Go and Sin no more

Sex joins two together eg in marriage, and in the bible it became a religious abomination when men had anal sex with the temple priest of Baal so that through this act, they can receive the demonic spirit. This is not the same sex orientation as we know it today. God destroyed Sodom including all the women and children (they were obviously not gay) because once the men were involved in this deep pagan occult, the spirit comes into all their families. They become one with Satan. They acted as one when the angels visited Lot. When Lot offered his daughters, it is a reminder of the days of Noah when the seed of mankind was corrupted. So let the truth sets you free that whether gay or straight is not the issue, but your allegiance to the God of Israel.

And the greatest law is loving God and this is demonstrated by not worshiping other gods. That is why homoxuality is not in the Ten commandments because the anal sex with the temple priest and dogs ie temple prostitutes was already an abomination. So when Jesus came, the legalist who claim to follow the law strictly, killed the very Son of God, the very Word of God. They knew the Law, but not the giver of the law, nor the futility of the law because the law condemns us, the best of us. The law never passed away because works never makes us righteous before God. What is the greatest sin in Singapore? It is not the 10,000 babies aborted each year, is it not some churches who claims to love God, but secretly align with the anti Christ and not the Rock of Ages? The greatest sin is unbelief, for Jesus did not come to condemn us especially the least in the community. He who does not believe in Jesus is Messiah and God is already condemned. This is the only thing that matters… His name is Jesus.

And that was the prostitute caught in adultery when adultery was against the law. How can same sex relationship by itself be a sin simply by our association to adultery. That is a false witness. Since gays cant get married, they can’t be accused of adultery. They are not married, so how can they break the law? Which of the Ten commandments are gays breaking? No more and no less than straight people. They are no more greater sinners than straight people. Did Jesus said, Go and Sin no more to the Pharisees? Who obviously were the greatest sinners? They left, for their deepest sins against the commandments got fingered on the ground on the very letters that wrote the original law on the tablet. They ran away from Jesus they who claimed obedience by the law to gain righteousness with God. Jesus was looking at the heart not the outward actions or obedience of the law. He saw the heart of the prostitute annointing him with oil! The pharisees could have their sins forgiven, yet they were so self righteous. We cherry pick the alleged sins of others. Where was the man whom the prostitute committed adultery against? We see the splinter in the eyes of gays, whilst there are huge logs in the eyes of the straight community? The number of children killed in abortion, the abomination of sacrificing their babies to Molech!

When we call a sin of what by itself is not a sin, we are becoming like an angel guarding the garden of Eden. Gays could not come into the Kingdom of God because of the condemnation of the church! Of a sin of our own creation. And the church in Singapore will be judged and the work of the Holy Spirit quenched if we do not heed the grace of God. At the end, the only sin that Jesus condemns gays for is unbelief just as for straight people. It is the self righteousness of the church that target gays not understanding that the blood stained hands will stop revival. That is Satan’s plan to make gays a red herring. And Singapore needs revival and be the Antioch to Asia which it is called for. Ultimately, gays are just scapegoats for the sins of others and used by Satan to destroy the revival movement. It is how we love that shows we are the sons of God. It becomes back to a humble and contrite heart.

For a church in Singapore, for the National Council of Churches that has kept silent when adultery was decriminalised, and now use the phase “Go and Sin no more” to apply to gays, is simply hiding sin just like the Pharisees who hid their own sin, who hid the man who committed the adultery. They do not understand that grace is apart from our good works, and the blood of the lamb covers our sins. So they needed the gentle lambs as a sacrifice for the sin of straight people. They would vehemently condemn the once a year Pink Dot yet say little about the massive prostitution in Geylang and Chinatown. Because to focus on Geylang, would mean that there is something wrong with being straight, that being straight is about adultery, prostitution and abortions.

It is against the bible law some have claimed? But Christians don’t follow the Torah or the laws of Moses which was actually the insistence of the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem on the first church in Antioch. Paul stood up in the leaders in the Council of Jerusalem in AD50

Acts 15:10,11

10 Now then, why do you try to test God by putting on the necks of Gentiles a yoke that neither we nor our ancestors have been able to bear? 11 No! We believe it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved, just as they are.”

The pharisees were not able to keep the laws? The New Testament Christians never kept the Torah? So why do we now insist that gays must keep the laws of Moses? As if gays were Jewish or part of the church? Are we testing God?

Why do straight and gay people of the world sin? Because they are sinners by nature. It is the grace of Jesus Christ, which is the Gospel that saves, and not obedience to the laws of Moses which we are now specifically insisting on gays for which even the church do not follow.

In the face of God’s grace, in Romans  6:1 Paul highlighted the common rhetoric in response to the teaching of grace, “… what shall we say then? Shall we continue in Sin that grace may abound?” . And the answer from Paul is that “God forbid, How shall we then who are dead to sin, live any longer therein? Romans 6:2. But the real question which Paul then answered was, how are we dead to sin, Isn’t it being baptised in Christ, to be one with His death, so that we can be alive again, just as He rose from the death. It was never about trying to consciously follow the Torah, or the laws of Moses. It is being dead to Jesus Christ, understanding that our sin conscious self, the body of sin, is crucified with Christ. Christ took our sins, so that the power of sin does not reign over us. Therefore whether straight or gay, we are no greater nor lesser sinner, but needing Christ so that we can be dead to sin. And this sin is primarily, rebellion against God to worship Satan in pagan worship which even many denominations are engaged in. It is unbelief in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and thinking that we are justified by our own good works of loving others and obeying the laws of Moses, hence negating the Cross of Calvary and the blood of the lamb. Once, we are alive in Christ, sin no longer has power over us.

There is only one law of Moses that the church in Jerusalem, ACTS 15:19 “It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God. 20 Instead we should write to them, telling them to abstain from food polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from the meat of strangled animals and from blood. Why? Because sexual immorality, of straight people having sex with the temple prostitutes and pagan priests so common in Corinth and ancient Rome, it is to be polluted with pagan worship to idols. It is not only adultery, but spiritual adultery.  The bible never really mentioned gay people, of same sex orientation, because the Gospel message is for a general population which is 95% straight and not to gay people specifically. To insist on the Jewish law for a tribe which is not Jewish and outside the church, is testing the grace of God, and denying Christ to the lost.

Why are we putting the yoke of the law upon gays? that prevents them from coming to Christ? the church in Singapore is testing God. They are like the Pharisees who brought the adulteror to Jesus. But the church is worst, for their  own sins they do not even see, and the stones they are throwing have killed so many innocent and faithful servants of Jesus Christ. Their blood cries out before God. The cry “Go and sin no more” are falling on the deaf skeletons of many at the gate of the church, and the gate to heaven.

The message to the church including truelove.is is “Go and Sin no more”, for the greatest sin is deception to steal the lives of others, and to steal their relationship with God whom they thought is against them because of their sexual orientation. God will use the GLBT community to discipline the church. The harm caused to the GLBT community is not a matter of conversation but is a deep and enduring harm which will come back as a big elephant to sit on the church.


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