Why are Evangelicals afraid of gays

The former senior pastor of the Anglican church of Our Saviour summed it up best when he said “Satan is using gays to destroy the church”. Hence, the evangelicals have used gays as a hot button issue against the liberal Episcopals, and in the guise of protecting the family blamed for all the straight sins of divorce, abortion and adultery. This narrative was further emphasised by a fictitious gay aggenda and cultural wars. They believed so much their false testimony until it becomes a fact for them.

The irony is that it is true that Satan is using gays to leverage on the fears of the evangelicals. The “Gods are returning” claimed the Charisma magazine blaming transgenders of a new cultural war. The fear is exemplified by most mega churches preaching in Singapore the pre tribulation theology where they are raptured before persecution by the anti christ.

The evangelicals have been entirely presumptuous and not aware of the viles of the enemy nor be extremely careful in their words, actions and deeds. They are so ambivalent of the roaring tiger ready to devour nor mindful that Satan’s greatest weapon are half truths. They are fed a lie like that in the Garden of Eden and believed it.

Gays are the red herring used to make the evangelicals focused on the wrong battles instead of fighting the spiritual principalities. The Gods never left, and there have been a long line of anti christ since the Emperor Hadrian sat on the Holy of Holies in AD 135. The counter Reformation has all but reduced the mainline Christianity to a social Gospel.

The Christian Gatekeepers in Singapore are afraid that gays may bring the judgement of God to Singapore never mind the multitudes of pagan worship in many street corners. But the truth is much more sinister as the abuse of gays compromised the spiritual standing and gives Satan a pathway into the evengelical churches. It is a trojan horse.

The evengelical church are undermined by

1. Incense of spiritual seduction and fog of war. White becomes black, and black becomes white. They cannot discern right from wrong. Fear rules of the unknown. The incense has a sedating impact causing us to slumber and not reflecting upon our actions and consistency.

2. Failure to discern the dark spiritual strongman they are up against or pray against it despite occultic symbols in many places. There is so much demonic power because every week many are invoking the body and blood of Christ in transubstantiation and broken so that blood can be sacrificed as a pagan ritual of power against the evangelicals. So we have the much abused body of Christ hanging on the curved cross, the essence of occultic symbologies from the gods of Egypt.

The fears of Gatekeepers are coming true. We are at the edge of darkness rising against the evangelicals, and it is not because of gay marriage. What is Satan’s ultimate aim, to destroy the Gospel message and the end time Holy Spirit revival. When we proclaimed against gays, it replaces the Gospel Good News of Jesus Christ. When we commit gross and widescale injustice, it stops the power of the Holy Spirit because the blood of those who had perished in our name, cries out for justice and vengeance.

When you see the Charismatic evengelicals hardening their position and steeped in self righteousness, do pity them. For they will be trapped in the desert of Egypt. The mandate of the Antioch of Asia is no more or looks very far off. Satan binds them tightly as to delay the innvitable 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. They are trapped in their own virtual closet. Each day, the gates of the church are weakened and suffers much increasing spiritual violence because they had lost their righteousness in their sins against gays.

The evangelical charismatic church is fighting a loosing war, and they thought that it is against the gay aggenda, but the real combatants are the gods of Egypt, headed by the Sun God. That is why, the church has not been able to fulfill its its mandate as the Antioch to Asia. It is a delay tactic to re-route the Gospel and delay the 2nd coming. The fields are now white unto harvest, but the laborers are few or lost. The world will know us by our hate instead of love, grace and mercy in Jesus Christ. There is no easy redemption for the church herself.

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