The true light shall overcome darkness

As the funeral possession happened in Iran for their beloved General, the people of faith were shouting “death to the US” and “death to Israel” (not reported in liberal Christian media) . The US liberal mainline news organizations claimed that it was an assassination not revealing that the General was a designated a Terrorist (designated by the Obama administration) and he was in a meeting with the militias who had just attacked the US Embassy.

There is so much darkness and yet this darkness was not perceived by mainline Christians determined to take a higher ground by calling Trump a war monger. The darkness of the war already happening in Iraq since 2004 they do not see much like the deaths of the unborn they actively condoned, a reminder of the Jews sacrificing their new born to Molech in the bible. The gatekeepers in Singapore fear that gays will bring the wrath of God to Singapore, but biblical darkness can be seen in every corner in pagan worship. Gays are just a scapegoat because the gatekeepers also fear darkness.

Why do so many Christians and many clergy do not see darkness? Because there is deep darkness in the body and soul even the church who is fallen if Christ is not the Rock but human effort disguised as love. When we say “we are all God’s children”, it is to hide the fact that we are actually children of darkness if indeed we do not embrace the light of Jesus Christ as God, our Lord and Saviour.

Indeed, all have sinned an fallen short of the Glory of God. Sin is not a mere separation from each other and from God but against the perfect righteousness of God. But, the darkness in the world is not only a matter of sin, because only Adam and Eve were truly children of God. We are from the loins of the fallen Adam. As darkness entered into Adam from Satan, we too we become children of darkness.

One cannot pray to the God of creation to come against the darkness in our lives neither is good works of love and the law would chase out the darkness within. Because to chase out darkness, God would need to send flood to destroy the entire mankind because darkness is in the inside. We sin because we are by nature sinners contrary to liberation theology which focused on the goodness of mankind.

The Bible writers connected Genesis 1 to John 1 to proclaim Jesus was there “in the beginning” and so is God incarnate and part of the God head. However, this does not by itself negate the darkness in the bible, in the fall which many alleged Christians deny. When the Bible writers linked Jesus as the God of Creation, it also mentioned the deep darkness and this darkness is not only within and not what we do but ever present in the spiritual demonic entities.

There is two darkness in the bible.

1. The first darkness is the void and barreness of earth at the point of creation. The darkness here is due to the fallen angels, the massive host of demonic entities who rebelled against God the Father because Satan wanted to become God. They were exiled to Earth. In the Garden of Eden, Satan was also there.

2. The second darkness is the darkness descending the entire earth out of the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned against God, hence deserved punishment of death even though they were children of God. They were tricked by Satan, the Prince of darkness. Hence, the Garden of Eden with the tree of Life was shut to Adam and Eve who were banished just like Satan to a fallen world. We who are after Adam are both children of God but also the children of darkness, the darkness that had entered Adam and Eve.

In the First creation, even though the light had dispelled the darkness and the void, the darkness came rushing back through the fall of Adam and Eve. The only way to save mankind was to enter back into the Garden of Eden to partake the tree of life. Therefore Jesus became flesh so that He bore our sins, and as we identify with Jesus as our personnal Saviour, we too enter back into the Garden of Eden. The two Angels will smite Jesus as He enter but He rose again within the Garden because He was totally sinless and righteous and His sacrifice accepted by God.

The coming of the seed to defeat Satan after the fall was through one of the smallest nation, the Jewish nation. And God revealed Himself intimately to this nation as the God of Israel in the midst of the darkness of the nations in the world whose people of faith is now worshipping the fallen demonic angels. God chose Abraham because of His faith was accounted as righteousness before God and his line of His descendents became a special nation, after God’s heart, ie the real Children of God. Through Christ, we are grafted into the line of Abraham.

The Jewish nation who was to bear the seed for the Messiah to be the light of the nations was given the land of Canaan and Jerusalem as her capital. The darkness surrounds the nations and they have been trying to destroy the light, to destroy the Jewish nation, the real children of God. When some declare, all are children of God, they are but imposters.

For darkness has overcome the people of faith, the nations around the world, as they now trying to stop the Jews from returning fully to the Promised land. For once the new Temple is concecrated in Jerusalem, Jesus Christ will come back again and God will judge the world who has rejected the light which is His Son Jesus Christ.

The fear of the darkness was deeply evident in the writings of Paul. The Bible seldom mentions the name of the demonic hierarchies that Paul was coming up against. Paul dared not go directly against the powerful darkness of the occult which would have killed Christians. Instead, the Bible is written in symbology eg pagan satanic worship was termed in general as men having sex with men and not directly mentioning the deities. These were not gays.

And Paul’s fear was no doubt real. 300 years later, the Kingdom of darkness has all but taken over the hierachal church. But the Gates of Hades will never overcome the true church which stands alone on the True Rock of Jesus Christ. The fear of darkness runs in the church and much of the hierachal Church has embraced some measure of darkness just as Satan offers her power if they just bowed down to him. The darkness pulsed deeply within through the ancient Sun gods which is the counterfeit light.

The evangelical charismatic church does not realise that it is also susceptible to the fear of darkness. When they wear white against Pinkdot, wearing white does not negate the blood of the innocent just like Pilate could not just wash his hands of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The trap of Satan was for the church to commit grave sin to undermine the message and power of the Cross, ie to darken the light of Christ. The church has conveniently attributed all the darkness to gays same like what Hitler did. But Hitler’s downfall was the result of a gay mathematician to break their codes.

The body of Christ is under judgement for harm done to the gay community which will keep opening the gates of the church to reveal their skeletons hence undermining the Gospel. Satan doesn’t care about gays, which is a red herring to trap the church. Some things in the bible cannot be written directly, like the occult worshippers, who would have attacked Christians if their names were mentioned. Hence the euphemism was given “men having sex with men” as the abomination as the code word for pagan satanic worship. The modern Christian gatekeeps had the same issue, blaming gays when pagan worship is right in front of them even within the church.

The darkness has blinded so much of the world even to the very core of the faiths where black becomes white. The liberal Christians wanted to blame Trump for starting a war when the war in the heavenlies is shaking heaven and our peace on earth is just one reality.

And wars are coming soon so that peace will finally come upon Jerusalem when her enemies of old and those who put her into exile are avenged. The shaking is coming and fire from the heavens before the Coming Great day of the Lord when Jesus comes back and the Light shall banish darkness forever.

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