Jerusalem Day

This day today, June 7, 1967, Jerusalem is in Jewish hands again after 2,000 years (from 63 BCE when Roman conquered Judea) . It is also the first Sunday after the Jewish feast of Pentecost.

Prior, the Europeans in World War 2, killed more than 6 million Jews. This was the ending of the Jewish diaspora to Roman Europe with millions killed in the Holy land in AD70 and the subsequent  uprising in the next 200 years. The Jews defended the land until they were physically removed from their promised land. Many chosed death such as in the famous siege of Masada in 74 AD. The modern day Palestinians knew the land didn’t belong to them but to the Jews so much so that their leader Mahmoud Abbas declared the Palestinians were the descendents of Cannanites who came before the Jews.

Matt 23:37-39 37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stone those who are sent to her.! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hand gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing. 38 See! Your house is left to you desolate 39 for I say to you, you shall see me no more till you say, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

Today is 50 years plus 3.5 years from the return of the Jews to Jerusalem in 1967 from the bondage of the Romans and their heirs, the European Union countries, and the Persian, Ottomans and Arab Caliphates. What was left desolate and occupied by invading nations will return to the Jews.

The time of the Gentiles is over. For 50 years, there has been great grace with the Holy Spirit coming out of Jerusalem with revival of Christianity all over the world. But many parts of Jerusalem are not in the hands of the Jews for her many occupiers through the centuries and the nations who had invaded her will not let go. Complete Grace (10 x 5) has been given to them in the last 50 years to handover the land. But they have not done so and even insisted that Jesuralem be separated again at the United Nations in year 2017 even the European Union, her former Roman occupiers and all her former Arab invaders.

The millions of Jews who died longing for the return to Jesuralem and the rebuilding of the Temple of the God of Israel whose Holiness has been totally desecrated by the invading occupiers building their temples to their pagan gods in the Holy of Holies. There can be no peace in Jerusalem until the Temple is rebuilt and the Jews re established the ancient worship to the God of Israel.

The grave injustice and violent crimes  against Israel and Jerusalem for the last 2,000 years will come in judgement to her ancient captors and their descendents just as Egypt will not let go, and the God of Israel came against her gods with cycles of plagues and disasters. Grace and notice of 50 years given from 1967, after a great miracle of return of 70 years (being 7 x 10, the complete fullness of prophetic timing) since the Great Zionist Council of 1897 where the Jews first sang the national anthem, Hatikvah.


As long as within our hearts, the Jewish soul sings, as long as forward to the East, To Zion looks the eye – Our hope is not yet lost. It is two thousand years old, to be a free people in our land, the land of Zion and Jerusalem.

The Romans (modern day European Union, Great Britain and the US) conquered Israel in 63BC.  Judea came under the direct Roman Administration in 6 AD after the death of King Herod in 4 BCE. Hence, AD 2000 marks 2,000 years of Romans taking full control of Judea as a province. The year 1967 represents 2,000 years of Romans conquering Judea in 63 BCE.

The Western church has overtly personified God and the Messiah to be about themselves and not the Jewish people whom the story should be about. They have forgotten God as the God of Israel and that Jesus came from the seed of the Jews. The Jews suffered much and was almost annihilated to bring the message of God’s love and salvation and the return to Jerusalem. For many churches, Father God is reduced to a God of Creativity and love thus negating the entire Old Testament Jewish narrative and Jesus the Messiah in the NT. Hence, the injustice and the destruction of the Jewish people by Satan because of their steadfastness to the God of Israel is totally denied. Indeed, the mainline churches even accused Israel of injustice when their own European forefathers have conquered and destroyed the ancient Jewish nation thus the Holy Spirit grieves in many mainline churches and withdrawn from most.

The first Pentecost was the law given on Mt Sinai. The second Pentecost was the Holy Spirit given at Mt Zion and a new tongues of fire. When the fullness of the Pentecost is given, the revival of the Holy Spirit has gone through the world around for 50 years from 1967.

Many areas of Jerusalem are still owned by her former occupiers. For example, the Dome of the Rock is under the custodian of Jordan. The churches of the Holy Sepulchre belongs to the Orthodox Church and the Vatican. The church of St Anne is French territory. The church of Mary Magdalene is Russian Orthodox.

In the next 7 blibical days, we are now into a season of incredible shaking where peace will come to Jerusalem and all those areas  held her captives including her former conquerors will receive great shaking so that they will loosed all their control over Jerusalem.

The biblical towns of Sechem, Hebron, Jericho, and Nazareth are not under Jewish direct control. The people who have been camping there and taking the land from the rightful Jewish state will not prosper and will at the end give up much much more than Israel had hitherto offered them in peace deals. The peace deals have failed because of the blood of the millions of Jews who have died for this land cries out for justice. Its their land, the land of Canaan, for the God of Israel had given them. Those who split Israel and have stolen these lands will they find themselves be divided four fold.

And the world will press in to seek control and divide Jerusalem using the excuse of peace, yet they will loose control not only of those areas in Jerusalem but great chaos will reign in their own nations especially for her former invaders.

Pontius Pilate wanted to scrub his hands clean of crucifying Jesus. But the blood remains and water could not clean it. So will those nations and powers that have conquered Jerusalem, the apple of God’s eyes. They have killed millions to maintain their power and control. Their audacity in wanting to separate Jerusalem again at the UN seals their doom. Judgement is coming for the hand of God of protection will be lifted amongst the nations and powers of the world. Great trembling is coming and the downfall of many nations and empires.

We can only protect ourselves and let the chaos to passover by applying the blood of the lamb to our doors, to the edge of the door where the openings are, thus symbolising the Cross with the blood. For the great plaque has already come, to be followed by a deep financial pandemic and great depression with sufferings, wars, conflicts and pain with the downfall of nations until their claim on Jerusalem is no more and repatriation paid for the harm caused.

For the trumpet of the Lord is declaring out of Jerusalem, let my people go. Let the land of Canaan given to them be returned and the Lord will come against the demonic principalities now still laying hold of Israel and Jerusalem.

The yoke and bondage will be broken. And just as Pharaoh fought back against the God of Israel, so will the God of Israel deals with the nations and the principalities like the Ten plaques of Egypt. The fall of the nations will be in ten great events until they will pay Israel for the wealth of the nations to rebuild the new temple in Jerusalem at Mt Zion. Thus the promises of God to Israel, to return to their aid against the enemies of Israel will be fulfilled.

The trumpet is sounding from the Shofar out of Jerusalem this Pentecost. After seven days representing seven to thirty five years, the walls will fall, and the hand of the nations around Jerusalem will loosened their grip. The walk around has already begun after 2,000 years plus 50 years of grace period. The blood of the 6 million Jews who died at the hands of Europe in WW2, and the 2 millions Jews who died in AD 70 in the hands of the Romans because they stood in faith to the God of Israel will not be in vain. They are no longer here but their cry and hope for Zion to be free rings eternal.

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