Come bless the Lord all ye servants…

Many years ago, my cell group was held at the Pastor’s home. My pastor’s wife who was also the worship leader of the church was in her room and was quite amused that the singing was out of tune and hideously played. But you know, the Holy Spirit was worshipping along because we were passionately praising Jesus as God, Lord and Saviour, the way, the truth and the life to God.

Just like our singing was not perfect but accepted by God, the Bible is often not complete in fully narrating events not that it is fallible, but it is written by simple servants of God very mindful of the constraints and boundaries, visible and invisible, so obvious yet not noticed by the evangelicals. They were facing life and death to extend the kingdom of God against the prevailing pagan demonic worshipers and so must be ever so careful and constrained, and the message is often indirect.

Have you ever wondered who were the writers or authors of the books of the Bible? Evengelicals would declare the bible is inspired and God breathe which is true. But I believe the authors were simple people with a servant heart who were very vary of the limits of what they could do and say, and the spiritual atmosphere. They knew the consequences and the principalities were not dumb idols.

Yes, the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit in its core intent and message to reveal Jesus Christ as the Messiah and the downfall of Satan, but the prophets and writers often faced a real physical danger to lives, destruction of their works, and deadly spiritual attacks. The Bible sometimes have indirect meanings to avoid being implicated. When reading the Bible, we need to walk the same path and fears as the authors.

The people of Egypt were in bondage. But it was a deep spiritual demonic bondage. In the battle between Moses using God’s power against the principalities, notice how the numerous principalities Moses was fighting against was never really mentioned invidually. It was not that they were not real. On the contrary, they were so powerful that the mere direct mention by name was avoided by the Bible writers.

When the author of Leviticus mentioned that one shall not have sex with a man as with a woman, he was hiding the well known fact that this was related to the worship of Baal and Ashteroth. Rather than mentioning the gods directly, he mentioned the acts common in the spiritual worship that all would understand except it seems modern Christians.

When Paul walked the streets of Rome and Corinth, he deliberately did not catalog the various demonic principalities and pagan gods but instead referred to men having sex with men and women lusting for each other as not inheriting the kingdom of God. If Paul had mentioned the specific gods, he would have antagonised the target audience thus ending Paul’s ministry very quickly. The target audience were straight pagan worshippers.

The key word here is the Kingdom of God as compared to the kingdom of Satan. They were not gays but straight people doing their faith which works for them to be a child of Satan.  Sexual acts symbolises their act of worship to join themselves with Satan thus receiving the baptism of the evil spirit.

The Bible authors had great respect and even fear for the demonic powers and attacks by the pagan worshippers. If the Bible does not refer specifically to them, there would be less danger to the authors and to Christians. However these deliberate oversight has been used by liberals to deny the demonic Kingdom which they all conveniently lump under the New Age Divine or by evangelicals who blame gays as the greatest sinners.

The foundation of the Bible is very clear. The gods mentioned are not some human created God or an item which takes our time and worship, but real powerful demonic principalities who controlled the earth. That is why the context of the Ten commandments was to have no other gods except the God of Israel. Yet, the moral gatekeepers of singapore only mention moral codes but the mention of the actual abomination is avoided which is pagan worship of other gods. Gays are blamed because they don’t dare to come against the demonic principalities.

Why does Satan wants the church to keep believing in the lie that same sex acts is an abomination rather than pagan demonic worship? 1) Because coming against the innocent and spilling blood undermines the very innocence and purity of the church. 2) the self righteousness takes away the grace of God from the church 3) Revival by the move of the Holy Spirit is hindered because it instead of blessing the Lord as servants of God we become judgemental prosecutors. 4) it undermines the Gospel message and makes Christianity as toxic to basic human rights and hypocritical. 5) it hides the works of the demonic kingdom.

Surely, the church must come back to a simplicity of blessing and worshiping God as servants of the Lord. The focus is on Jesus Christ, the only way, the life and the truth to God the Father. We are all servants of the Lord, truly fallible and needing grace for each day. We stand on the blood of the lamb and the solid Rock not to live in fear of the dark forces but to overcome the dark principalities. For if the strong man is not bound, surely we cannot take away the loot, the harvest which is before us. We need not fear the power of darkness for Jesus Christ is risen and is at the right hand side of God.

Come bless the Lord, All yea servants of the Lord. 









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