True Love is found in Jesus Christ – His Grace, Mercy, and Kindness

As I was wandering my way to the fish shops in Clementi in Singapore, I went passed the church of Our Saviour in Singapore, with the large anti-gay banner. I just wondered if I ever have a church, the only banner I would put up would not be due to cultural wars or discriminatory action against a minority, but “Jesus is Lord and Saviour”. Because to put a defining banner for a church in something which is not a sure foundation and a unchanging rock will undermine the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The bible in Ps 90.12 encourages us to count the time, or to number of ours days so that we will not act foolishly and use our time wisely. The ex-gay ministry is simply a waste of time, will cause incredible harm, and denies people basic rights to love and be loved. It imposes an unnatural religious dogma which will create much resentment and self loathing. It is not that Christians care too much, rather gays are so naturally same sex attracted that Christians fear it will undermine the bible. However, the biblical world view is in the context of fallen man worshipping hordes of spirirtual deties, and being one through sex. That is the abomination and not gay sex.

The Church of Our Saviour, so instrumental in having the charismatic evangelical revival in Singapore under Canon James Wong will one day (not too distant) be known in the future for hate and fake news, because justice and truth will flow down like a river from the mountain top, and the change is hastened once gay marriage hits the Chinese shores of Taiwan. If they were truly evangelical, wouldn’t their priority be the Good News message to the 80% of Singaporeans which are not Christians. Why the focus on Gays, if at least 7,000 to 10,000 babies are aborted in Singapore every year as the straight people worship Molech of old (the numbers aborted equivalent to the size of a mega church such as City Harvest).

The anti-gay focus will backfire because people can read the bible, and if we misread the bible and twist it to our own context whereas the ancients were more concerned about the men having sex with men because of pagan worship, the liberal world can interpret the bible also to their liking and spin, and in Britain recently even rejected the asylum from Iranian Christians fleeing for their lives because of the faith regime there. And the reason, they quoted from the bible claiming that Christianity is not a religion of peace.

For many gays, Christianity is quite hostile and not a religion of peace along with many other faiths. That is why hardly any gays attend churches even churches who accepts them. I am reminded of a church service held in a venue where many gay people wrote their testimony on the ceiling, most of whom have died. It was so difficult to Praise and Worship because their voice cried out for justice. And this justice cannot be denied too long. When we restrict the basic rights of others, our own rights are called into question. Five percent of the population of Singapore, say 250,000 is no small number of outcasts whom Jesus’ heart long for. These are those whom Jesus referred to as living in hedges where the Good News of the Gospel will finally be preached to them.

As Charisnmatic Evangelicals, we should examine our commission and roles led by the Holy Spirit of God. The bible says it more concisely, what is the use of salt if it looses its saltiness, its very fundamental purpose and DNA for its existence. If the church ventures and get obsessed with the Trojan Horse of Gays and gay marriage, and found guilty of blood in their hands causing the deaths of tens of thousands, and many hundred of thousands of lives unfulfilled because of love denied, their blood and voice will cry out for justice. And the church in the future will not be able to just say that they have made a “mistake”.  Like David, instead of going to war for the Gospel Good News to the masses in South East Asia, we focused on changing what is innate in a minority population.

The church and the National Council of Churches Singapore will succeed in “changing” a few, but inside these people will never be straight although outwardly acting straight for religious compliance.  It is outward behaviour conformance and not truly natural. And the very few they succeed to changing temporarily in the short term, are often very zealous Christians full of faith and believing in God. They will become the greatest voice against the church. Ultimately, Satan will use them to bring down the church because their faith has been so abused to conform to the straight religious norms. Those who seems to be the use cases of gays being able to change, will one day be the greatest antagonist of the charismatic evangelical movement. When we sow with the law, we will reap judgement of four fold.

Judgement is coming upon the evangelical charismatic and the National Council of Churches in Singapore, and it is not too far off. They should have heeded the remarks of the late Bishop Rev Yap Kim Hao who said that all are sinners, and sin is not exclusive to the gay community which the church has made the very centre of their natural same sex attraction as sin. In the future, the very low and hyprocritical measure which the church used to judge against gays will be used against the church itself. And this is judgement is by the wider public, and the spirit of judgement will be so powerful that christians will be condemned for the mildest acts such as buying lottery or doing gluttonty in buffett or even drinking beer. And the spirit of the law will be a firewall that stops to Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Christian revival in Singapore of the church going beyond 20 to 25% of the population as a Antioch platform for Asia is over unless the evangelical christians in Singapore truly humble themselves, acknowledge their sins, and cry out before God. It is not ultimately the sin against the gay community, but sin against God who created them naturally. If God has made a very tiny 5% population as gay people, and we confused it with the mass sexual orgy in ancient Rome when they were worshiping Cybele, it shows that the church has hidden sexual sins that we are covering and blaming the gay community for.

At the end, the amount of effort to “convert” a few gays is not worth it! for the World will known us for our hate, and the Gospel Good News as fake news. Why? because we have called what is natural and innate as the same sex attraction of gay people as false, and persecuted gays and denied them of the basic rights. Will the rights and freedom of religion for the church in Singapore be secured? or will the world sees us as hypocritical pharisees and the newspaper will headline the smallest indiscretion of pastors. The very few that we “convert” will turn out to be the greatest trouble makers for the church because they will make it their aggenda to convict the church.

As I sit working and typing in Starbuck in Singapore, the picture of the Goddess Ashtoreth stares back at me and the world. How subtle the pagan symbol of the mother goddess of Nimrod has come and be placed on the cup of every drink! Satan operates in deception leveraging on our fears, bias, and religious fervour, lest we open our eyes and see that we are drinking from his very cup and aggenda to weaken the church and to stop the Christian revival in Singapore.

The world has changed. I noticed a gay couple waiting for their gay friends at the entrance of Singapore City Hall MRT. Their gay friends came and they hugged each other, and the gay couple was very young and holding hands. The church cannot stop what is natural and cannot maintain injustice against the gay people. They may have done so for two thousand years, but the flood of justice from the mountain top is reaching with mighty pace and power and movement of young people have all but ensure that gay marriage will be very certain in many parts of Asia in the next 5 years. By then, all the doors in Asia will be shut to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the church will be put into a closet. After all, these anti-gay 377A laws were from Colonial Britain and instituted by King Henry the Eight as he battled criticism for his many divorces by conveniently blaming gays.

The end is coming and drums are rolling. The Holy Spirit is moving to a new wave of God’s true love, and this true love is in Jesus Christ, His love, grace and mercy.  The church is drunk with wine and fat with gulttony accusing and causing harm to the rainbow lambs and feasting on them for supper. It is time to come back to our First Love, to prepare yea the way for the Lord, for the latter rain of revival is coming. Soon and very soon.

The church must change so that the Gospel Revival cometh. The time is very short less than 5 years of God’s grace remaining where the tide of gay marriage will fully turn in Asia. The doors are already starting to close.

O Lord God of Israel have nercy on us. Forgive us. and create in us a clean heart of love, grace and mercy.

O Lord God of israel
There’s no god like thee
in the heav’n
There is no god like Thee in the earth
O Lord God of Israel

That keepth covenant
And showeth mercy
Unto they servants
that walk before thee
With all of their hearts