Why did evangelical protestants drew the red line on gay marriage

In Singapore with the repeal of 377A, the evangelical churches are scared and further insisting on the final red line of gay marriages. They should be scared, for their 50 years of cultural war against gays will end soon and know their spiritual and moral position are compromised. And subconsciously, I believe they know its all a lie and gays has been used as a hot button issue for NAR dominion. The end is coming. They are against mighty demonic forces seeking to bring down the last Reformation movement in the USA.

For the last 500 years since the 1517, with 95 theses, the Protestant churches has been under both a physical and spiritual attacks. Within 200 years, the Counter Reformation has also all but took out the evangelical branch in Europe who had kept the solas of Martin Luther. Millions were killed in the Spanish inquisition. The Churches in UK escaped because King Henry VIII was excommunicated despite being given the title Defender of Faith for his role against Martin Luther.

The English channel stopped a direct invasion and so the higher institutes of education and colleges was infiltrated to weaken the protestants in UK and USA. By the turn of the 20th century, the church had undergone a conversion therapy to embrace the Social Gospel. By 1960s almost all the churches had strong liberal tendencies. The Gospel evangelism was a low priority and converted to the Social Gospel. Fundamentalism and the Great Commission were relegated to small fringe Christian bible houses and pentecostals.

Then in 1965, there was a stirring to rise up with Reconstructionism by RJ Rushdonny of the Presbyterian church with his Chalcedon foundation which forms the basis of kingdom now to make countries Christian by taking over governments and culture much like Constantine in the Roman empire.

The Fundamentalist movement and the first rain of the Holy Spirit (Azusa St 1905) arose from the turn of the 20th century to stop the decline and slippery slope into heresy and distortion of the Gospel. Alas, the Counter Reformation won out in the liberal colleges until the Jesus people charismatic movement started amongst the young people in the 60s. The latter rain movement became one of the greatest Holy Spirit movement of the 21th century and will last for another 70 years from 1948, the creation of Israel state.

In 1967 with the return of Jerusalem, there was a holy spirit revival which has led to the mega churches today. And so the many Protestant churches had a conversion therapy from liberal to evangelical. In response, the mainline churches became more liberal over the last 50 years and as the evangelical charismatic churches begin to grow at the expense of the church hierachal in many countries, the same forces were at work to undermine it.

The evengelical charismatic churches were under intense spiritual warfare because they were extending the kingdom of God. There was a hidden aggenda to bring down the churches as happened in the counter Reformation. So the powers against the churches were subtle and hidden. Religious sects and secret societies such as Mormons and Freemasons arose.

After five hundred years, it was a time for war, for a fight back for restoration of power against the spiritual principalities, church hierachal and the secular power structures. The charismatic Evangelicals begin to develop the idea of taking over the secular seven mountains and intensive spiritual warfare in power evangelism.  The New Apostolic Reformation was organised by the Pentecostals by the early 80s catalysed by the Toronto revival. It was earlier mooted by the likes of Bill Bright, loren cunningham, Francis Schaeffer in the mid 70s. The next phase was led by John Wimber in his power evangelism.

The new Apostolic age started in AD 2001. Gays were used as a hot Button issue to penetrate the seven mountains of power in society. Gays were the acceptable collateral damage for Gospel revival into the marketplace. There was now a fracture in the movement headed by Wagner/Wimber in the mid 90s, as more radical personalities forked away with Wagner including Bill Johnson, lou Engle, lance Wallnau, Che Ann, John Arnott, Randy Clark, Mike Bickle, Paul Hammon, Cindy Jacobs. Many familiar foreign invites to Singaporean churches. The word cultural war was coined by them as these Christian apostles battle to take over secular culture.

Why the repeated assertions of protecting the family and marriage by the Christian Right in Singapore when the sin was with the straight people with rampant divorces, adultery and divorces? Because they are sticking to a prescribed narrative even when it makes no sense when applied gays, for the impetus of the Christian aggressive activism was the passing of Roe and Wade, decriminalising abortion in 1973.

After loosing the gay marriage battle in 2015, the NAR had much succees in the political mountain in the US with the Pentecostals getting Trump elected as the US President, electing anti abortion judges to the supreme Court and finally over turning Roe and Wade in 30 June 2022. But the battle for gay rights and gay marriage were over, and what the Pentecostals never told us was that the records since then showed that gay marriages never had any impact to the family or straight marriages since the advent of gay marriages in 2015.

Everything that the Charismatic evengelicals preached against gays eg gay aggenda, radical gay activism, slippery slope, were in fact a Freudian slip. It was the Christian Right itself having the secret aggenda to use gays as collateral and the hot button issue, having very organised Apostolic “army” in highly structured and organised and funded activism. In Singapore, the NAR Apostles leading the fight were already appointed by year 2001 by the external foreign powers.

The NAR, the Pentecostals, and their market place evangelism had a big theological error of trying to conquer the world for power. The symbol of Christianity is the Cross and not a hammer and sickle. They were fighting with the same weapons that the Jesuits counter Reformation had done, false witness and hidden infiltration aggenda. They can never really conquer or dominate the mountains because this world belongs to Satan. We are called to be salt only.

The NAR started innocently as the vineyard movement led by John Wimber and his close association with Professor Peter Wagner of Fuller in the 1980s. It leveraged upon the latter  rain movement involving the entire spectrum of the charismatic Evangelicals in power evangelism and spiritual mapping including YWAM with a mandate to take over the seven mountains of the world. The first Reformation was about the five solas (Sola scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Solus Christos, Soli Deo Gloria) , versus the worldly pursuit of NAR for world domination of seven mountains. Conquering the world was the hidden aggenda. It was the charismatics who had the aggenda not gays. They were meant to bind the strongman for revival spiritually and not physically exert power.

In Singapore, the charismatic evangelicals had drawn the red line in 377a, and the next red line would be gay marriage in their NAR aggenda. But is it worth it? For the Gospel message has already been deeply undermined in their battle for dominion and for every new Reformation, there will be a new counter Reformation. For the sins of the church will always take on judgement against the church. The church has indeed betrayed the 95 theses. They have lost the purpose and meaning of the First Reformation.

How did the evangelical charismatics loose their soul? Because they repeated a lie that they are at war, coming against the militant gay aggenda. They become Joel’s army liberating the land for Jesus Christ. They repeated the lie often enough, until it becomes real in their lives. In war, there is often no mercy given to the enemy combatants. You kill and destroy without any accountability or restrain. Almost all the evangelical churches are bewitched. They were called into action using gays as the hot button issue. There are such notions of war crimes against innocent people where the church will face judgement once the self created wars are over. 

The evangelical charismatics drew the red line on gay marriage because after this line is breached they will not be able to use gays as a hot button issue nor scapegoat to conquer the seven mountains. This is the secret NAR aggenda and is anti christ. Their theology is from the very gates of hell and has no foundation of Jesus as the rock. It makes a total mockery to the Reformation of 1517. Hence the counter Reformation has finally succeeded in destroying the Reformation faith.

The NAR is a rather cruel and merciless movement and has nothing to do with the Good News Gospel, where the end justifies the means. They treat gays as collateral damage for an apparently higher calling of world domination. They never cared of the harm and deaths caused. This is not about love, but total hate, cruelty, false witness and most vilest unrepentant sins of harming the innocent no better than the liberals who supported abortions. Even as bible believing Christians, they are totally selfish and self centered with no conscience. Hence, in the last days, judgement and tribulation starts in the House of God because it has fallen. May God have mercy on us.

We are reaching the end of the New Apostolic Reformation era. The battle started in 1976, proclaimed in ad2001, and likely end in ad2025. Why? There are no more hot button issues. It has been 50 years of penetrating the politics in the US and anti gay movement. Gays are the collateral damage of war.

When the churches set a red line on gay marriage, it is also their red line for their own judgement, for after gay marriage they could no longer use gays as a point of entry to the seven mountains. Alas, we need a revival like never before, to convert a charismatic evengelical church seduced by wealth, power, glory, pride and self righteousness. Sadly the gate keepers in Singapore are not aware of their dire spiritual and moral state.

For the last 70 years, since 1948, the latter rain with Joel’s army and the Apostolic Reformation in the evangelical charismatic have conquered vast spiritual domains using gays as a scapegoat. Now the fightback is coming by the dark demonic principalities. The slippery slope has finally come, as they battle in the spirit. And the church is much weakened spiritually and morally fighting gays, the weakest tribe. In the US, with legalised abortion repealed, there are no more hot button issues for the NAR. Perhaps there is no need to fight, for the evangelical church has become a kingdom of this world instead of the kingdom of God. When the salt looses its saltiness, it is not good for much.

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