The thief comes to steal and kill your life

Many years ago I was walking through a prison in the Australian outback doing electrical works. The black prisoners were all screaming racist slurs and curses and spitting at me as I walked through the corridor. There was so much hate and anger. It gave me a different perspective of the world. Perhaps victims  often becomes perpetrators of their own predicaments if they don’t respond with grace. But many have lost so much that it is very painful. Isint the heart of the matter our hearts rather than the excuses we made of racism of the old days?

In the United States, in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, the death by the hands of the white police of a black man has triggered a series of violent protests by Black lives Matters and Antifa, a militant left radicalised socialist group making best use of the opportunity to cause havoc. As a safety issue during Covid19, it is irresponsible to be out in the streets protesting in masses. I see many whites joining in the protests but ironically the issue is also with white privilege of the elites.

John 10:9 I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. John 10:10 The thief does not come except to steal and to kill and to destroy; I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.

Protest you may as the brutal death of a black man by the police certainly demands it. But this may not be the right time or season when the pandemic is peaking and the ground is so dry with so many out of work due to Covid19 or in lockdown and the thief will come around seeking to undermine the protest into violence and looting. The death triggered a response to all the wrongs and pain suffered by the black community. It is easy to blame and to use racism as an excuse. But many ills are often self inflicted. I am reminded that even as they raised the sword to arrest Jesus, He did not fight back. For those who live by the sword will die by it.

The mainline churches have poured oil into the fire by their strong and repeated condemnation of the killing and racism whilst refusing to the condemn the violence, destruction and looting that soon followed or insist on being peace makers. We see news broadcast of blacks looting shops and destroying cars whilst the mainline churches observing the looting only saw it as totally justified. Where were they to protect the businesses? and private properties? This certainly could not be about love.

The mainline churches tried to spin the violent protest and looting as police brutality whilst totally ignoring the rampant looting by the blacks as if justified. Is the trigger of a black man killed by the white police really justifies the violence and hate that followed when:

1) the vast majority of black murders are actually by blacks themselves.

2) the numbers of black murders are extremely high as a percentage of the population.

3) there are more blacks killing whites.

4) going out in close contact without wearing mask or safe distancing during this Covid pandemic. The main line churches condemnation of the evangelicals opening church seems hypocritical when protesting is OK.

5) Outsiders will come such as socialist groups such as Anifa aligned with the Democrats which will add violence and angst.

We loose the inviduality of a person when we see everything in terms of colour, black and white. People becomes victims and oppressors by our mere labelling just because of colour. That is dangerous because Jesus comes to us individually and not as a corporate union. This is no different from the white racist or the priveleged white person. This is how the Christian Right works by labelling gays as sinners thus taking away basic rights for gays in many countries. Are the Christian left any different?

The mainline chuch has a predisposition that the end justifies the means. This is the essence of religious law but this is not following Jesus teachings. They have no compassion on the police force being injured or forced to be deployed during this pandemic and the losses of properties and businesses of many, whether black, white, or yellow. The mainline church cared and loved not for people who may lost their entire life work by loosing their business due to the riots coming after the Covid shutdown. Ideologies are more important to the some Christians rather than the health and safety of the protestors who should be staying at home during Covid19.

So the issue with parading black lives Matters is that the stats portrayed that black lives matter less by many blacks themselves. The highest crime rates are within the black community and it is a cycle of poverty. If the lives of one person matters, then he or she must start loving himself or herself first and treat life as precious. Some Christians has been in denial of the truth that the problem is not only with racism but with deep anger, bitterness and jealousy within. The heart of the matter is the heart after 50 years of the Civil Right Act of 1968 and no longer once valid excuses of racism by others.

In the US there is no widespread systematic and institutionalised racism because the laws of equality between blacks and whites has been in the statutes for the last 50 years. So much goodwill will be lost. Yes, there is racism but change cannot come without forgiveness, grace and love in all communities. Change can’t happen if one keeps blaming racism without tackling black crime, substance abuses, and violence. If a black person can be the President of the USA, why can’t blacks succeed. Because the vicious cycle of poverty and blame must be broken and responsibility and forgiveness given. It all boils down to the heart which for many is still stuck 50 years ago. When the Jews were free from the Egyptians, they still behaved as slaves instead of a free man. Because their hearts hasn’t changed, they can’t enter the promised land.

Just as I cannot stop the mega churches from condeming gays and denying them basic human and legal rights, we are to respond with grace and not let bitterness nor hate take root. The devil may sow hate and injustice, but surely we must guard our heart. Never follow the law religiously, even the love commandments, because the letter of the law kills with an eye for an eye and self righteousness and hypocrisy comes in. Instead, let us not respond in kind but with undeserved grace

Being wronged does not make it right to do evil. Many of my gay Christian friends have died because of condemnation by the church. The call is not love per say but forgiveness, forgiving the sins of others just as Jesus Christ forgave my sins. I have no power in me to love. It is not about following Jesus commandments, but Christ in me.

The violent protests and looting are destroying the very neighborhoods that the poor are living in. It is in the black communities that can least afford it. Yet the mainline Christians say that racism is the cause as if blacks are any less racists than whites. A black Bishop even blames white supremacy. This is not truthful.

The mainline churches claim the follow the teachings of Jesus, but Jesus never challenged the Romans and the Pharisees directly. When Jesus over turned the tables of the money collectors, it was not looting or destroying property but cleansing of what was sacred in His Father’s house ie Jesus had full right because the House of Worship belonged to Him. It was just one locale, at the temple and not in the streets or anywhere public the blacks are now protesting.

Jesus never challenged nor protested against the harsh Roman rule. His greatest angst were against the religious Pharisees who were hypocrites under the law. So when the Pharisees came to Jesus, He refused to give them any great spiritual insights lest throwing good food to the dogs. This is the fate of the mainline Churches. They put Jesus outside the church because they thought they need only to follow the love commandments because Jesus said so when Jesus was talking to hard headed unbelieving people of faith and not His disciples.

Jesus told the Pharisees to follow the great commandments which some mainline churches have taken literally as Jesus’s main teachings. Jesus quoted the summary of the law to them to remind them of their failure to abide. If they had any conscience they would realise the futility of the law. The religious Jewish laws tell you want to do so that we can be liable for condemnation as sinners. There is no power for salvation.

When sin and blame is sowed, it opens the door for the next cycle of greater violence which will come when a white person gets killed by a black person. It will trigger the other side the liberals so condemned to react with greater response. The cycle is never ending.

Communism and socialism uses the cause of injustise for uprising against the rich and priveleged. But at the end, as Jesus said you will always have the poor with you. Why, because liberation theology is not the way. There is no salvation in it but greater cycle of violence and even worst poverty. At the end, everyone suffers but the pigs still rule the land in Animal Farm.

In Latin and South America, the poor ended even poorer and having less rights after socialist took over. Socialist and leftwing social justice movements ironically often end up in dictatorships where basic human rights are taken away in the name of communal benefits. Gang violence becomes the norm. Jesus never responded when sword was drawn against Him because who those who have been oppressed can become the greatest oppressor. Indeed the church hierachal has killed many millions in the counter reformation.

White mainline churches complained and raged against racism and what they termed white supremacy. They are having a guilty conscience to blame others because they themselves are the white priveleged elites. The white liberal elites will blame the white country folks who looked from the fields afar to the the gold littered wall street and ivy league colleges.

Whilst criticising the President for denigrating sacred grounds by using St John Episcopal Church as a staged event, there was no mention by the mainline churches of protestors causing fire damage to the church. For some, the protestors and looters were saintly. The mainline churches did not mention that the protectors were throwing bricks and glass bottles at the police thus necessitate the tear gas response near the church in order to present a false narrative that the area was cleared just for Trump.

When they blamed the President for abusing the Bible and sacred grounds, this is also hypocrisy for the church has made themselves one with Babylon with the bible reduced to religious laws and the the finished works of the Cross undermined. The House of the Lord has been denigrated by the many for the last 50 years.

The people who are protesting violently and doing the looting are stealing from these poor neighborhoods. They are not aligning themselves with Jesus as the mainline churches trying to potray, but with the devil.

George Floyd was no Saint but became a believing Christian under God’s amazing grace after stints in prison. For the mainline Church, George was black and a victim, and that was all that matters. But the God of Israel sees beyond. Despite a poor neighbourhood, He became part of Resurrection Houston and used by God for His purpose.

The mainline churches attacked President Trump together with the Democrats who are turning to the left. The centrist movement has turned to the left. The reality is that Trump and the Federal Reserves spent more than Obama because Obama kicked the debt and spending issue to Trump just as Bush did to him. Social welfare and entitlement spending remained. The interest rate is down to zero and once the world realised that the US cannot pay back except by printing and the reserves buying the debt, there will be a currency and sovereign debt crisis with the fall of the dollar. The future entitlements are massively underfunded ie it will never be paid fully after certain time.

The thief is coming to steal. What you see in the streets is going to get worst and it is not because of racism. The Covid 19 will puncture a Bubble which has grown steadily since the 70s when the US went away from the gold reserves. The riots just add to the calamity and will result in the whites protecting themselves and they will need protection as the economy overturns.

The thief is coming to steal from the deepest darkness of hell. There will be chaos in the streets and many more people in hunger and deaths in the US because the Great Depression is coming. Riots and protests will be everywhere even violence as people will rob and be killed. Political and Christian left/right discord will be extremely horrendous each blaming the other.

Many faith clergy attacked Trump claiming that the Wall Street and Dow Jones Index are for the rich and not reflect the suffering masses. They are not truthful for wall street is on steroids created by low interest rates and the Federal Reserves buying all the debt. And it is the same policy of both Trump and Obama because they have no choice. If the stock market and currency falls to its right values then US itself may collapse. The bubble has to get bigger and as it gets bigger it needs more air.

A time is coming very soon when no one would buy the debt, then the currency will fall and people realised the US have a bond and sovereign debt crises. The stock market will fall by 2/3 and the currency half. Overnight the thief would have stolen half the pension would be gone and the money worth half.

America will face in the near future her greatest crises, it is not Covid nor the riots but a financial and sovereign debt and currency crises. Each day the blacks protests and do riots, each day the economy shuts down due to the Covid 19, the closer the US is to great sufferings. The Dow Jones is now rallying again and soon the workers will return to work, but the wall has been broken.

The thief is coming to steal and kill. The devil comes to steal when we don’t confront the hard truths that each must find her or her own way to salvation ie to see within that the problem is not outside but often inside. And salvation doesn’t come unless we have a heartfelt revelation of God’s love in Jesus Christ which is the light in our lives. It goes beyond a mental knowledge but a deep revelation of the finished works at the Cross.

In John 10:10, Jesus was comparing Himself to the thief which is Satan. The thief is even in the heart of churches especially those who don’t even admit he exist. But the thief comes to destroy and steal, which is what He is doing to the black community and the many churches. He is manipulating the church and the black community to put them in deep bond age. It is a deep spiritual warfare.

Jesus in contrast comes to give life, and we are to enter a new life of abundance through Christ Himself which is the gate. Choose life today and enter into a new life for without Christ there is no power to forgive and to put all our lost, pain and bitterness at the Cross of Calvary. In Jesus Christ, all out loss Jesus will return it four fold if we give it to Him even though He didn’t cause our loss and pain. This is Amazing Grace. In Christ, you will not only get back your life and all you have lost by the injustice and evil of others, but you get four times more. May God multiply grace in your life in Jesus Christ. The heart of the matter is our hearts and for renewal to come by the Blood of the lamb.

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