When church looses its saltiness

Matt 7:2 for in the same way you judge others, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Exo 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour

1 Peter 5:8 Be careful-watch out for attacks from Satan, your great enemy. He prowls around like a hungry, roaring lion, looking for some victim to tear apart.

The percentage Christians in India is 2%. Yet as we walk passed some mega churches in Singapore, we see anti gay banners insidiously in rainbow colours. The battle is for the harvest whilst Christians instead of entering battle against the beast, they went after the poor gay gentle lamb. So the plans against the church by Satan is insidiously planned out by making the evangelicals fight against gays. The real enemy of the church is Satan and Satan is using our persecution of gays to destroy the evangelical church and make it weak and emasculated.

The ultimate irony of Evangelical Charismatic Christianity in Singapore is that instead of proclaiming the Gospel 3:16 message to a lost world so that they can make the choice to follow Jesus, the charismatics are trying to do the impossible of converting gays to straight whom they labelled as struggling with their unwanted same sex attraction. Gays are innate and not a choice. One day the church will be trapped inside an unwanted insidious closet with no voice nor choice.

The evangelical charismatics have interpreted homosexuality as a sin by not comparing with heterosexuality and excluding the motivation for the action. Eg does the action of rape means that heterosexuality by itself is a sin? Surely not. Homosexuality is not in the Ten commandments, the written law on stone which means that labelling it as a sin is risking a false preaching. In some instances in the bible, in the English interpretation, homosexuality appears at first to be condemned but on a closer account it has nothing to do with same sex attraction but a translation error. They were not gays but straight people violating the first commandment of worshiping pagan gods with anal sex to receive the demonic spirit or to subjugate conquered victims.

When God destroyed Sodom and Gammorah, He sees not the individual person in Sodom and Gammorah because through anal sex with the priest, the demonic spirit comes in. When the men had sex with their wives, the demonic spirit enters the wife. Hence, God only sees the strong man. Does the church see the strong man? Or equally bewitched by the principalities to blame gays.

Gays are targeted and attacked so ferociously by the charismatics because gays are so innate and natural and not a choice for their innate existence directly questions the inerrancy of the bible. It’s not because charismatic love gays or because of true love. The charismatics have difficulty understanding why God created gay people at the same time in the bible they interpret as sin. Either the Bible was wrong or gays must be wiped out so that there will be no contradiction with the bible, hence the push for the ex-gay. They did not realised the ancient context of the bible where anal sex is practised as part of religious faith to join with Satan, hence the association with sin abomination. The bible is not talking about gays but the strong man which are the demonic principalities. These principalities of the Sun god controls nations and cities eg despite Hillsong fame and success, revival has not happened in Sydney Australia.

It is a demonic deception for the charismatics to loose their saltiness and purpose for a lost battle when their main goal should be to provide a good personal testimony of what Jesus Christ has done in their lives so that Asia could make the choice to believe in Jesus Christ. The world laughs at us when we instead ask some people to make choice from gay to straight. It also undermines Christianity as a choice of faith.

The typical church testimony against gays would be a trans person acting very effeminate declaring their struggles of “unwanted” same sex attraction and wanting sex change. For the charismatics, gays are stereotyped as effeminate trans because their theological construction fails to correctly reflect gays as Spartans, lean muscular men with six pack, many gays would like to see themselves as. This is because for charismatics this will contradict the bible showing that gays are innate and natural, comfortable with who they are, being more manly than straight men.

In the latest Covid outbreak in Singapore, despite the church wear white Gatekeepers previously portraying gays as the greatest threat, it was the large imports of female prostitutes in the guise of familiar girlfriend relationships to the many hundreds of KTV dens that had fueled the spread of the virus. Despite so eager to condemn anything gay, the charismatics stayed quiet of this straight moral transgression because it is straight and not gay.

The church has put their portrayal of gays as effeminate trans sinners to justify being gay as an unnatural choice against the body that it fails to see the obvious discrepancies. When talking about Sodom and Gommorah, the mega church pastor Joseph Prince joked about an effeminate person with a limp hand confusing gays with transgenders.

If they were effeminate and weak, they wouldn’t have conquered surrounding nations, and obviously not gay having women and children. They subjugated the captors by having anal sex thus making their captors women, a total insult and subjugation. They were not gays. This is a false witness and preaching on a mega scale.

When we focused on gays, we missed the fact that Sodom and Gommorah were centres of Baal/Ashteroth worship, much like the worship of Ra and Mary. There were powerful divine spiritualities behind these principalities. When we put gays in the closet, the church too will be trapped in the closet and not fighting the strong man. The strong man is far from defeated when Christian do not stand against the arrows.

As the charismatics continue their crusade against gays, the irony is that they will see gay men everywhere. That is how our mind works. They will not see feminine transgenders, but manly gay couples. And one day, these gay men will become the antagonist of the church.

One cannot hate themselves, and “unwant” that which is so intrinsic and innate as their same sex orientation. That would be against the bible of not loving ourselves which is unnatural. If we go against ourselves at the instigation of the Christian Church to be be aligned with their anti gay theology, we will develop a hate within and will turn one day against the church and Jesus Christ. To poison such sincere gay Christians will one day turn them into antagonist against Christian rights. The church is sowing for themselves a grave nasty future. Their insidious rainbow colored anti gay attempt will create their very own constant future pain.

We have confused what is innate and natural part of human sexuality, as a chosen lifestyle, but the crusade against gays will no longer work even insidious rainbow banners. They will know the church by their works contrary to Gospel message of John 3:16. Judgement is coming against the church because of abuse, denying of basic rights, and putting people in prison. The church will struggle against unwanted sins, and will be shut behind closed doors, a voice no longer listen to because if salt is not salty then it will be thrown away.

Great tribulation and judgement is coming upon the church for we have reach the point where the period of grace is nearly over. The church is trapped as it is slowly becoming obvious and accepted that being gay is innate and part of the human sexuality. That leaves the church as the unrepentant sinner committing false witness, taking away lives and freedom and stealing from the gay community their lives, the freedom to love and be loved. This over 500 years of Evangelical life. Until the charismatic evangelicals realised the depth of God’s grace and the depth and enormity of their sins will there be revival for the nations.

Whilst the evangelical church fight against gays, millions die every day without knowledge of the Saving Grace in Christ Jesus, and the deep Satanic bondage which controls the nations. Satan is devouring the harvest whilst we fight against the rainbow which the church can never really win because rainbows are rare but natural.

Matt 5:13 you are the salt of the world. But if the salt losses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be trampled underfoot. The churches try to change gays but it the process will loose something so precious, its saltiness.

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