Israel under the shadow of His wings

Psalm 91:5 You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day

As the battle drums of the aggressive people of faith in Gaza Strip fired over 700 Iranian made rockets into Israel with money supplied to the Jihadist by the Iranians, I find it odd that the liberal mainline newspaper missed out the magnitude of the masses of rocket attack on Israel. The rocket attack was downplayed to a mere mention whilst the spin was on the mother and baby killed, and even then the evidence showed that it was a mis-fired rocket rather than a air counter attack. Fake news was not the issue but extremely biased reporting of factual events, no sequence of events given that the Jihadist fired first their massive volley with response from Israel against the launch areas.

The problem with liberals is that they will project their delusion unto reality until they closed their eyes to the reality of the evil of the Jihadist who will sacrificed and hide behind the cover of the innocent bystanders as they launched their rockets, throw volleys of stones and tried to break into the border burning tires. At the end of all these faith based Jihadist regression, the mainline Christians will delusionaly blamed “Israel aggression”. No mention of Iran supplying the rockets or funding the Jihadist. How could be liberals ever aligned with the Ayatollahs with their strict limit on women’s rights and large scale execution of gays! They can’t see because their absolute religious construction that religion is about love.

The liberal US Democrats wanted to go to bed with the Iranians and totally shutting an eye to the sin against Israel and funding of terrorism. Iran wanted to destroy Israel whether directly or through proxies in Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza. They have surrounded Israel, and launching rockets and hiding behind the public so that any counter attacks will result in world wide condemnation against Israel. They are playing the sympathy game because the liberals chose not to see the faith aggression and violence of Iran against a much smaller Israel.

Under the former Obama administration, Senator Kerry has tried for a decade to push for Israel to give up East Jerusalem, West Bank and Golan and many Israel leaders almost did under extreme US pressure to withdraw support. Hillary Clinton was going to be worst even failing to mention the Christian faith when Jihadist terrorist launched an attack against Christians at Easter. That was why the Democrats lost because for decades they were trying to split Israel from being united again. When the deal was almost done for a two state solution based on pre-1967 borders, something always happened. Even though Israel relented, the Palestinian Authority will walk away from the deals even though they would gain much. It was as though God Himself has hardened their hearts so that they would not accept peace.

And so we have Iran and her proxies now surrounding Israel. God always wanted for the nations to come to Israel and be defeated in the valley of Megiddo. Because as they enter the Promised land of Israel, to take back the land given to Israel, God will show His salvation. The valley of Megiddo is a type of battle field just as hundreds of tanks from Syria attacked Israel is 1973 and were defeated en-mass, it marks massive land battles all in the sight of Jerusalem where the army against God will be defeated. Just as Israel lost 2,000 years against against the Romans siege, the tide will turn and the armies wanting to siege modern Israel will find themselves totally defeated and annihilated just as the Romans (modern day European Union) totally crushed Israel and destroyed God’s Holy Temple.

The Liberals wanted to reconstruct God in their image in denial of the God of Israel, but God is going back into history and reversing the losses that Israel had suffered. Nation after nations who had exiled the Jews from the Holy Land, and totally burned down the Holy Temple of God and destroyed the walls of Jerusalem will find themselves crushed in the very doorstep of Israel. It is God restructuring/replaying history but with the opposite outcome. For thus saith the Lord, just as they brought down the walls of Jerusalem, and desecrated the Holy of Hollies, so too the walls of the nations will be brought down. Just as they hunted the very last Jews, women and children hiding even in the water duct of the road leading to the Holy temple, so too destruction will come to many.

The armies who came one by one to take away the children of Israel from Jerusalem into captivity, will come back to Israel again, but this time, a thousand years later, one by one they will not return with their exploits, for the land will be filled with their bones. It is God moving in the hearts of kings of the nations to come to Israel, so that they will suffer defeat in the sight of the world. They are drawn into battle against the Lord of Hosts.

The leaders of the Palestinians never were able to accept the very generous peace plan pushed by Clinton, Obama and even Bush Senior? even very close to the pre-1967 borders? why because they wanted more! and had denied in their hearts that the very land they are residing on was given to the Jews. They even mocked God by saying that Zionism is created by the Europeans, and even claimed that they were descendants of the Canaanites hence rightful owners. They wanted to white wash history and therefore God has hardened their hearts.

For two thousand years, the Jews were killed like sheep unto slaughter because they had hoped and longed for the freedom of Zion, for the freedom of Jerusalem against the foreign occupiers. These longing kept them as a separate people and not assimilate into the populations of the world. They had kept faith in the God of Israel and had suffered incredibly. Their sufferings for Jerusalem will not be in vain and therefore when the Christian liberals preached about dividing Jerusalem permanently into two states, God is dividing their own house. Liberal Christianity is declining like the snow melting in summer because the spirit of disunity comes in, and God sends His cherubim to block them entering the gates of their own church.

When the nations at the UN voted against the US declaration of Jerusalem as One, the Capital of Israel, they gave the green light for the four horseman to come and divide their own lands. The nations will suffer divisions and conflicts like never before.

The nations will come to siege Israel. Many more rockets will be fired, and they will surround Israel from nations far and wide. With all the attention of the World, that is when hellfire breaks loose.

Holiness Unto the Lord

Holiness unto the Lord
Unto the King,
Holiness unto Your Name
I will sing.

Holiness unto Jesus,
Holiness unto You Lord.
Holiness unto Jesus,
Holiness unto the Lord

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