Crisis in Evangecalism claims CT

Christianity Today claims that there is a crises in Evangecalism because they support Trump and the Republican Party. If they are consistent, it should also means that there is a crisis in Liberalism because of their total support for the Democrats and the Clintons. Reference was made to solutions to solve this “crises” to emerge to being more thinking through Liberal writings such as by Brian Mclaren departing from orthodoxy. The crisis was said to be due to lack of questioning and not knowing God but liberals often question because they do not believe and wanted to create God in their very own image and be gods themselves and negate God’s supernatural power as a mystery.

We are reminded of Bishop Spong’s similar insistence that Evangelicals must change to be more mainline or perish. Alas the Episcopal church has since fallen sharply. Evangecalism will not fade away because the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus is relevant, yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is not about being Conservative nor centrist. I believe CT has forgotten the God of Israel personified in His Son Jesus Christ, so too has many Evangelicals.

White evangelicals deserved the attention because they are the main judgemental group against gays because of their absolute literal reading of the Bible as if written to them rather to the pagan worshippers of Rome and ancient Israel. The Bible becomes the sole source of knowledge when it should have been read together with collaborating literature on the Roman/Egyptian ancient pagan religions and Hebrew literature on the angelic and demonic hierarchies which would have given a better understanding of the blibical truths.

The angst of the liberals is that 81% of evangelicals voted for the Republican Party. The CT did not state clearly that this referred to “White evangelicals” and not all Evangelicals. Furthermore, this was consistent with previous elections where they voted 74 to 78%. Romney got 78% of the white evangelical vote even though he wasn’t Christian and worshipped the angel Moroni. No CT article talks about this abomination.

The percentage of white mainline Christians voting for Clinton is assumed to be the same although no body knows since ironically there is no survey based on white mainline Christians. Therefore there was no large push by Evangelicals to increase their support Trump but more of a dislike for Clinton and the liberals. Clinton offered illegal immigrants legal status. It was time for a change after 8 years of Democrats. Clinton lost the rural votes and the without Obama, the Black support dropped. CT criticism of Trump is an indirect support of the Clintons and the powerful Liberal elites such as Soros.

In the US, rural white evangelicals are not as rich as the east and west coast elites. But the white elites kept emphasising white privelege as if they have some special rights. The rural folks are not treated as inviduals but grouped together as somehow priveleged, but they are actually struggling. Hence the overuse of class warfare by liberal christians instead of empathy for all resulted in a backlash.

Trump greatest support came because of the immigration, economy and appointments to the Supreme Court. They voted because they wanted to bring change whereas Clinton was part of the establishment. Rural jobs were much harder to find and I don’t think they felt the privileged the liberals has labeled them.

When mainline pastors informed me I am somehow privileged because I am male cisgender, I don’t feel priveleged at all when compared to many in the church who have large houses and cars and massive income. Liberals raged about privelege of race and gender, but the real privelege is wealth and power which the elite liberals would seldom talk about. Is CT about wealthy elites?

CT talks about the moral hazard of selecting Trump, but totally ignore the choices available. They did not mention the alternative of the Clintons who support the murder of tens of thousands of the unborn and deeply into the demonic occult. If this is the crises that CT was referring to, then CT has fallen from the Gospel of God’s grace.

I believe the God of Israel had miraculously put Trump there for such a time as this despite all the polls showing a overwhelming Clinton victory. This was vindicated on Dec 20, 2017 when Trump stood alone against all the nations in proclaiming Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel. CT did not write an editorial to support it even though it was so central to correct the injustice of 2,000 years and the millions slaughtered there by the Romans. Does CT know the heart of God?

There is a half truth to the assertions by CT that evangelicals are unusually fixed, inflexible and not thinking Christians, even to the point of not knowing the Holy Spirit of God. The reason for their literal interpretation of the Bible and often not understanding the context to derive the interpretation is because of the liberal christians who for the last 200 years been insisting that the Bible is fallible thus claiming Jesus is not the only way to God. It has made evangelicals retreat to a bunker mentality.

The movement against evengelicals has been part of the Jesuit counter reformation that started 500 years ago to destroy the Protestants. There has been a war to bring down the message of Gospel of Salvation in Jesus Christ the Evangel started in colleges and to the clergy. By the 60s, Liberalism and liberation theology had taken over. Protestants has forsaken the cry of Reformation – Solar scriptura, Solar Gratia, Solar Fides which CT seldom emphasised even though claiming to be conservative evangelicals.

CT although founded by Billy Graham had betrayed her calling and her roots, founded at a time when liberal Christianity was the mainline and most of Christianity were liberals not only the mere majority. It was an alternate voice against the mainline movements. Yet today, it fails to talk about the rise of the alt left, US black nationalism/supremacy, increasing satanic/occultic worship in the US, rampant persecution of Christian evangelicals overseas because they preached the Gospel, and the biased mainline media but instead criticised the Evangelicals.

Why? Because the kingdom of darkness and her deception is near, cloth as a moral light but anti trump because Trump declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Pharisees declared morality through the Ten Commandments but they never saw God standing in front of them in the incarnate, and so they killed Jesus. Just like the Pharisees, CT is calling out for a moral outrage against Trump. But do they truly know the God of Israel?

There is a crisis in the Evangelicals, and it is not being more thinking and less rigid as alluded by CT that the liberals would like for the Evangelicals. It is not that Evangelicals do not know God! Rather, after two hundred years of developing of fortress mentally, the must again move by the Holy Spirit of God to evangelise not only by the Word but with power. They fight so much for the Gospel that the Evangelicals has forgotten the most important thing is not works but knowing God, His will and His heart of grace and mercy.

Although CT seldom talks about it, white evangelicals in the US are inward looking and forgotten that the fields are white unto harvest and the world outside is crying for the Good News. They have forgotten God’s heart for the lost whilst fighting gays as if they are the greatest enemy. They have fought the good fight for 200 years for the sanctity of the Gospel message, it is time to declare it, the Kingdom of God and not the alternative kindom being pushed by CT and the liberals.

CT mentioned that they are centrist conservative but that is not what being Evangelical means which is based on the Gospel Good News that Jesus Christ is God and Saviour, the way, the truth and the life to God. It’s not about religious values or focus on the family because all our religion is like soil stools to God. If it was just about religious moral laws, the Jewish religious leaders wouldn’t have killed Jesus and Jesus need not have died nor rose again.

It is good that CT talks about the crisis in Evangelicalism because of their support for Trump out of moral outrage for it will cloud the truth that Evangelicals voted against Clinton rather than for Trump and would do so if the Democrats select a far left anti Israel candidate. By attacking Trump, they made him a hero of those attacked by mainline christians in a savage class warfare. The rural whites voted for Trump because of the class warfare against them by the city Liberal White elites. The blacks voted less for Clinton because under Democrats, they were no better off.

Ultimately, it was God’s will because no other Republican nor Democrat would stand so far out to unite ancient Israel as one. The result was a miracle against all the polls. God was in it. The heart of God is what was missing in CT. It is about a time and a season for His people to return to the Promised land so prominently described in the bible and in history. If God could use Cyrus the Great whose power allowed the first return despite local opposition, Trump was usable by God whilst the others were too smart.

All the adjectives used were partly true ie Trump is incompetent, immoral, silly, foolish, not very smart nor presidential etc… But God chose the weak that all glory goes to him. If CT truly knows God, then it would surely see that God can use even the donkey to proclaim his Word for the season when all others are too wise in their own eyes. They all tried to divide Israel when only Trump calls for the coming back to Zion, the City of God. And so the season is dire indeed for Jesus is coming back very soon, when God spoke with a resounding trumpet from His Holy Mountain to let my people come home.

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