Turmoil in Gay christiantiny

It is just over 3 years that Gay marriage was legalised in the US, on 26 June 2015. And coincidentally, it was 15 years ago, on 26 June, 2003, that same-sex activities was legal. The major Gay denomination in the states, the MCC, has been a great blessing to the Gay Christians but the battle now starts to find meaning and purpose for existence in an increasingly left-wing mainline Christianity. Will the Rainbow bring something different to the highly polarised state of Christianity.

The recent fracas in Other Sheep (an outreach for Gay Christians) whereby the MCC members had muscled in and replaced the Executive Director just because he is a Trump supporter is reflective of the ever-increasing liberal radicalization of Gay Christianity. The MCC had started being more inclusive with their founder Troy Perry even having Pentecostal roots. But MCC churches are now more akin to the liberal alt left of Christianity after decades battling with the Christian Right. They had become as dogmatic and narrow as those they had opposed. The outrage at the Other Sheep’s former Executive Director’s manifesto was almost universally felt by many liberal Gay clergy. Has the Gay church lost its mission in a changing world? to be inclusive? instead of an exclusive hyper liberal club.

The liberal churches claims diversity but they only preach to the converted, converts to the radical left-wing Christianity. Diversity means how far left are you. Therefore, when the now former Executive Director of Other Sheep published his pro-Trump manifesto, it was an immediate expulsion against all things “sacred” to them. If social justice wasn’t done their way, it was no social justice to them. The former Executive Director was so good because he was good listerner, and was able to connect to many and did not attempt to bring the neo colonial liberal Christianity baggage to the many parts of Christendom in Asia, Africa, and latin America who often do not share MCC’s very liberal theological world view.

The damage caused by the Christian Right, the damage caused in the name of biblical Christianity is immense. When we use the bible to undermine the basic justice for a people group, we create a unneccessary opposition to the Word of God. The more “Right” anti-gay Christians became, the more “Left” the Gay Christians became. At the end the Gospel is damaged, and changed to a Social Gospel where salvation is on earth rather than in heaven. The liberal gospel would be an armed rebellion against the Romans, and the Pharisees, which is an antithesis of Biblical Christianity.

For the bible, the root cause is within, of Sin, which fundamentally is the ancient rebellion against God by turning to Satan, and now after the Son is revealed, an unbelief that we need God to save us. The greatest sin is unbelief and we undermine the foundation of the Gospel itself when we say being gay is a sin, because same-sex relationship was not the real issue issue, nor the intrinsic nature of a minority, but the fact that sex was the main avenue of joining mankind to Satan in pagan worship.

Many of ancient pagan ceremonies involved men having sex with the priest so that the demonic spirit can come in, not that they were gay. This was the context of Romans where Paul raged against the ancient worhsip of Baal, and Asthoreth by the Jews, and Roman Goddess Cybele. Are the Jews much different from the Romans? that under the law they should criticised the Romans for their ancestors were not much different.

How many of Sodom and Gommorah were gay? with all their families with women and children? but one thing they had in common, was the worship of Baal, of men having anal intercouse with the priest. It was the demonic spirit that made the men of the city rushing to the angels when they visited Lot! They wanted to violate the Angels of the unclean demonic spirit subjugating the righteousness of God! If Lot is so righteous, why did he stay with this lot of pagan worshipers? unless he was enticed by money and wealth. What is modern day abortion but the ancient sacrifice of babies to Baal!.

Therefore, the attempt by the likes of Dear Goldie of Asian Beacon (Goldie Chong) to somehow associate gays with abortion, and divorce, hence making same-sex attraction a sin like them is no different that many of the ways of the Christian Left to associate something as sinful, by mere labeling and association. It is not by the truth. When Christians distort the truth, we undermine the Gospel message, which is fundamentally the main target of Satanic distortion to make it a liberation theology, to make it a social Gospel without Jesus being God, Saviour, and Messiah, without the Blood of the Lamb at the Cross. Where there is no Power, there is no Liberation. Where there is no Holy Spirit. there is no Hope and no change of the heart from within.

The frequent associations by many leaders in Gay Christianity of Trump to Nazi Hitler is very ironic. The only two groups that Hitler, a type of anti-Christ hated were Jews and Gays whom he sent millions to their deaths in the concentration camps. There is also an anti-Christ spirit in the Christian Left, denying that the God of Israel had given Canaan to Israel, or that the Jews were rightful owners of Palestine, not withstanding the 2,000 years of colonialism by Rome, Persian, and the Ottomans. Therefore, the Christian Left becomes associated with the 2,000 years of grave harm and injustice against the Jews, a party to those who exiled them from Jerusalem to Europe, and killed millions, simply because the Jews were God’s chosen people. For the them, God has no favorites.

It was a Jesuit priest, the Christian left beacon of social justice who helped Hitler write his manifesto in Mein Kampf. ie, in the strangest of irony, it was the Christian left who supported and fanned the rise of Hitler? why? because they were against narrative of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. They wanted Salvation on earth, and in the church of the seven hills. Liberal theology started as counter-reformation in the Jesuit educational universities to undermine the salvation by faith alone, and primacy of the bible that was then hidden away from the local population lest they know the truth and the truth sets them free, the truth that man can go directly to God through Christ Jesus at the Cross of Calvary, without the Church and the Pope. There was no need for the Pope to be the co-redeemer.

There is grave turmoil in Gay Christianity. The main reason for their existence in a safe space for Gay Christians is coming to an end. There is no more a need for the cities of refuge for gay Christians, once gay marriage was legalised on June 26, 2015.

The Rainbow speaks of diversity and grace, God’s grace and mercy to one and all. If we only embrace those we agree with, or as with the Episcopal Church re-defining as centrist their left-wing Christianity, then we do not follow the path of the Rainbow, even though we may be Gay Christians. We should not be so partisan to follow either left or right wings of Christianity, for the Road in the Desert by John the Baptist is not winding and confusing, but leads to Jesus Christ, the Messiah in the desert, baptizing in the Oasis of water in the desert.

The journey to find God and be found in the loving arms of Jesus Christ has been long and tedious for many Gay Christians. There is now but bones in the desert. We are angry for the Church has brought many to their early physical and spiritual deaths by their closed doors. But we need to forgive, and put on God’s grace and mercy, for our own sake. Otherwise, we will become those we fought against, and perhaps even worst.

Indeed, the doors to God, the way to God through the narrow bridge of Christ Jesus, was never really closed. The church made it so, but they could never really closed the heart of God to His suffering children. The battle is over, gay rights of mere existence and relationship rights have been legalised even to the land down under. It is time for the Gay Christians to come back to God, for their sojourn in the desert is over. The fight is over. Rest in Jesus Christ.









































3 thoughts on “Turmoil in Gay christiantiny

  1. I don’t know why I hadn’t seen this article before but it says many things that need to be stated and considered. It is quite right that gay Christianity cannot be just politics to the point it forgets the gospel which should remain central.


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