Bringing down the Walls

The media are having a field day with pictures of Trump detaining children and forcibly separating them from their parents. It was a “nuclear” option to stop the flow of unlawful immigrants who with the help of the liberals are using all the legal loop holes to gain entry and are actually paying for the convoys of immigrants coming from latin America via Mexico.

Is this not Parental abuse of bringing young children to walk thousands of miles through dangerous tracks? If the human rights situation was so desperate in Central America, why wasn’t a resolution passed at the UN HCR to bring to world attention? After 500 years of the near universal control by the Black Pope and the Colonial elites have resulted in deep poverty and political strive in much of Latin America despite the many priest led revolutions and independence.

The mainline media has tried to twist this as a purely Trump initiative, but there were no new laws. These laws were already in the books under the Democrats but were not enforced. Nor were they exceptional. Therefore the criticism by the UN HRC was indeed hypocritical as all their member states have the same laws. Worst still, illegal immigrants in these states are by far worst treated.

It was perhaps,

  1. A very cynical attempt to undermine the rule of law, the sovereignty of a nation. They do not care about children having championed millions of abortion. It was a cynical attempt to use children.
  2. A ludicrous attack on the basic law. Taken to its logical conclusion, you can’t persecute a parent who attempt a transgression against the law because when we put them in jail, there would be an accusation of separating the children from the parents.
  3. It is discriminatory act. Those have children are in essence given special rights to break the law.
  4. An attempt to destroy the borders of the nations, to bring the chaos of the lands beyond, so that a new world order of power can be created. It is the ultimate breach of power and not any Russian collusion. Indeed the Liberals and Clintons in the West have invested heavily to bring down the East. It was her friend Soros, the architect of the New world Order who brought down the Russian control of Eastern Europe and now Trump. The Jesuits who have ancient control of Latin America is stirring their New World Order under Pope Francis.

Jesus said that the Law will never passed away. They are trying to break God’s law using masses of innocent people and children.

What is the grand motivation? it is not saving children, but a new world order. And this new world order is chaos and conflict that they can come in to usurp power and control out of chaos. They have stirred up Latin America using people of faith to create violence and chaos, and now cynically using immigrants who are running away from the terrible political and economic landscape in latin America to the supposedly utopia of the USA. The root of the cause is the landscape of abject poverty in latin America created by the dark occultic religion of the Jesuits. They want to appear as the Saviours but are actually the hidden cause of grave injustice and poverty. They have stolen from the people and given to Rome whilst appearing as their Saviours. It is a new World Order where children are the ultimate bait and chess piece. Black is white in a world of fake news and hidden agendas.

Why did they want to break the wall of the sovereignty of nations? because the wall represents a spiritual wall into the Kingdom of God. In the bible, one cannot become a Jew simply because the person enters Israel. Only the Jew can enter into the Holy Temple. There is always a wall that cannot be breached and a door which cannot be broken into by mere force. There is only one door to the Ark and God Himself closed the doors. Borders came about out of the Garden of Eden, ultimately, the separation of God and man. It is a reflection of the Kingdom of God in heaven. We can’t enter just because we are created human beings because the angel Gabriel stands in the way in the Garden of Eden. The passage is blocked and now suffering humanity tries to breach the border.

What is the biblical solution:-

  1. Allow them to enter as unlawful immigrants not because they deserved it or are “undocumented” or because of their children, but because of God’s grace. They are not citizens of the country, but to be allowed to glean from the fields of harvest.  Just because they have children, does not give them special rights. They should be allowed to enter because of God’s grace and God’s grace alone.
  2. Recognised the failure of Christianity in the USA, where the liberalism and veiled occultism of the Jesuits from old Europe has undermined the basic Gospel foundation of the church after 200 years. Black becomes white. The church is in incredible decay due to unbelief and rejection of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. The Kingdom of Darkness is coming, because the church has failed to extend the kingdom of light, and darkness cometh to overwhelm the light.

The walls have been breached, not only the sovereignty of nations, but the heart of the church who has failed in the Great Commission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we don’t go out to preached the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of this world will come in and breach the walls of the church.

The church has been so pre-occupied banning gays and stopping gays from entering the kingdom of God, not realising that this is a red herring from Satan to bring down the church walls. The church has forgotten their call is the Great Commission and not to fight cultural wars of limiting basic rights to people groups. When we limit the rights of gays, we are not extending the Kingdom of God but perpetuating injustice and sin. It is sin that causes the walls to crack. The Protestant church after 1500 years does not appear to understand her real hidden enemies from old Europe.

God is still in control. The breaching of the walls will get worst. God will use what the enemy has tried to do in their new World Order which has seen tens of millions entering Europe and now an increasing tide entering the United States.

On any given Sunday, we can see the masses of foreigners camping at the grounds of St Andrews cathedral in Singapore. If the church does not go out to preach the Gospel of Salvation, God allows the masses to come in, for the fields are white unto harvest.

The church is rich, lived in luxury, and has shared little with a suffering world. The church hierarchical in the city of the seven hills is hiding incredible riches taken away from the Latin American countries. But the Holy Spirit of God is moving in Latin America to bring down the church which has brought them in bondage, so that they could seek God directly, to come to God through Jesus Christ without going through the religion of man.

The trumpet is sounding, the gate keepers are rising from their slumber in panic, for the walls of the cities and the churches are crumbling. Chaos is coming. Political, humanitarian, and economic chaos. They will blame it on Trump.










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