Grace, mercy, and peace

“to Titus, a true son in our common faith: Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ Our Saviour” Titus 1:4

“Paul, a bondservant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ, according to the faith of God’s elect and acknowledgement of the truth which accords with godliness, in hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised before time begin” Titus 1:1,2

If our lives were to be bonded, what is our message or manifesto? the conservative may proclaim a Trump like support whilst the liberals will rage on about Clinton. But the manifesto for Paul is that he is a servant, a bonded servant for life ie an eternal slave to the cause, and this cause is to be an Apostle, to preach the Word of God of salvation, of eternal life in Jesus Christ. Paul was upward looking, whilst the modern the church is downward looking, condemning the sins of those outside the church as if these sins are far greater than those within the walls of the church.

The word of God preached by Apostle Paul is no theological construction from liberal colleges but it is a simple truth that from the beginning of time, that although all are God’s children through Adam and Eve in creation (which is itself an irony since liberals consider themselves as children of God yet they evolved from apes?) , there is a select, an elected few because they have acknowledged the truth which is the Hope of eternal life, which is not a lie, but a promise from God to those who believed in Jesus Christ.

Those who believed are accounted for the Hope of eternal Life in Christ Jesus Our Saviour, obtained godliness ie righteousness apart from the law. The greatest who opposed Paul wasn’t gays, it was those of the circumcision (Titus 1:10), ie the Jews under the law, who opposed Paul and insisted on the “love” commandments, which no one could really obliged. It is the same spirit of religious legalism that is stopping revival in Singapore.

The challenge for Christianity, is the Law, the Ten Commandments and the Love Commandments, because the law which is Religion itself points to us, our own strength to reach God. We must love, says the liberal, we must be holy and sinless says the Christian Right. It is always us and not the finished work at the Cross.

Therefore, they kept insisting that gays are sinners much like adulterers, murderous, and tax collectors. ie a sin just by associating with those the bible calls as sinners. The bible does mention homosexuality, but they were in the context of religious abomination, because the Jewish people were performing adultery, spiritual adultery by worshiping Satan through Baal. The way to join themselves to the god of Harvest, was through sex, anal sex with the priest or the temple gods, ie prostitutes, males and female prostitutes. The sin here is not only unbelief, but aligning ourselves and worshiping Satan. To say that the sin here is homosexuality, rather than unbelief and worshiping the god of this world, is to negate the context and motivation for our action, ie to be law minded.

The law has no mercy. If we commit a murder, eg we accidentally run over a child because the child runs across the road, we committed murder, and therefore liable for the death penalty. There is no grace, nor mercy. That is how the church is treating gay people. They are condemned as sinners because of the act, rather than acknowledging that these people are gays, and that the motive for the ancient acts of homosexuality were religious activities. Hence, the Commandments starts of with loving God with all our hearts and soul, which actually sets the context.

As we condemned gays accordingly to the law, we are also judged by the law. ie if there is a false accusation which results in the lives of gays being stolen from them, then there is four fold judgement upon the church. When a person’s life is lost, when they live life as a lie because of our religious condemnation, the judgement of the law comes upon the church. And it is a terrible judgement, that we become bonded to the law, and we will be cursed by becoming very self righteousness not seeing our sins and the large log in our eyes.

The likes of Joseph Prince preaches the truth, the message of God’s grace and mercy, but this message can hardly breach the many hardened souls of the evangelicals. Because, their hearts are sealed by their condemnation of gays as sinners. Go and sin no more we declare, to the prostitute who was caught in adultery to a married man, we now compare to gays who we do not allow to marry. How are gays sinners? there was no adultery in the same sex acts since they are not married!

God’s voice was gentle to the adulterer, to touch her, but the righteous Pharisees, God’s finger wrote on the ground, the very commandments they failed to obey.

Why don’t we have the greatest Christian revival in Singapore with the message of John 3:16, and a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit with healing and miracles? after 50 years of God visiting the Singaporean Anglican Bishop, baptizing him with the Holy Spirit in Bangkok! because the blood cries out against them – the blood of the many who died due to the condemnation of the church because they were gays.

Revival is stopped because we see the great sin of those outside the church and not our own sins which are many times greater because we have made God’s gay children depart from the truth, depart from the Christian faith. Satan doesn’t care whether one is straight or gay? He just wants your soul. When we take away the gift of eternal life from who had sincerely sought Jesus Christ, and we say that their innate sexual orientation stops them from coming into the Kingdom of God, we become Gods, and we also become the angels at the Garden of Eden whose swords will kill those who enter.

When Pilate’s hand is full of blood of the innocent though he tried his best to wash it away, the blood on the church is deeply stained. We could not fully apply the blood of the lamb, without first stopping and seeing our own sins rather than amplifying the sins of those outside the church, making as if sin that which by themselves are not a sin eg same sex orientation.

The church has been so preoccupied with gays when they should focused on the 95% of the population who are “struggling” with different sex attraction as opposed to same sex attraction. And they are struggling with Different Sex attraction with more than 10,000 abortions in Singapore every year. The church keeps on condemning gays because there are more greater sin in the church and in the nation of many unborn babies being killed, and social injustice and wealth inequality.

So my manifesto in life, is

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ Our Saviour

The world is looking for peace. The message to the Gay community, is that Jesus Christ accepts you as a Gay person, and that peace with God, and peace with yourself, peace with being gay comes through the close embrace of Jesus Christ.


















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