Christianity Today has fallen

The US evangelical magazine has insisted that Trump should be removed for major moral failures based on the Ten commandments and on the foundation of Billy Graham. They forgotten that Billy was no Saint. After his dealings with Nixon went public, he stayed out of political fray. But Christianity Today went headlong in.

The Christian left and the mainline news organizations cheered when Christianity Today made the damming assertions that Trump is morally unfit to govern. Over night, the mainline Christians were repeating the posts with glee. What Trump did was more comical than destructive or worthy of such harsh judgements. Politicians have lied and abused power all the time. Where were the weapons of mass destruction or the return to peace that resulted in the US withdrawal in Iraq thus allowing Isis to be spawned overnight. Where was CT when the results of these lies by US presidents caused millions of deaths?

Is CT the bearer for high moral standards when it may be associated with the Leftist mastermind George Soros with his open borders plans? There is not a single criticism by CT of Liberal billionaire masterminds who often gains from havoc such as the financial and currency crises in Asia causing the sufferings of many, and whose ognizations actively interfered in foreign political affairs.

What does being Evangelical means? It is about the Gospel centered on Jesus Christ. It is about choosing Jesus as Saviour instead of the demonic principalities of this world. If CT must impeached a President, they should start of first with President George Washington, a deeply pagan and occultic worshipper whom we can see with the occultic symbolism of the DC layout. As evengelicals, we are not called to blindly judge but called to the harvest.

CT wants to define morality in terms of the Ten Commandments but the Bible define morality first as having no other gods except the God of Israel. One can see how anti Christians the Democrats can be with Christians celebrating Easter is called Easter Worshipers and Happy Holidays replaces Merry Christmas. Out of having the God of Israel as our God with Jesus being the truth., the way the life to God there can be no other way. By the law all have sinned.

CT also failed to mention Biden who is not a sinner simply because there was no evidence he had put his son on the board of a huge company in Ukraine without any valid qualifications. But the Bible goes beyond mere actions or availability of evidence. It see the heart, what is hidden. That said Trump was wrong to go after Biden because he would have done the same things. Politicians and Businessmen as generally liers and corrupt, its just the degree. For CT to enter the fray is not wise and would damage the Gospel which is not law based but Christ centered.

CT was carnal when it insisted that Trump be impeached. It is true that Trump is probably the worst American President. He is arrogant, proud and stupid. The key to being a politician is to represent a public face and keep hidden his private opinions. For Trump it is the opposite. But that is why God chose Trump for such a time as this because the other contenders and past presidents were too wise.

Clinton would have never “let My people go” into the Promised land. What Trump did, no sane politician would do, declare Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, and declare West Bank as part of Israel. Trump came against the whole world to support Israel and the full return of the lands to the Jews. The Democrats under Obama wanted to divide the land of Israel. Trump reunited the land.

CT claims that they are centrist evangelicals and not the evangelical left or right. The buzz work for liberal far left is being centrist or moderates which they are not. This is also not blibical. There is no such notion as evangelical left or right. You either believe that Jesus is your friend and Saviour and God himself or you don’t. The leftist mainline certainly don’t. But there is no saving CT. Because there is no centre in heaven.

When CT sets the judgement so low for impeachment, it has fallen because it will likewise be condemned. It is not an opportunity for conversation, for will damage the Evangelicals who will be called for their hypocrisy for not impeaching every president hereafter using the same standards. CT has indeed fallen into a dark political fray. Instead of talking about Jesus the Messiah there will be endless arguments about the law and morality when both political parties in the US are immoral. Jesus did not side either with the Pharisees nor the Saducees but talked about the Kingdom of heaven. So should CT.

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