore is a red dot, it has mega size influence in the charismatic and evangelical Christianity being the lead nation in the breakaway anti gay Anglican South grouping. So the NCCS and the Pentecostal were attempting to keep 377A through fervent activism even though it is actually non of their business. Gays are a weak minority made sin by the church for their own sins and for the transgressions of the straight community. Although a historical milestone, it is too late for the thousands who died due to the condemnation by the church in history. Their blood calls out for justice, and 377A is about perpetuating injustice and stealing from the weak. They are dead, so the repeal doesn’t really matter that much, but their blood cries out for judgement.

The Pentecostal churches and the evangelicals in NCCS conveyed their deep regrets whilst claiming the high moral ground of protecting the children and family. The irony and hypocrisy is that the churches never protest against abortion nor seek to have divorce and adultery criminalised in the same manner. These are kept silent because it reflects that the breakdown of family is caused by straight people themselves and has nothing to do with gays. So the pro family arguments hides their sole reason which is their blibical interpretation. This is the anti gay Christian agenda to “cancel” out gays with false facts because they are unable to reconcile their Bible interpretation with the seemingly innate sexual orientation of gays. It was never about true love but selfishness and religiously inspired animosity.

The repeal will result in a great downhill of the churches, hitherto unmentioned because 377a is the indirect legacy of the foundation of the Anglican Church. The 377A in Singapore was modeled after 377 Indian colonial code of 1871, which in turn  was based on the Act of Buggery of 1531 by non other than King Henry XIII. After executing most of his wives after divorcing them, King Henry put all the blame upon gays and founded the Anglican Church when even the pope condemned him. The repeated claims of immorality by the church hides the deep skeletons of the church in white washed tombs. They are blaiming gays that for which their church founding forefathers were the greatest sinners.

The churches in Singapore preached frequently about judgement and sin, but they don’t realised that the time of grace is over and judgement coming for 500 years of robbing from gays their basic rights whom many had perished:-

-500 years from the founding of Anglican church (Anglican church founded 1534)

-50 years from the clock tower revival (1972), and the baptism of the Holy Spirit of the Anglican Bishop. Changed the liberal Christian landscape to an evangelical holy spirit led thus ushering revival.

The repeal will open a Pandora box and it is not about the breakdown of marriage or the family, but the breakdown of the church which is essentially founded on sin and blamed on gays 500 years ago. The church is founded by Henry XIII on grounds of grievous sins of murders and divorces which he blamed gays on.

The Christian churches have hardened their positions because the very possibility they might be wrong has severe spiritual consequences of a backlog of 500 years of judgement. Their pride and misunderstanding of God’s grace prevented a Stand down and they will see gay couples being so innate and natural every day of their lives as a reminder. Ie they must continue to wear white and to paint gays as black when the truth is the reverse.

Without the Anglican Church, there will be no Methodist nor Presbyterian church, or the Assemblies of God. Hence, the fight by all the Evangelical Churches to maintain anti gay laws first initiated by its founder Henry XIII in 1531 because they know their foundation is mired in sin. Once 377A is repealed, there is 500 years of judgement against the church.

The judgement on the church will be as follows:

1. The gates of the church will be shut and padlocked just as we put gays in the closet. The church will still be mega in size but trapped.

2. Revival and holy spirit power will be quenched for the blood of the victims cries out for justice.

The antagonism against gays by the evangelical charismatics is rooted in the firewall of fundamentalism against the liberal theology of the Jesuits counter reformation which has all but conquered the church and the bible colleges by 1948. It was not surprising that the Malaya Christian Council did not allow the bible houses to join. All the Bishops were then quite liberal. With the charismatic revival of 1967 of the Jesus people, there was a move to put a firewall around the Word of God. Hence, the anti gay movement arose as to protect the bible. It had nothing to do with gays because they knew pagan worship was the abomination and not gays. A false narrative was created to protect to bible and to maintain an outward consistency of Bible interpretation. Gays were dispensable.

The Christian churches will come to a point of grace where they realised that as Paul said, I am the chief of sinners. There comes a place of humility where pride melts away and a deep repentance and contrite heart emerges.

All the anti gay laws are being repealed in the civilised world because God is moving. Outside the city walls into the fringes of society, to the outcasts hiding behind the hedges. “Go out” in luke 14:23 means that one go out of the mainstream to find them. The Gospel has reached the mainstream of society, the city dwellers and even to the poor (luke 14:21). However, even in Singapore, the number of protestants is less than 12% despite 100 years of evangelism and charismatic revivals.

In the last days, God is inviting the last outcasts in society to come into the kingdom of God. It is a special personal invite ie “compelling them personally”. The first part of this invite is breaking down the hedges, the fence.

The End is coming. Jesus Christ is returning. Gays are a trigger because Jesus Christ is bringing the fence down. They are the last tribe. The repeal of 377A brings an end of deep wrongs and a start to right the wrongs and injustice. May it bring peace and shalom from the God the Father.

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