Church struggles to keep gays in the closet

Amos 5:23 Away with the noise of your songs!
    I will not listen to the music of your harps.
24 But let justice roll on like a river,
    righteousness like a never-failing stream!

25 “Did you bring me sacrifices and offerings
forty years in the wilderness, people of Israel?
26 You have lifted up the shrine of your king,
the pedestal of your idols,
the star of your god[b]
which you made for yourselves.


One of the favorite verses of my liberal friends is Amos 5:24. However, the opposite of justice is not injustice, it is not satisfied by appearances of religion with all its sounds and cymbals worshipping God.  Because God sees our heart. When the formal restraints are not there like the children of Israel, we will worship idols if we are not sanctified with Christ. And these idols are powerful spiritual deities represented ultimately by the fallen star. And as one worship Molech and Baal, whom the Jews worshipped in the desert, there was great evil  – the sacrifice of babies. The men even joined themselves to the priest in anal sex.  So sex is related to harvest and blood sacrifices, and now 3,000 years later, there is injustice towards gays because the straight community is hiding the sins of their heart. The church says that gays are struggling from same-sex attraction but isn’t the reality a struggle for opposite sex attraction with widespread adultery and more than 10,000 abortions every year.

Justice will not flow down until we examine of hearts. For outwardly we may worship God but inwardly is our heart and conscience clear towards Jesus or are gays just the scapegoat to cleanse the straight community. Justice will ultimately flows down from the mountain top, and when it reaches down, it will reveal our hearts. For the treatment of the weak is a reflection in our hearts.

In Australia, as the battle for same-sex marriage is over in Dec 2017, but the heavens didn’t fall down nor were the indulgences of straight marriages impacted. There were no fewer abortions. But the strangest of things did happened. The church became exposed. Archbishop George Pell, a Cardinal in the Vatican has been accused sexual abuse. I suspect the case would be difficult due to the timing of the events. The impact of the same sex marriages was that it brought out the unrighteousness of the church.

In Singapore, the combined might of the evangelical charismatic churches are struggling to put gays back in the closet. It is not that gays are “struggling” with same-sex attraction, but exactly the opposite for teenagers are now accepting their innate sexual orientation without any struggle just as you would expect from straight teenagers. There is no coming out per say but simple acceptance and that scares the church because it disrupts the narrative that gays are struggling.

This last move to keep gays in the closet by TrueLove and Cornerstone and Church of Our Saviour including youth conferences is trying to stop justice which is rolling down like a mighty river down the mountain. They tried to stop it many years ago at the mountain peak with Exodus and Choices. But the stream in the mountain top has now become a gushing river of justice and equality. They know deep in their hearts that this river will finally hit the church.

In Singapore, as I was having tea in Chinatown Point, in just over 10 minutes, one could observed at least two young gay couples walking passed by in the very crowded shopping mall. They are no longer alone but getting into relationships much younger and naturally. This scene would be repeated over thousands of times around Singapore but it takes very hard work for the church to try to put even a dozen gays back in closet. And in the long-term, it cannot be sustained because the closet is unnatural.

Young gay teenagers are not coming out, but they just are. We are at the juncture in history where coming out is coming to an end. And with gay marriages increasingly likely in India, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and even Philippines in the next 5 years, the tsunami of same-sex relationships is coming upon the church and the gate cannot be closed!.

Rome finally fell because of the German barbarians invading from the north (not because of gay marriage). The barbarians reached Rome in 410 AD. The new same-sex “barbarians” are reaching Rome. It is not that gays are contending with the church, but strangely as gay marriages happens, the tide and wave of hidden revelations of massive sexual abuses by the clergy could no longer be hidden.

The church is struggling to keep gays in the closet and even came out with a fake narrative that people are becoming same-sex attracted due to the a gay agenda by the activist, or that gays are struggling and seeking to overcome this struggle. The reality is that just as straight people need not come out to accept their sexuality, the same is happening for gay people. It is becoming so normal and everyday just as the movie “Love Simon” portrayed.

The church called it “same-sex attracted” when we don’t called straight people “opposite sex attracted”. But gays have moved on and not defining themselves merely on their sexual orientation but no different that straight people. They church avoided the term “gay” people hence not seeing gays as whole. This is a grave mistake because one day these people will ask for recompense the harm caused by the church.

Gay marriage is coming. After it happens, the sins of the church will be displayed just as it is happening in Australia when sins even a half century ago are raised. Because justice calls out.