why protecting marriage is a red herring

In condemning gays and insisting on marriage as between one man and one woman, the evangelical charismatic church has lost their conscience because it is the norm in the bible of one man having many wives. So what are the Christians protecting? They don’t know themselves because truth is hidden yet obvious. Historically, Sex is a central part of ancient religious faiths but is seldom advertised nor understood its purpose. In sex, blood is spilled and we have a joining of spirit and soul.

There are deep spiritual forces at work binding the evangelical charismatics if they could only discern the Holy spirit of God and not seduced fighting a fake war. There are no large scale holy spirit revival as we saw in the day of pentecost where the power of the Holy spirit was demonstrated widely with signs and wonders as a witness to the Gospel message. Why? Because the Pentecostals are distracted and morally, legally and spiritually compromised in our sin to take away the basic rights, lives, hopes and aspirations of gays, aggravated by our false witness declaring them as vile sinners. The blood has a voice especially the hundred of thousands of gays that has died at the hand of the evangelical’s condemnation. Their innocent blood calls out for justice. The evengelicals lack power because of sin against gays and because they don’t bind the principalities by praying contiously, but instead put gays in the closets.

God created Adam first and not Eve. Out of Adam, came Eve. So in terms of hierachy, Adam comes first. The fall came because Adam did not do the manly thing to kill the snake and hence lost the inheritance. It was not called marriage in the time of Adam, because it was leaving their parents living together and having sex to consumate the relationship to become one flesh. The one flesh comes with sex.

When a man marries a woman, the two becomes one in the sex act. Therefore, the woman has the same standing as man before God in marriage. In the same way, only men goes to the Jewish temple and worshipped God. In pagan Baal worship, only men had sex with the pagan priest to join themselves with the demon deity. As the woman is one with her husband through sex, the deity sees them together.

It is precisely because of this that the entire population of Sodom and Gommorah got destroyed. The men were Baal worshipers who wanted to penetrate the angels so that the demonic spirit can enter the angels. Alas God destroyed them all including all their wives and children. Because in marriage through sex, God sees the husband and wive as one. It was the abomination of deep Satanic worship and not because they were gays.

The liberals tell us that Sodom fell because of poor treatment of the poor and in poor hospitality. The bible is hiding the truth. When they invaded the surrounding cities, they forced themselves upon the men, thus making them women, and causing the demonic spirit to enter into the captives thus possessing them. This was the abomination that God destroyed Sodom so contrary to evengelical charismatic interpretation. When we put gays in captive in the closet, the church takes on the judgement of Sodom.

Before the law of Moses, the man could go directly to God. After the mosaic law, they must go through the priests who set themselves apart to God with sacrifice of the innocent lamb to enter into the throne room. The pagan Baal faith, also had a priest which will be married to the deity. When the worshipers had sex with the priest, they are becoming one with the demonic spirit just as man and women are joined in sex.

The evangelical church calls gay as sin. But the foundation basis of sin in the bible is the Ten Commandments which is written because the Jews fell into spiritual adultery by worshipping the Egyptian gods, the greatest of which is the Sun God. Therefore, when Moses turned the sky dark, the Sun God was defeated. The 7 clobber verses in the bible does not make it sin because it is not in the Ten commandments and is describing pagan faith worship rather than same sex orientation. There were all together 10 plagues in Egypt each representing a demonic principality.

Since gays are not mentioned in the Ten commandments and we don’t criminalised the mentioned items such as not worshiping the God of Israel or committing adultery, why is the church so keen on cancelling gays. Because there is a deep demonic influence which is blocking the truth and blaming gays, the fact that the universal church herself is in adulterous relationships with the gods of Egypt. The occultic symbologies is clear for all to see.

Why is gay marriage so destructive to the Christian faith? When the worshipers go to church, they connect with the deity through the Father who is celibate because he is married to the mother god. This goddess has many names seen in the mother child portrayal in ancient Egypt, and the worship of Cybele in ancient Rome. In fact, her symbology is also in the US dollar note because the founding fathers worshipped the Egyptian gods.

Where does the sacrifice of the innocent lamb ended up? In the weekly sacraments when the body of christ is invoked supernaturally and Jesus Christ is tortured and broken over and over again and blood spilled as a sacrifice. The symbol of a dilapidated Jesus hanging on a bent cross is an occultic practise to join with the mother deity to receive power.

So when the churches come against gay marriage and insist on marriage between one man and one woman, it’s not that they are pro family, but if the priests were gay and have sex with each other and ultimately gay marriage, it would breakdown the spiritual power structures of the church. Its like having multiple partners in sex instead of one partner that possesses the priests. So it weakens to flow of power of the spiritual deities.

Rabbi Jonathan cahn claimed that the Gods are returning which he is blaming on culture ie gays, but the Egyptian gods never left. They just morphed into different entities but the truth can be seen in their occultic symbologies which is so deeply entrenched in the nations and the church hierachal. The wheel of life or the womb of the universal church is at Forum Sancti Petri. In the centre there is penetrated the obelisk representing the phallus of the Sun God from Egypt. The obelisk represents the phallus of the Sun God entering the reproductive circle of life or the womb/vagina. The obelisk is apparently 4000 years old and commissioned by Amenemhet II for the city of Heliopolis in Egypt. As the sun moves, the shadow forms a sun dial covering the circle of life of the church. This is the ultimate ungodly sex and it is not gay marriage.

When Paul visited Rome, he was so perturbed by men having sex with men whom he calls an abomination because of the joining with the gods through sex. The priests were castrating themselves to worship the mother god, and the worshipers would have sex with the priests thus joining themselves to the spirit. The church blamed it on gays to hide the fact, they also took on the worship of the mother goddess in the church to maintain power and authority on earth. It was what Satan had promised if one bows down to him.

The church is often depicted as a woman, as a bride, fully white with Jesus as a bridegroom. In 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, the bride will be married to the Christ centered Church. What does Satan do to stop the return of Jesus Christ? To commit adultery with the church. It was therefore so ironic that the Christian Gatekeepers wore white to come against gays, when the deepest and darkest sexual obmination has been happening in the heart of the church universal for 500 years. There is a temple incense of seduction, deception, and fog of war which has prevented the charismatic Evangelicals to see the truth, to run around in circles fighting gays rather than fighting the strong man in the heavenlies.

Why is the evangelical charismatic churches so anti gay and gay marriage because our theology comes from the charismatic and Pentecostal churches in the US. These churches are highly patriotic and so they prefer to live in a lie because the truth is so disturbing that the Founding Fathers were deeply occultic pagan worshipers and US was founded for a New World Order. So everything is blamed on gays as sin.

In Deu 5:11 you shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God… “

In Judges 2:13 and they forsook the Lord and served Baal and Ashteroth.

The truth is that we live on earth which belongs to the Satanic principalities including the Sun God. This means that control, authority, power and wealth is ultimately tied to the controlling principalities. Subconsciously we know, and Gays are scapegoat for our sins.

The evengelical charismatic churches becomes so holy and self righteous until wearing white because they have put all their sins on gays. There is deep spiritual abomination in the universal church not just any sin. In the last days, God will judge the church. Protecting marriage is a red herring when the church universal is in deep adultery. For the charismatic evangelical churches, it is a double tragedy because instead of fighting the strongman so that the Gospel revival could come, we tried to cancel out the weakest tribe for something innate and not a choice for which we are bound to loose and put into the very same closet we put gays in. At the meantime, we do not realised we are spiritually screwed by deep demonic darkness. In summary gays are a red herring to trap the Pentecostal who has the weapons of warfare to bring down the strong man but fighting the wrong war.

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