The drums of War rising against nations of faith based hate

“there is no damn thing you can do…” khameni

The killing of the Iranian mastermind General has provoked strong response from Mainline Christians and clergy claiming that it was an election ploy to start a war with the likes of Iran or North Korea and the US did not do the same to Saudi Arabia for 911. These alleged Christians should be ashamed of themselves for indirectly supporting Iran, a nation known for persecuting Christians, calling for destruction of Israel, and killing GLBTs.

The General was such a pain with all the paper cuts against the US that killing him doesn’t matter any more. Iran thought the US would never react and escalate into war lest they get blamed by liberals being a war monger. US took the single strongest retaliatory action because it was a calculated risk that the aftermath would be no different than the increasing attacks by Iranian proxies against the US. The Iranian Supreme leader, a clergy of faith, taunted Trump that he could not do anything after the attack on the US embassy.

The US did not start a war, they are already in a proxy war with the Iranian proxies and the General had targeted US personnel with more than 600 killed. The war started since 2003 with the General, the big spider in the spider web coordinating all the efforts. He was killed whilst planning for further attack and war escalations. The attack on the US embassy in Baghdad was the final straw. It was not Trump but the General who escalated the spiral of conflict, taunting the US to respond so that the public will be against the US due to the anti regime sentiments.

It is now reported a few months earlier the General had met faith based militias in a villa at the Tigris River near the US embassy and arranged for the US Embassy attacks in response to the rising anti Iranian sentiments in Iraq and to turn the tide when the US do respond. The General had dared Trump to respond. He had pushed Trump too far when he should have waited for the US pullout. The mastermind inadvertently planned his own death.

The Democrats are in a fix although criticising the killing of the General would be well aware of the insidious crimes and the wars started and fanned by the General. The target was evil and had caused the deaths of at least 600 US troops and planning to escalate and do more harm. How the liberals and mainline news organizations are going to spin this and yet not sound unpatriotic remains to be seen.

It was the democrats themselves, even mainline Christians who had innevitably fueled the wars a few years earlier by Obama giving back the Iranians billions (much in cash) owed to the previous Shah regime which was then used by the General to fund the faith based militias to fight wars. Making peace with the devil and overlooking evil does not often lead to peace.

To equate Iran which is the main sponsor of terrorism with North Korea is simply illogical at best or deeply delusional of not seeing hate. That is the problem with Liberal Christians to proclaim that the major faiths are about love when faith is the direct cause and motivation of much deaths and destructions. Therefore, they simply do not see the deaths of American personnel in Iraq/Syria, persecution of Christians in Iran or the mass murder of GLBT in Iran. Shame on them.

The US did not retaliate against the Saudies for 911 because unlike Iran, the attacks against the US were not initiated by the Saudi Government. It was by Osama. Whilst the Saudies were not very clean, the Iranian Government directly supporting massive armed terrorist movements. They used proxies for plausible deniability. To deliberately confuse Iran with the Saudies and Osama shows at best uneducated delusion or at worst how deceitful some can be.

To declare that the attack on the General as not ordained by God is presumptuous at best or indirectly supporting the deaths, evil and hate of the armed faith proxy groups at worst. The heart of Christianity calls for love but liberals chose which evil to see lest it comes against their theological construction.

The General was infamous for highly advanced IEDs which caused many deaths and even more debiliating injuries to many US personnel. For the liberals to deliberately ignore the crimes (simply because it was motivated by faith) and not take him to task is a denial of justice and a support of evil and hate. This is not authentic Christianity.

The General was the Spider in the big spiderweb that had made the lives of the US and Westerners very unsafe indeed. Being so enpowered by the success in Syria, he was repeating the same again in Iraq and Lebanon to raise up tension and wars. But the brilliant mastermind is now gone. Trump again did the necessary but unexpected action against the sworn enemies of the US and Israel.

As Christians, we should not support wars yet the paradox here is that the proxy war has been ongoing for the last 17 years with the war being spiraled to the brink by the General’s action to attack shipping, oil fields, fire rockets at US bases, and the US Embassy often through proxies. The arrogance of planning this so openly and meeting with armed faith groups so casually because the General had no fear that the US would retaliate. Any why not? With liberals choosing “peace” instead of justice by allowing the violence and terrorism to continue on unanswered.

The actions of Trump may start an open warfare in bringing a proxy war out to the open that has been going on for the last 20 years against Israel and the US. The Persia of old, Iran has vowed to completely destroy Israel but the day of the gentiles are over. There can be no return of peace to Jerusalem to the Jews unless all her enemies are brought down. Iran has pushed and escalated the proxy wars to such an extent that invites retaliation and nations have no choice but to respond which may ultimely bring down this cruel and evil regime.

The drums of war are getting louder but it is against the people of faith who has brought much religious hate and who has fought for total destruction of Zion. But the time of the Gentiles is over and her enemies will come out of hiding and be gathered and destroyed by God in the valley of Jehoshaphat. The General wanted to set a trap for the US but God is a setting a trap for Persia that their violent means will result in their own destruction. It is the ultimately the God of Israel they are fighting against.

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