George Pell – the anti-gay crusader caught with sexual abuse of young children

Singapore was abuzz with George Yeo a former minister backing the Cardinal George Pell in the appeal against the guilty verdict for sexual abuse against minors. Already much greater weight has been applied by former Australian Prime Ministers to testify of the Cardinal’s character but to no avail. After all, the Pope had selected him and he was for a few years the Finance Minister at the Vatican, or the 3rd most powerful person in the massive Catholic Hierarchy.

Was he actually guilty? I think he is by the fact of his extreme condemnation of gays which one can see out of perhaps a guilty conscience of his own sins. In hiding his own sins, he had made gays to appear as the worst sinners. In essence, the Cardinal put his own sins on the forehead of the gay gentle lambs to be sacrificed. This is what the church has been doing for a thousand years anyway.

The problem with the universal church is that it is hiding some damming sins and blaming gays for it. Gays are blamed because the church has a guilty conscience. In order to soothe their conscience, the sin is placed on the head of others. When our sins are hidden and blamed on others, it is not addressed, and our sins become greater and greater. The church hierachal is selfish and self focused. They care not about others who are harmed.

The fact that Cardinal Pell was judged guilty by the testimony of one, is not entirely biblical. Under the law, there must be a testimony of at least 2 preferably 3. The fact that a court of the land judge him guilty by the testimony of 1 doesn’t appear to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But there is an overriding principle where the measure we judge will be the measure used against us. Since the church has judged gays unreasonably, so the very measure or line used to condemn gays will be used against the church. Therefore, the bar for being guilty is very low for the church has caused much harm to the innocent.

Whilst the liberal newspapers continually criticise the Cardinal and the church for abusing kids which they  fully deserved, we should be mindful that the liberal harm has harmed many more children, killing the unborn through abortion. Such is the irony. We shouldn’t be too loud

The Cardinal as the representative of the church should have the keys thrown away, but most of us are guilty one way or another. The church hierachal has killed millions of faithful Christians in the Jesuits counter reformation in Spain, France and Switzerland, and no one calls for the Jesuits to be abolished. With all her trillions of wealth, perhaps the downfall of the church hierachal would be caused by little children. That would be the greatest irony and humility.

We are living in the last days where the sins of the past are coming back to haunt the churches, where gravestones are removed, and the darkness within shown to the world to see. The verdict of Cardinal Pell was televised live around the world for all to see, for all to see the filthy rags of the church hierachal. This is just the beginning. For the walls of the church is being broken by God.




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