What the church lost in fighting gays

A Methodist church pastor painted gays as the most successful activism in Singapore with the Pink Dot getting big attendance each year with the last message of “repeal 377A”. The truth is that they only organised a picnic with average performances. Crowds were drawn by a common unity of pain and suffering of persecution by the church due to something innate and natural within. The activism is nearly non existent, disorganised, leaderless, and nothing like the highly organised fervent activism by Christian groups in the exgay movement in the 80s, followed by the Aware takeover attempt, and wear white movement by Anglican churches and FCBC. The churches are loosing and blamed on gay activists when the real reason is that gays are innate and justice has a tendency to flow down river, gather pace and not stoppable.

The Christian evengelical churches are loosing something very precious before God and men

1. Integrity. The core reason why Christians are against gays is to protect the bible, the Word of God. Gays being so innate in their sexual orientation undermines the authencity of the bible based on the evangelical charismatic interpretation. Therefore, a fake narrative of protecting the family, marriage and fighting for the common good is used. The actual reason is to protect the Word of God. Gays are dispensable. The anti gay narrative is repeated so often that the churches themselves believed in their own fake news. When we loose our integrity, we loose our message, influence, and respect. For when the salt looses its saltiness, it cannot be but thrown away.

2. Gospel message. When the Episcopal Church in the US fell into apostacy by rejecting Jesus death and resurrection, the Anglican South led by the churches in Singapore used the gay issue to kick the Episcopals out of the Anglican communion. An honest person would have just declared that the Episcopal Church is anti Christ for it has rejected the centrality of Jesus Christ as Lord, God and Saviour. Instead the Anglican South used the gay hot button issue thus undermining the Gospel because it is actually the Gospel which the Episcopal had rejected.

3. Conscience. As the church kept hardening their stance, the church is increasingly loosing conscience because it did not care for the many thousands of gays who lost their lives because of the exgay theology and the condemnation of the churches, coupled with the hundred of thousands denied true love. When our conscience is so sheared after 50 years of the anti gay movement, we loose discernment before the Holy Spirit of God. You can’t hear the Holy Spirit because your hearts are hardened.

4. Debts. The church takes on debts on the harm caused to the gay community. Each life lost, each life wasted and trapped in the closet becomes a debt liability for the church. When gays come out of the closet with the repeal of 377A, there is a moral law which will put the church in the closet as a sin debtor. What happens when we have sin without the blood of the lamb at the door post, the church opens herself to angelic spiritual attacks.

5. Grace. The church in Singapore grew in a mega manner after the baptism of the Holy Spirit of the Anglican Bishop in Bangkok in 1972. The growth is by God’s grace, not by our own efforts, but all unmerited and undeserved. The grace of God shown upon Singapore after it got ejected from Malaysia. We only fully understand God’s grace in Jesus Christ when we give God’s grace and mercy to others. Instead of giving grace, the evengelical charismatic churches have been a leading voice to maintain 377a, and even to strengthen it to include lesbians. When we do not give grace, the Holy Spirit could not move through our lives. The power of God is not manifested, and a deep sense of self righteousness grows within.

The evangelical charismatic church in Singapore has lost the 377A but they are so hardened of heart that they do not see their own sins and repercussions. The river of justice will flow down river with increasing pace and volume. But there is no backing down for the church with a tsunami coming. Ironically, the Christian Gate keepers wanted to protect singapore from God’s judgement by putting gays in the closets, they might end up causing it upon their own heads.

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