True love is Grace

Gen 28:10-19

There was quite a furore of a 3:16-church  located at various locations – auditorium 115 Eunos Avenue 3 #02-04 Singapore 409839, 178 Payar Lebar Road 409030, 19 Toronto Road Singapore 574440 with their gay conversion ministry. The description by many liberal Christians of how disgusting this is and deceptive using the rainbow imagery. But really, the church is kicking against a rock which will not move and will hurt them. But, they too are part of the Body of Christ, a body which by enlarge has rejected the gay community. This is no “safe” space but a very dangerous manipulative endeavour who cares not for the people but just to maintain their theological construction irrespective of harm.

After the forum on homosexuality and Christianity in Amara Hotel 2007 debated amongst the esteemed pastors even from Trinity, i saw young gay guys holding hands in the quiet alleyway outside the Amara hotel as i was leaving. God was talking! And today after reading the reports from the gay activist against the 3:16 church, i again saw young gay guys holding hands in the busy public places in Somerset. God is again speaking. There is no turning back…

The existence of ex-gay ministries in spite of the harm caused reflects a deep void in ministry for Christ Centered, and bible believing gay affirmative evangelical churches. I have seen gay christians concerned by very liberal alt-left preaching and quickly left after attending one service.   Sadly, these places are the only churches of refuge in the entire country. I admire the spirit of the 3:16-church and lament at the failure by Gay Christians to create safe affirming places that exalts the Cross of Calvary.

There was a pastor in Singapore who said that Satan is using Homosexuality to destroy Christianity. Ironically, he wasn’t too wrong. For Christianity is a decision of faith in response to John 3:16. By confusing the love of God with something innate and to deny this causes self hate. And hate is opposite of love. They will not come home to rest but to a very deep closet in the ex-gay movement.

When we do not love ourselves and how God created us whether gay or straight, we are hating ourselves, frustrated that we could not change, and ultimately hating even God by thinking that we do not have the faith required. God becomes a mystery god of creativity rather than Creator, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Therefore christians  from ex-gay ministries often back slide, or become very self-righteous, or become the most vocal voice against the Gospel of Salvation in Jesus Christ.

The harm caused of living a lie, is incredible self hate, great anger, prone to deception just as the church has deceived them by making them doubt their faith and sexual orientation.

Often the harm caused is deep-seated to the very heart of their soul and spirit, and it causes a lot of depression, outburst of anger, manipulation, and even suicidal tendencies. Hence, for any church to promote their ex-gay ministry is to spend a lot of resources that at the end will yield incredible harm and will not extend the Kingdom of God.

The damage done to the faith and the person is so severe that even after exiting these ex-gay ministries, an incredible amount of pastoral effort is required just to stay in faith. The damage is often irreversible because their deepest part of their heart is manipulated and deceived in the name of faith, in the name of love.

Hence, ex-gay ministries will end up in failure. Even worst, once they come out and go to gay churches who affirm their sexual orientation, these gay churches are seldom successful beyond a place of refuge because their members who have quit from the ex-gay ministry will become vocal voice against John 3:16. Without faith, the foundation of the church will be weak.

I am not perturbed at the 3:16 church. At the end, there will be a lot of angry people of their lives stolen and robbed. They will be the most vocal voice against the very same church and they have the right to come against the church. We may believe in love, but the law does not passed away. When we sinned against the weak and those who are vulnerable, they have a legal right to speak against the church. That is why mega churches such as New Creation and even Hillsongs appear not that eager to fight a culture war because it is distracting to the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for they will know us by how much we hate.

What does God wants to do through me? There is a big gap in the Great Commission. How many Bible believing, Gospel exalting church are affirming? Where is the House of God. The Gate of heaven, the pillar of altar to God. Is there a place where something is released on earth that will reach the heavens. If there are 5% gay people, we have the last tribe waiting of hundreds of million people that Jesus died for.

Joseph was old, above 70, at Bethel. Old and sleeping on a hard rock, the rock represent a rest in Jesus Christ. The disappointments in my life may be destiny in disguise. The Rock is hard, uncomfortable and common. What makes this place special is that God is here. The situation does not change, the hard rock that i am gay. God’s grace is sufficient for me and He has let me go through many things in the darkness. This is the Gate where God can be found.

We may not like what life has given us. We can’t wish away that we are gay. God showed up in the middle of no where in the place of lust, and failure, but God is here and we need to anoint this place as Bethel. We need to sleep on it instead of trying to reject the package that God sent us.

I am going to lay my head on the promise of God, to sleep on a hard place. I am tired of fighting just like Elijah. There was a sheer silence, the whisper when the enemy seems so loud, because God is so close.

We got an assignment on the other side. The storms might be stirring but the ministry to release from bondage, a man to be freed from the legion was deemed so important  for the early church. Yet we have in the 21st century, the last unreached tribe, the gay community of hundreds of million people . We have to sleep on the promises of God. The promise of God to gay people is that “True love is Grace”. God is changing us rather than our situation. How awesome is this place. The House of God, the church of Bethel for the gay community is going to be built. Soon and very soon, for Jesus is coming back.




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