Why Jesus had to go through Samaria

Many Christians preached about the divorced woman in Samaria that Jesus deliberately visited in the heat of the mid day whose love and compassion for the sinner is contrasted with the law based Jewish religious zealots of the day. The liberals took a step further by talking about Jesus accepting minority groups, but conveniently ignored that the Samaritans did not worship pagan gods but the God of Israel. There is however, a far deeper meaning for Samaria represented a deep shame for the Jews and the lost into history of the 10 tribes who had never returned.

The Northern kingdom of Israel was exiled by the Assyrians in 722 BC. In the Southern Kingdom of Judah, the Jews were themselves a returning remnant. Judah was exiled by the Babylonians in 586 BC, and returned from Babylon to Jerusalem in 538 BC during the Persian rule of Cyrus. The Jews found that the Samaritans were camping in their land in the North where Israel had been whilst they were gone with local Jews intermixed with Gentiles. This was a deep insult and betrayal, a divorce per say. They were considered traitors against the Jews.

When Jesus went to Samaria, He visited Sychar, near the field which Jacob gave his son, Joseph. The Northern Kingdom or the Kingdom of Samaria is synonymous of the Lost tribe of Israel which once resided the area as part of the Kingdom of Israel having their capital in the city of Samaria. Sychar was on the main road between the sea of Galilee in the far north near Golan where Jesus has his ministry and Jerusalem.

Sychar was also the place where Abraham first entered Canaan from Babylon, and where God first revealed Himself to Abraham in Gen 12:6 and 12:7. In the last days, the God of Israel will be revealing himself to the lost northern tribes of Israel which Samaria represents.

Forgotten amongst all the focus on love and Jesus’ compassion on the outcasts, was that Samaria was the place where the exiled 10 tribes or the Northern Kingdom of Israel had previously resided in 722 BC. Essentially, Jesus was talking to a remnant whose faith was wilted down to the Torah, or the five books of the bible, and to Mt Gerizim instead of the temple Mt.

When Jesus entered into Samaria meeting the divorced woman with five husbands, it was a spiritual reflection that Samaria a type of people representing the Northern kingdom of Israel being divorced from Judah and had intermixed with the Gentiles and their faiths. Hence, Jesus meeting the woman at the well goes to a very deep level of the women bringing up water to serve the living God hence reconciled the sins of pagan worship of the Northern Kingdom. It was an act of reconciliation by God of Israel to the “lost tribes”.

Jesus did not reveal to Nicodemus, a learned Jewish theologian that He was the Messiah, but rather to the Samaritan women. He sought Jesus in the middle of the night, whilst Jesus sought the woman in the middle of the day. The Samaritans had deserted and betrayed Israel and even after their return did not stand as one against the Roman rule of Jerusalem. But the woman accepted Jesus in the light of day whilst the Jews rejected Jesus only coming in the night.

Why did Jesus have to go back to Jerusalem? It was His decision to be crucified. When Jesus made His way through Samaria, likewise when Jesus returns, He will also return via Samaria, ie the return to the God of Israel of the lost tribes who are now mixed with the Gentiles. In the last days, Jesus will reveal Himself to the lost tribes many who are now worship pagan gods.

We are now at the threshold of history. Judah returned in AD 1967 (2 days or 2,000 from the fall) to Jerusalem where the God of Israel had gathered the remnants of Judah from Europe. It was 70 years after the birth of the Zionist movement for the return in 1897, just as it was 70 years from the birth of Jesus to the fall of the 2nd temple with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. The land was wrenched out of the rule of the Ottomans in 1917 and 50 years later in 1967, the return of Jerusalem. The period of 50 years of grace of world peace and peace in Israel from 1973 to 2023 will soon be over. The next 20 years from 2017 to 2037 will be world shaking, just as the world trembled from 1897 to 1917, from Zionist Conference, through WW1 and the capture of Israel. The events will be centered on the missing tribes in the middle east.

Incredible tribulation is coming upon the nations who have conquered, exiled and persecuted Judah and Israel. The God of Israel is shaking the nations for their return including the lost tribes from the ends of the world whilst shaking the Romans, Ottomans, Persia, Assyrian and the Arab Calipths. For the return of Jesus would also have to come back in the way of Samaria where the Holy Spirit is moving.

The meaning of town Samaritan Sychar where Jesus visited is “the End”. The woman had 5 husbands representing the fact that the lost tribes went to bed with many other nations until their unique existence with their first husband, who is the God of Israel, had almost been lost in history. So as we see a stirring up of the lost tribes by the God of Israel there would be havoc in the land and downfall of great nations and powers, just as the nations had hitherto conquered and destroyed Samaria and Jerusalem and exiled her peoples to the ends of the World. The return of the lost tribes and tulmultous events in the next decades will shake the nations and bring down many faiths.

Jesus will again go out to find the lost sheep and redeemed the deep shame that the Jews had suffered by the loosing the entire kingdom of the North, or the Kingdom of Israel, whom the modern namesake of Israel bears her name from yet not having any of the returning remnants. But the God of Israel, the Messiah, will visit the lost tribes and bring them back from Mt Gerizim to Mt Zion in Jerusalem. Jesus took the very little water that the woman could give from a well that really doesn’t belong them, and return gave her ever living water. This is God’s amazing grace to the remnant.

The End is coming, and Jesus is reaching out to the Lost tribes of Israel and they will repent and return, for the building of the 3rd temple is near. For God is faithful and a God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with an everlasting Covenant. It was Jacob’s well that the Samaritan women took from, essentially reminding God of the Abrahamic Covenant when Jesus drank from the well. Great wars and tribulations are coming.

Afghanistan. Tribulation coming before the return

Deut 29:28 and the Lord uprooted them from their land in anger, in wrath, and in great indignation, and cast them into another land, as it is this day.

2 Kings 17:6…. The king of Assyria captured Samaria and deported the Israelites to Assyria. He settled them in Halah, in Gozan on the Gabor River… “

2021. 31 Aug. 3000 years after the House of David, or 2700 years after exile of the Northern ten tribes of Israel or the Kingdom of Israel (leaving only the southern Kingdom of Judah) by the Assyrian King to modern day Afghanistan and Kashmir. The return of the lost tribes are coming.

In the aftermath of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, there were claims of hypocrisy against the conservatives by liberal clergy as pictures of the desperate attempts of Afghans fleeing the country. But the real truth is the failure of liberal Christianity to be consistent with their claims of love. The total withdrawal was so uncessary. Hitherto, there were few criticism of the Taliban people of faith from the left woke activist.

In the aftermath of the US hasty and chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, all seems lost. These events reflect a stirring by a faithful God for the return of the Northern tribes hitherto lost in history. We called the modern state of Israel, but her ancient namesake of the kingdom of Israel of the Ten tribes is lost in history. God is faithful and is returning.

It reminds me of the left conducting a quick abortion of an unwanted pregnancy. Sure, Biden was correct that it was a wrong decision to go into Afghanistan in the first place, and US should not have stayed for 2 decades. But in Christian Faith, that is what faith means to accept the reality and ask God for wisdom to do no harm, and make all things beautiful in His time, and not simply abort an issue.

If it was all about disparate tribes with no government able to control them, why was the Taliban able to hold on to power before the US took over two decades ago. It was about militant faith and tribal connections that was the glue. In order to succeed, there would need to be a Gospel revival in the land to change the hearts and minds. But the Christian Right in the US were too busy fighting the rainbow gays rather than fulfilling the Great Commission in Afganistan.

The lack of Christian love and charity so often expoused by the liberals was shown by Biden refusing to extend the dateline of 31 Aug 2021 for the Afghans and citizens of nations trapped to leave Afghanistan despite pleas from Nato allies. The lack of any sympathy, grace and mercy is profound. It reflects that many Christians talked about love, but this is vanity without being about God’s grace and mercy. It is not about our love but being conscious of God’s love, grace and mercy.

America went in to Afghanistan and thought that the solution was freedom and Liberal democracy that would stir the Afghanistan people to fight against the faith militant groups. It failed because it did not tackle the twin evils of systematic corruption and the evil of law based religious faith itself. Religion is not necessarily about love but often about a series of laws to hopefully reach God and atone ourselves. These laws can be harsh and evil to justify violence because we cannot save ourselves, but need a sinless Saviour.

The bible is very clear. We are all sinners fallen short of the glory of God, but the level of judgement is the magnitude of judgement used against us ie if we talk about loving our neighbours all the time or that a kinder America is back on the World scene, the withdrawal from Afghanistan is 100% America first and 0% the people of Afghanistan (even though the Afgan leaders cared little for their own people) , we are judged thus. This is a total contradiction to our claims.

The comparisons by some liberals to the withdrawal from a small military base in Northern Syria, a desolate war zone after the faith based militants Isis was substantially defeated is silly. This is totally different from withdrawing from a nation of 38 million who had for the last 20 years came under US protection. The closest comparison is Obama’s withdrawal from Northern Iraq which had allowed the rise of Isis, again a very calculated decision by the liberals causing deaths of millions.

It is true that under Trump, the US had significantly pulled out of Afghanistan because it was costing usd 43 billion per year with nothing much in return. By the time Biden assumed office, the US forces in Kabul was just a token force, incapable of stopping the surge of the Taliban which required a top up of 70,000 troops to stop. But  there was no real need for immediate and hasty withdrawal especially when the US was holding 1500 religious terrorist of faith at the airforce base. But Biden wanted glory to declare at the 911 anniversary, despite the bad timing being the peak season for war rather than the winter months when these faith armed groups would go back home to the mountains. It was the wrong timing.

It was the liberals who had preached ad nauseum about love and loving our neighbours and the poor and minorities, but at the end, maybe it does not matter at all.  They don’t even love those who helped them, the more than 300,000 Afghan civilians who had supported the US control for the last 20 years. Overnight, if caught, they are likely to be tortured and executed. Is the notion of liberal Christianity loving others vanity?

The Christian Left was up in arms claiming that the conservatives themselves never supported women’s rights in the likes of Saudi Arabia but it was the Left who had positioned themselves as the champion of rights. They have forgotten that the conservatives never focused on women’s rights until to the extent of allowing abortion which the Christian Left is whole heartedly supporting. Therefore, Afghanistan showed that the Christian Left can care very little. They just left 15 million women loosing their basic rights.

The biggest elephant in the room is that this is not a small militant faith group, but Taliban is an entire government and army whose faith based cruelty goes against the very assumption of the Christian Left where all religions are about love. The liberal Christians are quick to challenge the Christian Right but chooses to turn a blind eye on the massive systematic faith motivated atrocities. It just doesn’t fit their theological construction.

It was all probably fated at the end, the horrible scenes of people jumping out of planes, and trying to stop the take offs at the airport. The people of Afghanistan had 20 years, yet they took their rights for granted and instead used it to elect corrupted politicians rather than those who would help them fight to the very end. They had taken the grace and mercy given for granted.

Did the Afghans deserved it as implied by Biden? They made the poor choice of electing corrupt leadership which in turn took money and resources from the fight. The picture painted by Biden of a formidable army was clearly liberal fake news as the army units lack food, ammunition and owed pay. The resources given by the US was wasted. There was no motivation to fight because the taliban themselves are Afghans. It is amazing that liberal Christians could tell an obvious lie in public when the knew they would be quickly found out as in the case of Biden.

The elephant in the room is that religion is a major problem because the end justifies the means for some. At the end, the withdrawal of the US from Afganistan marks the end of an era. Nothing is left. The support of Biden by the Christian left supposed to bring love, hope and mercy. Nothing is left except for harsh militant religions because at the end the hearts of men are sinful and could not save themselves except through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. All other works are vanity and we will be left with nothing.

We are in for the greatest upheaval in history for the hand of God controls the hand and decision of Kings including Biden. The Taliban themselves came from the Pashtuns Highlands. Ironically, it is linked to ancient Israel. The Assyrian exile in 722 BC of the ten lost tribes of the Northern kingdom to the river Gozan or modern Ghazni. God is shaking Afghanistan to return to her ancient roots.

Modern Taliban hated the Jews. The last modern Jew in Afganistan, Zebulon Simentov was himself jailed multiple times and his synogue raided when the Taliban ruled from 1996 to 2001. Ironically, the Pashtuns where the Taliban is resourced from is linked to ancient Israel. There were three waves of deportation.

734 to 732 bce Tiglath Pileser III

724 to 729 bce Shalmanesrt V & Sargon II

716 to 715 bce Sargon I

The name Afghanistan came from a person called Malak Afghana (1000 bce), the grandson of King Saul of Israel. He had a role in the construction of the first temple. His descendents later forced to convert to another faith after the invasion of their lands by the Abbasid Caliphate which ended in the lost by the Tang Chinese in the Battle of Talas in 751 AD.

The state of Israel that we see today is actually the Kingdom of Judah (tribes of Judah and Benjamin) . The Kingdom of Israel of the Northern Ten tribes vanished in history after their exile, so it appears. Incredible wars, tribulation and shaking is coming upon Afghanistan that will lead them back to their roots in ancient Israel. The sins of Assyria of bringing the Northern Kingdom into exile will now be judged. A time is coming when the lost tribes of Israel will return. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will ultimately take them out of darkness back to the God of Israel in the return of the 3rd Temple where all the 12 tribes will be present.

Deut 30:4 Even if you have been banished to the most distant land under the heavens, from there the Lord your God will gather you and bring you back.

The coming

2 thess 2:3 let no one deceive you by any means, for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing that he is God.

Just as Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died and rose again in Jerusalem, the counterfeit, the lawless one, quickly built a temple in the place of the holy of Holies. It was the temple of the god Jupiter (son of God Saturn ie Satan who is depicted as pan, the half goat with horns) built by Hadrian after the fall of Jerusalem. Hadrian forced the Jews to worship him and expelled them from Jerusalem.

When Paul wrote Thessalonians, it was perhaps around AD50. The falling away came in AD70 with the destruction of Jerusalem, and the temple of Jupiter was built 65 years later in AD135. The worship of the Emperor continued on, and the sun god was the grantor of power, hence the halo and crowns to the Saints once Constantine adopted Christianity as the state religion, with Sunday as the worship of the Sun God, and 25th December, the birthday.

In other words, Jesus Christ was subtly replaced, and put back on the Cross to be punished and  crucified over and over again every Sunday. Behind it is the worship of the Sun God Ra and Ashteroth, and Saturn, the six pointed star representing Satan or the Hexagon.

Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians predicted accurately that the Emperor who is the lawless one filled with the spirit of Satan sat on God’s throne in the holies of holies in Jerusalem, and later the Roman Emperors with their worship of the Sun God. The God Jupiter is the Son of the ultimate God, Saturn who is a personification of Satan. The world calls it the tree of life or the wheel of life (which is actually at the centre of the church hierachal) but it is actually the Hexagon of Saturn bringing us back to the Garden of Eden, the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The evangelical charismatic churches have been claiming that the day of the Lord, the coming back of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, will only occur after the lawless one has come. They see it as the future, whereas the truth is that the lawless ones have come and have been sitting on the throne to be worshiped as God and later in Rome as the Co redeemer. The falling away of the Christian church has occurred 1700 years ago. The lawless one is not one person but many who sat on the throne and worshiped as God with the power of the Sun God with the gates of Hades at the centre of the church.

Sunday after Sunday, we see the charismatic Evangelicals preaching that the strong man has been defeated at the Cross because the captives are free, but the irony is that the demonic principalities has a great hold on the church hierachal, and there has been Reformation and counter Reformations. And Christ is being poured out in the church hierachal where the bread and the wine becomes the actual body of Christ, ie Jesus is being crucified over and over again in occultic symbologies.

Therefore, we have such a self righteous charismatic evangelical Church that they do not see that they wear black not white, for the ancient hierachal church has fallen a long time ago. They still think that the lawless one will be coming and they be raptured well before, rather than the church has fallen being part the institutionalised faith hierachy with many  anti christ throughout the history replacing Christ as God. For the last 2,000, Jesus Christ has been replaced in many churches as the direct access to God the Father without intermediaries until God becomes a God of many names.

The strong man, the anti Christ is defeated in the sense that those who proclaim Christ as the Lord and Saviour are no longer slaves to the strong man. The power and authority is found standing on Jesus Christ, on the power of resurrection and the blood of lamb making us righteous and a child of God.

2 thess 2:8 and then the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.

For Paul, once the anti christ appears. Surely Jesus Christ will come back and take His rightful place to finally defeat the enemy. But the timing is based on the days of the Gentiles being fulfilled. When the bible was written, nobody knows the exact time because nobody knew the exact trigger point. And the days of the gentile came to an end with the First Zionist Congress in 1897 ushering in the greatest Holy Spirit revival and Satan’s desperate attempt to kill all the Jews in Nazi Europe in the Holocaust.

There have been many anti Christ in history, not only because they claimed themselves to be God and to be worshiped and had replaced Jesus Christ as the point of grace and salvation, but they sat in the centre of the temple of God, the stairways to the heavens.

There was two falling away as predicted by Paul. The first was the falling away of the Jewish nation in AD 70 to AD135 when the 2nd temple was destroyed, and Emperor Hadrian, a type of the anti Christ built the temple of Jupiter in the holy of Holies and sat on the throne at the centre of the temple as God to be worshipped by the Jews. The second falling away was the rise of the Emperor Constantine, who made Rome and the Sun God, the centre of power and worship merging Christianity into it in AD 324 at the Edict of Milan and later formalising the takeover of Christianity by Rome in the Council of Nicaea in AD 325.

It was not gays who had caused the fall of the Roman empire as often claimed by the charismatic Evangelicals. It was a immoral nation steeped in occultic practices and worshiped the enemy, destroying the 2nd temple in AD70, at first persecuting Christians but by the 4th century, consumed the churches as part of the Roman institution. The fight has always been the five solas, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Solus Christos, Soli Deo Gloria, Sola Scriptura, in totality. Just as Rome destroyed Jerusalem, they too fell by the hands of the barbarians. It was not gays.

The physical and spiritual battle for the last 120 years since the First Zionist Congress in 1897 is one of the return of Israel to Jerusalem, and the Holy Spirit revival. The charismatic Evangelicals has blamed gays because the real anti Christ(s) are within the church hierachal and major faiths who now revealed by the very fact that they opposed the return of the Jews to Jerusalem because when Christ comes back, on the day of the Lord, judgement will come upon Rome, and Washington, and the centre of political and faith powers around the world.

So we have the mega churches in Singapore declaring every Sunday that the strong man is defeated, and that immorality is personified by gays. And when the anti Christ comes, true Christians, will all be raptured before the tribulation against the anti Christ and people of faith. The real truth is that one cannot separate the wheat and the weed (mat 13:27 to 30). Even the day of Lord, Sunday, is in actually in honor of the Sun God with all the saints having a halo in their head and their pagan symbols filling the church hierachal. So when the Christian Gate keepers wear white, they may be gray or even black. Gays are just the scapegoat.

It is with great irony that a former senior pastor, Derek Hong, of the church of our Saviour once said that Satan will used Gays to destroy the church. Historically, the only openly gay Emperor was Hadrian and it was him who built on the Temple of Jupiter, expelled the Jews from Jerusalem, and then changed the name Judea to Syria Palaestina after the Bar Kokbha revolt by the Jews due to Hadrian putting his own statue at the most holy of Holies and demanding to be worshiped as God. Therefore, the church is in for a time of tribulation and judgement, and gays will be the trigger for the harm caused by the church. Just as the church put gays in the closet and threw away the key, this will happen to the church.

Gays are always the scapegoat of the church as immoral because the evangelical Church dare not look within for many great evangelical pastors have paid homage to the church hierachal just as Satan offered Christ, power, glory and honour. In the end, lawlessness of the Evangelical church will be revealed and judgement will start within the church.

Jesus Christ is coming back. In the last days, there will be a very long period of judgement and tribulation against the nations and the church hierachal for what they have done to the Jewish people. The weeds will be separated out from the wheat in God’s judgement and tribulation against the nations. The centre of the church is not wear white but full of weeds which slowly entangled the church for the last 2,000 years.

As Christ is, so are we. It is time for a Holy Spirit end time revival before great tribulation and judgement reigns across nations and people of faith so that they will let the Jewish people go back and return to Jerusalem to rebuild the 3rd temple of God before the return of Jesus Christ.

For I am building, a people of power and I am building a people of praise. That will move through this land by My Spirit, and will glorify My precious name.

Jesus we enthrone you, we proclaim you are King, standing here in the midst of us, we raise you up with our praise. And as we worship full your throne and as we worship fill your Christ, and as we worship fill your throne, come Lord Jesus take your place.

Come Lord Jesus. Come.

The nameless ones

As I walked passed a famous economical chicken rice in Chinatown Singapore, I always remember the seat I sat when talking to a dear gay Christian friend. It was the last time I saw him. His story is one of the many killed by the condemnation of the Charismatic Evangelical Christian Churches. They are nameless, for few recalls nor remembers them, nor call for those who had caused harm to be bought to justice.

When the Christian Right takes away the basic rights of gay people, they do it by grouping and labelling, so that gays are no longer a person created wonderfully and uniquely in the image of God, but hitherto referred to solely by their same sex orientation. The gay person becomes nameless. Christians refused to see beyond a person’s sexual orientation, because the truth scares them that their gay sexual orientation is innate and the evangelical’s Bible interpretation wrong. What else could be wrong? And who bears the punishment for the sin against gays? Jesus Christ?

Liberal Christians are no better. They don’t see the unborn as humans at all, but a problem to be destroyed and annihilated not because of health, but because of selfish choices and personal rights. The rights of the unborn does not matter because they are nameless and hidden. The liberals don’t really love, and perhaps hate the unborn that was killed, and they became nameless. These supposedly Christians kept on emphasising on love ad nauseam as to compensate for their hidden sinful deeds. This again is vanity.

The Christian Right in Singapore are dumb silent on abortion with the wear white gate keepers not giving even a murmur against it despite the many public statements against gays. This is because they do not want to look into their straight mirror and see their own much more horrid sins. Putting their own straight sins on the gay gentle lamb will not save them forever. Instead of rainbow banners insidiously welcoming gays home to be changed to straight, shouldn’t they be displaying aborted foetus when thousands of abortions take place yearly. This again is vanity.

We are actually all nameless, because we are all sinners fallen from the glory of God if indeed Christ is not in our lives as the payment for our sins. We often hear that we are wonderfully and beautifully created, but the God of Israel sees us as nameless because we are under Satan’s dominion and ownership. We remain as such until we call out to the God of Israel through the name of Jesus Christ, thus giving us back our name and presence before God to be pulled out of the nameless swamp and be given a name as a child of God.

Some ask why we pray since God is all knowing. It is because the God of Israel can only have the right to answer and help us if we pray to God in Christ Jesus to ask for help on account of the finished work at the Cross. After all, we are actually nameless, all sinners before God under Satan’s domain. God has no moral reason to answer our prayers let alone to bless us where it is needed since He is all knowing. He is unable for righteousness sake until we give God a righteous reason. And that reason is our petition standing on the Rock and the finished work of the Cross. If Jesus had not died and risen, our prayers have no standing to be replied, let alone many who do not believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

Many churches are nameless because the God of Israel sees them nameless as they pray to a God of many names for the God of Israel is a very exclusive God, for God is One and does not want His glory shared whether the Mother Sun God Ashteroth, the Sun God Ra, or the saints, the holy Father or the universal divine. The church say “let us pray” but it is not to God the Father through Christ our redeemer and advocate, for many churches now do not believe that Jesus is Lord God and Saviour, nor the truth, the Way and the life. They play church to justify themselves before man and God. This is again vanity.

The US dollar note has the bold statement “in God we trust”. However with pagan symbologies on the very same note to the Sun gods Ra and the God Queen Ashteroth, which God is the US trusting? Is God nameless unless we meant the God of Israel? The liberals and even conservatives have made the name of God vague, until it is nameless and there is no salvation and redemption in Jesus Christ, as Lord God and Saviour. Even God becomes a nameless divine in the liberal theological construction becoming themselves little gods and co-redeemers. With God nameless, all is vanity.

This week, Gays are given a name, it is Tom Daley who had won the Olympic Gold and Bronze medal in diving, and another gay person, Jerry Windle, the father of an Olympian Jordan Windle who took care of the Cambodian orphan and raised him up to be a champion. Whilst the same time, the news in UK, US, and Australia was about the head of Hillsongs being charged for concealing child sexual abuse. When gays are given a name, the church is in trouble because the nameless is given a name whilst Christian leaders with a big name have their names dishonoured.

The nameless ones are also victims of sexual abuse often by faith authorities such as Catholic priests and Church pastors. They stayed quiet bearing the guilt and shame. The charge against Brian Houston was that he covered up the grave sins of his father of sexual abuse against minors. The cover up is coming to an end for the church. Soon their sins will be uncovered. Houston was charged because one of the nameless victims decided to come out and took on a name.

The evangelical church has stolen the lives and dreams and bore false witness against gays. As long as these are nameless, there is no judgement. As the nameless ones receive names, the church is guilty as charged and judgement starts at the church. In the end days, the God of Israel will give the Eunuchs a name in the house of God. In the ancient times, there are Eunuchs of straight people due to forced castration or natural Eunuchs with no desire of sex with women. The God of Israel is giving a name to the outcasts in the last days, that their lives will no longer be in vain.

When church looses its saltiness

Matt 7:2 for in the same way you judge others, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Exo 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour

1 Peter 5:8 Be careful-watch out for attacks from Satan, your great enemy. He prowls around like a hungry, roaring lion, looking for some victim to tear apart.

The percentage Christians in India is 2%. Yet as we walk passed some mega churches in Singapore, we see anti gay banners insidiously in rainbow colours. The battle is for the harvest whilst Christians instead of entering battle against the beast, they went after the poor gay gentle lamb. So the plans against the church by Satan is insidiously planned out by making the evangelicals fight against gays. The real enemy of the church is Satan and Satan is using our persecution of gays to destroy the evangelical church and make it weak and emasculated.

The ultimate irony of Evangelical Charismatic Christianity in Singapore is that instead of proclaiming the Gospel 3:16 message to a lost world so that they can make the choice to follow Jesus, the charismatics are trying to do the impossible of converting gays to straight whom they labelled as struggling with their unwanted same sex attraction. Gays are innate and not a choice. One day the church will be trapped inside an unwanted insidious closet with no voice nor choice.

The evangelical charismatics have interpreted homosexuality as a sin by not comparing with heterosexuality and excluding the motivation for the action. Eg does the action of rape means that heterosexuality by itself is a sin? Surely not. Homosexuality is not in the Ten commandments, the written law on stone which means that labelling it as a sin is risking a false preaching. In some instances in the bible, in the English interpretation, homosexuality appears at first to be condemned but on a closer account it has nothing to do with same sex attraction but a translation error. They were not gays but straight people violating the first commandment of worshiping pagan gods with anal sex to receive the demonic spirit or to subjugate conquered victims.

When God destroyed Sodom and Gammorah, He sees not the individual person in Sodom and Gammorah because through anal sex with the priest, the demonic spirit comes in. When the men had sex with their wives, the demonic spirit enters the wife. Hence, God only sees the strong man. Does the church see the strong man? Or equally bewitched by the principalities to blame gays.

Gays are targeted and attacked so ferociously by the charismatics because gays are so innate and natural and not a choice for their innate existence directly questions the inerrancy of the bible. It’s not because charismatic love gays or because of true love. The charismatics have difficulty understanding why God created gay people at the same time in the bible they interpret as sin. Either the Bible was wrong or gays must be wiped out so that there will be no contradiction with the bible, hence the push for the ex-gay. They did not realised the ancient context of the bible where anal sex is practised as part of religious faith to join with Satan, hence the association with sin abomination. The bible is not talking about gays but the strong man which are the demonic principalities. These principalities of the Sun god controls nations and cities eg despite Hillsong fame and success, revival has not happened in Sydney Australia.

It is a demonic deception for the charismatics to loose their saltiness and purpose for a lost battle when their main goal should be to provide a good personal testimony of what Jesus Christ has done in their lives so that Asia could make the choice to believe in Jesus Christ. The world laughs at us when we instead ask some people to make choice from gay to straight. It also undermines Christianity as a choice of faith.

The typical church testimony against gays would be a trans person acting very effeminate declaring their struggles of “unwanted” same sex attraction and wanting sex change. For the charismatics, gays are stereotyped as effeminate trans because their theological construction fails to correctly reflect gays as Spartans, lean muscular men with six pack, many gays would like to see themselves as. This is because for charismatics this will contradict the bible showing that gays are innate and natural, comfortable with who they are, being more manly than straight men.

In the latest Covid outbreak in Singapore, despite the church wear white Gatekeepers previously portraying gays as the greatest threat, it was the large imports of female prostitutes in the guise of familiar girlfriend relationships to the many hundreds of KTV dens that had fueled the spread of the virus. Despite so eager to condemn anything gay, the charismatics stayed quiet of this straight moral transgression because it is straight and not gay.

The church has put their portrayal of gays as effeminate trans sinners to justify being gay as an unnatural choice against the body that it fails to see the obvious discrepancies. When talking about Sodom and Gommorah, the mega church pastor Joseph Prince joked about an effeminate person with a limp hand confusing gays with transgenders.

If they were effeminate and weak, they wouldn’t have conquered surrounding nations, and obviously not gay having women and children. They subjugated the captors by having anal sex thus making their captors women, a total insult and subjugation. They were not gays. This is a false witness and preaching on a mega scale.

When we focused on gays, we missed the fact that Sodom and Gommorah were centres of Baal/Ashteroth worship, much like the worship of Ra and Mary. There were powerful divine spiritualities behind these principalities. When we put gays in the closet, the church too will be trapped in the closet and not fighting the strong man. The strong man is far from defeated when Christian do not stand against the arrows.

As the charismatics continue their crusade against gays, the irony is that they will see gay men everywhere. That is how our mind works. They will not see feminine transgenders, but manly gay couples. And one day, these gay men will become the antagonist of the church.

One cannot hate themselves, and “unwant” that which is so intrinsic and innate as their same sex orientation. That would be against the bible of not loving ourselves which is unnatural. If we go against ourselves at the instigation of the Christian Church to be be aligned with their anti gay theology, we will develop a hate within and will turn one day against the church and Jesus Christ. To poison such sincere gay Christians will one day turn them into antagonist against Christian rights. The church is sowing for themselves a grave nasty future. Their insidious rainbow colored anti gay attempt will create their very own constant future pain.

We have confused what is innate and natural part of human sexuality, as a chosen lifestyle, but the crusade against gays will no longer work even insidious rainbow banners. They will know the church by their works contrary to Gospel message of John 3:16. Judgement is coming against the church because of abuse, denying of basic rights, and putting people in prison. The church will struggle against unwanted sins, and will be shut behind closed doors, a voice no longer listen to because if salt is not salty then it will be thrown away.

Great tribulation and judgement is coming upon the church for we have reach the point where the period of grace is nearly over. The church is trapped as it is slowly becoming obvious and accepted that being gay is innate and part of the human sexuality. That leaves the church as the unrepentant sinner committing false witness, taking away lives and freedom and stealing from the gay community their lives, the freedom to love and be loved. This over 500 years of Evangelical life. Until the charismatic evangelicals realised the depth of God’s grace and the depth and enormity of their sins will there be revival for the nations.

Whilst the evangelical church fight against gays, millions die every day without knowledge of the Saving Grace in Christ Jesus, and the deep Satanic bondage which controls the nations. Satan is devouring the harvest whilst we fight against the rainbow which the church can never really win because rainbows are rare but natural.

Matt 5:13 you are the salt of the world. But if the salt losses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be trampled underfoot. The churches try to change gays but it the process will loose something so precious, its saltiness.

A Church needing discernment & knowledge

Matt 4:1 Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. 2 And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He was hungry. 3 Now when the tempter came to Him, he said, “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.”

In a recent debate on the End Times with Charismatic Evangelicals where they claimed China and Russia as the greatest threat to Israel, the believers could not reply to my assertions that many have the mark of the beast, for if we look closely at the US Dollar note, there is the Pyramid with the all seeing eye reflecting the Sun God, Ra and Baal. Satan is known as the Great deceiver until we fight against what we termed as Culture and the Gay community instead of the spiritual principalities. The charismatic Evangelicals ignorant view that the US was founded by Puritans fleeing from religious persecutions hides the truth that the Founding Fathers were occult demonic worshipers of the New World Order hence the occultic artifacts in the dollar note. But through God’s grace, revival came at the Great Awakening in the 18th century and later at Azusa St.

Satan offers the powers of this world including the church, power, wealth, glory. Paul’s daily battles in Rome were not against gays but against the Cybele cults, the liberal Gnostics, and the Jewish Legalists. Deception from the gates of Hades is deep, ancient, and occultic power, not gay queens. The real Queen was in Rome.

The church universal is having sex with the demonic principalities whilst we blame gays for having sex with other men! This abomination is happening daily in public at a location in the heart of the ancient church where the wheel of life or womb is penetrated by the phallus or the obelisk of the Sun God. The heart of the church lies the greatest abomination just like the time when the enemies of ancient Israel put pagan gods into the holy of holies.

It is a demonic conspiracy to put what is seen as a much greater threat ie the gay community to the bible and to Christianity. But the greatest threat is what is unseen or carefully hidden (as in the dollar note/occultic symbologies/monumets/pagan layouts) , the spiritual principalities, and our own self righteousness, and the churches own spiritual adultery. The Christian gateways see white when they see the mirror, but for 1500 years darkness has been seeping into the church until the church universal and church cults even worship other spiritual gods albeit disguised as  saints or the angel Moroni. We have blasphemed God yet blame gays for this abomination.

The notion that the truth will set us free is only the true if based on Jesus Christ death and resurrection setting us free, for we cannot partake of of the tree of good and evil, for evil will consume us. More than 30 years ago, a youth pastor friend was seeking answers to the curses used by some churches. And he found the answer in ancient Jewish texts in the library that describes the heavenly hierarchy.  He was chased then by the demons he uttered. That is why the bible reveal to us what is necessary to protect us.

When we read the bible, the OT and NT, it was not written to us in the 21st century with all the background details and specifics, but a sanitized record of events knowing that what they have written can and will be used against them. Hence, what was not specifically written in the bible but of common ancient knowledge and experience is vitally important. eg instead of calling out the pagan cult of Cybele and Baal, where the men had anal sex between men, the bible just left the names of the pagan gods/angelic hierachies out because Christians would be persecuted if their names were mentioned. When Paul talked about foolish talking in 1 Tim 5:13, he was referring to the Gnostics who were closely associated with Cybele.

The OT Jews were hounded by the surrounding hostile nations physically, and spiritually by the gods Ra, Ashteroth and Baal. The forces of darkness was in the streets and in the land. By the time of Jesus, the worship of Cybele by the Romans was an open practise and it was not gay men having sex in the streets. The forces of darkness was at the entrance of the temple because there was no Holy Spirit, no Ark of the Covenant by the time of the 2nd temple for over 400 years by the time of Jesus. It is the Holy Spirit in Us, that is greater than the Spirit of the World if we indeed believe by faith in Jesus Christ.

The NT Christians were likewise hounded by the law based Jews, the Roman rulers, the forces of darkness represented by Cybele, Ra, Baal, and Ashteroth. Most of the details and specifics of the Roman Ceasers and the spiritual demonic principalities and the practices of the cults against the early Church were left out of Paul’s writings because it would implicate those holding the bible manuscripts if caught. Eg the cult of cybele predominant in Rome would have killed off the early Church. The bible text was all written by a church in underground and deliberately focused on the Gospel Good News.

In the actual context of the bible reflecting a persecuted church by the hierarchal earthly and spiritual powers, yet unable to detailed specifically their enemies but hide the message and meaning is the main reason for the error of interpretation by evangelical Christians to interpret the Bible just looking at the text, rather than looking at what was taken out to avoid a death sentence. 

The person reading the bible in the 1st century in the original language and historical/religious/power context would have understood what was unwritten. The bible was written in fear, and those who hold the manuscripts also feared for their lives. Hence, much of it is coded as not to reveal the names  directly. They had a reason to fear, for by the 5th century, the gates of Hades, the Sun God, the mark of the beast had taken over the church hierarchal. Cybele became Virgin Mary. The Protestant Reformation came a thousand years later in 1517, followed by 500 years of counter Reformation of the Jesuits.

Therefore, we have in 21st century, a church hierarchal that is in adultery with the beast, whose power/glory/wealth is obtained from the other side rather than the Rock. The foundation of the church is unrighteous mammon. Gays are the scapegoat to be blamed for the unrighteousness and unholy Union of the church hierachal. And yet, the evangelical charismatic church just want to come against gays. When the church is distracted, she could not stand up to the real darkness.

In the Pink Dot in Singapore, the charismatic evangelical church in their arrogance and self righteousness wore white, when hypocritically they linked in history to the church hierarchal where black is white. Gays are just a red herring so that the church does not battle the beast and the forces of darkness at the door of the church. When we look at our self righteousness, we look away from the Rock. In US for example, there is no abhorrence by the evangelicals of Morons worshiping their pagan god, and is a false church because all the sin is put on the head of gays.

The victory over Satan is won at the Cross as long as we behold the Cross and not look at the apparent sin of others we deemed much greater then us. When the Gatekeepers in Singapore wore white against gays, they are setting themselves for their own fall. We have fallen from grace, when we do not realised our own grave sins and the abundant of God’s grace in our lives. May we like Paul, realised that we might be the chief of sinners.

The evangelical charismatic church in Singapore recently celebrated 500 years of Reformation. What is hidden, just like what is hidden and unsaid in the bible is 500 years of counter Reformation. The Gates of Hades is very near. The Anglican Church in England and the Episcopal Church in the US, the centre of counter Reformation efforts against the Protestant church is nearly collapsed with only 5% attending the Anglican Church in UK. The church of the Reformation has lost. And all the church in Singapore cares about is Gays.

Satan’s attack on the church in Singapore is so profound with the spirit of deception because the Church is at the centre of the Anglican South. The church of the Reformation in Europe and Britain is near the End. The Church must return to the Word of God with Christ as the foundation stone to survive and for revival to come lest it be deceived by Satan to fight an unwinnable war against gays where the church will be known for her hypocrisy and hate instead of reflecting God’s grace, mercy and love.

The early Church knew the end is near, death at any time due to persecution and spiritual principalities/pagan cults, but the Charismatic Evangelicals of the 21st century church does not know what is white or black nor the grave danger of failing their calling to be Antioch to Asia, because the darkness and deception is so much deeper and ancient than the church had understood nor the light of the church could overcome it. So much is hidden as to deceive the church to deny the church of their calling to Asia. Darkness is arising, and the churches crusade against gays will bind the church to judgement. It is time for the evangelical charismatic churches to wake up and not be deceived, for the enemy is in the courtyard when we wear white not realising that judgement against the church is coming.

In 1 Tim 1:12, Paul at first glance appears to be worried about women having authority over men. But the word for authority here is authentein which is linked to the Cybele worship of the goddess where men were emasculated. The woman here refers indirectly to worship of Cybele. How much has Sol and the Marian worship  authentein the church?

11:11 judgement starts with the church

The world is at the 11th hour at 11th division ie 11hr and 55 minutes before the Coming back of Jesus Christ the Messiah. But the last 5 mins will be the longest of time for grace to be abounds multiplied by the fullness of time ie 10 x 5 = 50 years.

Judgement is starting with the Christian Church just as they have the horrendous attempt to convert gays to straight, conversion therapy is coming to the church. Just as the church has put gays in the closet, the church will be trapped into the closet four fold. The church doors will be locked spiritually and non can go in or out.

Christians have always imagined that they will be persecuted by the anti-Christ but forgotten that they are not Jewish and the universal church herself has been in spiritual abomination with the spirit of darkness since the 4th century. The roots of the modern church is not the church of Jesus Christ as the Rock but that which is founded on a sinful human institution with a desperate claim of being descended from St Peter, 250 years after Peter died. Two thousand years of the church is coming to an end for the spirit of division and cleansing is coming just as they had wanted to divide Jerusalem. The universal church is nothing more than ancient Rome. The Reformation did come, followed by 500 years of Jesuit Counter Reformation.

The time of persecution and tribulation was meant for the Jewish people is over with the end of world War II, and with foundation of Israel in 1948, app 50 years from the bud being formed at the Zionist Council in 1897. Once formed, the 11th hour started in 1897 and Satan had tried to destroy the Jews in the next 50 years because once the nation of Israel is formed, the return in certain.

Surprisingly, the fates of gays and Jews are interlinked. That is why Satan tried to destroy both Jews and Gays in Nazi Germany, because they are both End Time players.

In this End Times, God is planning for the freedom of those who are outcast and living on the hedges. That is why the Holy Spirit of God is moving through the nations lifting bans against gays despite protests by the Christian Church and people of faith. Gays will “destroy” the church because of natural justice of putting people in closet will result in judgement.

It is like stopping water flowing down from the top of the mountains. As gays are coming out naturally when young, the weight of this coming out is like a large melting ice cap which the water will flow down increasingly. The more weight, the more justice is demanded and recompense. It is not a cultural war, it is a call for recompense against a guilty church.

When I was attending the mega churches, some churches like City Harvest thought that they would go through persecution and tribulation. Whilst, others such as New Creation believes that we would have been raptured. Both are right because the church would not go through direct tribulation as seen in the holocaust but the church would be the first to be judged, and then the nations would be judged with great divisions and financial collapse because they have touched Israel, the apple of God’s eye.

The US is a nation extremely blessed and priveleged, the only nation currently in the world with an unlimited credit card, ie being the reserved currency in the world, they can print money and chalked up 30 trillion in debt, bonds and stocks. US is blessed because it supported Israel including its creation in 1948.

God doesn’t judge the nation for just any sin, even pagan worship of the church hierachal. His judgement in Joel 3:2 relates solely on how each nation has treated its chosen people, the Jews of Israel. It is not gay marriage neither is it failure to love God or our neighbour. The more frightening consuming fire is reserved for nations that touches Israel.

Seventy years on from 1948, we reach the time of judgement, just as judgement came for the Jews in AD70 or 70 years after the birth of Jesus. Obama is a liberal Christians who is anti Israel whilst the Christian Right is so busy attacking gays that they didn’t realised their own nation, UN, EU, and the nations surrounding Israel are subject to judgement.

How could US, so blessed a nation forgets the reason it is blessed, Israel. Consider how times have changed:-

1. May 2011, Obama declared that the borders of Israel should be pre 1967

2. UN resolution 2334 in Dec 2016 which seeks to divide Jerusalem. US under Obama refused to veto.

3. French middle east peace conference, 15 Jan 201, 70 nations called for Israel to be divided and settlements abolish.

God’s ways are always full of grace and mercy and even when judgement is announced, there is a period of grace. This period is over for such great darkness is coming of conflicts within nations tharlt would bring to collapse most middle east countries, Europe and the US.

The church will be judged first, and we will see the collapse of special rights and priveleges for the church, and at the same time, deep division and financial distress will rain upon the nations.

The judgement on the church is not persecution but a deep cleansing in preparation for the end time revival. A significant portion of the church is compromised and joined with the evil one and no longer standing on the Rock alone which is Christ.

In fact, the wheel of life at the womb of the eternal church, is joined daily with the phallus of the Sun God in a sexual act at the city on the seven hills. This is the unholy abomination and sex with demonic forces that the church is trying to hide whilst blaming gays.

The faith hierachal has its power from the evil one. They have to re enact the cruxifixion every communion because spilling of blood is a occultic act to bring power.

God will use the weakest in the community ie gays who will “destroy” the church because the churches will loose much because the sin committed against gays, and the churches seen as self righteous hypocrites. Many will condemn the churches and all special rights and charity status removed.

Judgement is coming and will start at the Christian Church, for God will cleanse all the pagan idols from the church, and the intertwined of demonic forces so predominates the church and hidden in occultic symbols. The church will be judged first because Jesus is coming back for a church that is holy and pure.

Judgement coming, the hour glass is up.

Luke 21:24 they will fall by the sword and will be taken as prisoners to all the nations. Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

Let us pray for peace in Jerusalem.

Since the fall, and the return via the flood, this world belongs to Satan and all the diseases, decay and suffering within. When God promised not to send the flood again, hitherto God never sent any world wide destruction. But the seeds of destruction are always present, whether the Covid virus, and the massive greed of mankind in the stock and housing bubble. It was God’s grace in Jesus that held back natural judgement. What undermines grace, just like the case of Pharoah is mankind persecuting God’s beloved Jewish people. It is not just any sin, but the sin relating to mocking God concerning the Jews which Pharoah did when Moses asked let my people go. The Covid virus didn’t come from China, it may have been released when God’s hand of grace was lifted as a result of UN resolution 2334 and we are left alone. Before the flood, the Holy Spirit departed. Let us pray that God’s grace and mercy abounds because clearly the world are wicked sinners.

The 2nd Judgement may be coming after the first of pestilence and will be far worst that the first. The chilling images of the burning bushes in Jerusalem and the rejoicing of Jews for the fire of Lord is coming to consume the nations bringing division and the dividing of power structures and great loss of wealth.

The ancient world and her religious scholars are well read and aware of the Hebrew and aramaic texts. They know that once the times of the Gentiles are over (ie Israel divided into many states) , and the 2nd temple is rebuilt, the end will come and judgement upon the nations for their worship of other gods when Jesus Christ returns. Many nations have sought to annihilate the Jews and build their own place of worship upon the sacred Jewish temple of God, the Holy of Hollies thus making it an abomination to block the end time events.

The time of Gentiles was over in 1967 and the period of grace of 50 years is over for those who occupied the land to vacate ancient Judea, and Samaria. Therefore those who advocate a two state solution in the guise of peace will be doomed with crushing judgement that has been waiting for 2,000 years. They want to divide Jerusalem into 2, they will walk away divided in their own nation 4 fold.

In the recent Gaza conflict, as Israel was poised to enter the conflict zones with their tanks, the world media was at hand to film the expected carnage. They were all ready to condemn Israel. This is contrasted to the very few videos of the site for the launching of the thousands of rockets against Israel? Why, because it is likely to be next to very populated places, UN compounds, refugee camps etc cheered on by men, women and children. This is not what the media would want to portray as innocent victims.

The world makes it a two nation conflict but it is actually the entire Arab world against Israel. Palestinians are portrayed a victim but actually armed proxy of the Arab nations, the ancient antagonist of Israel. The words used such as Israel aggression and occupation hides an the real truth that the Satan tried to annihilate the Jews in Galilee by killing 2 million Jews in Jerusalem in AD 70, and exiling them to all nations, and 1900 years later, Satan knowing that the End is near, killed 6 million Jews to ensure they never return to Jerusalem. But darkness could not stop the foundation of modern Israel in 1948 nor the return to Jerusalem in 1967. The countdown started in 1967. Those who advocate to divide Jerusalem into two will meet with their own division of power and wealth.

Hitherto, Syria Palaestina (previously Judea and Samaria before the Jewish revolt) was a deserted area in the middle east, but now the Arabs are claiming oppression which hides the truth that they are living on blood soiled property, stolen from the Jews whom God had specially chosen and given the land, to reflect His glory and grace to the nations, and whom the Saviour will return. They will never have peace because the land their occupied is filled with the blood of Jewish saints. Its only a small piece of land, breadcrumbs, 1000 smaller than the Arab lands. So the call to divide Jerusalem will return 4 fold a knive that will not return void.

It is said that all are God’s children, which is a half truth, for God sees whom we belong to, the spiritual entities whom we have aligned and bowed down to. In the bible, God see people based on the pagan principality they worshiped, because they are the strongman who had legal rights over them. So they are not innocent women and children that God sees, but collectively as belonging to whom they worshiped as a nation and people. So, judgement is coming upon the world, upon God’s” Children”, for they have sided with the evil one to oppress the Jews and had occupied Samaria and Judea for two thousand years. The hour glass is up.

We are reminded that God has no hesitation to calling the flood because they were aligned with Satan even interbreed with demonic angels both men, women and children. Such as the worship of Baal and the existence of giants so strong in Sodom and Gommorah resulting in grave violence and sexual abuse of surrounding nations to subjugate them and not because they were gays, that God chose to destroy the entire group of cities, completely including men, women and children. So judgement is coming like a rotating sword of division.

The UN has rejected the historical rights of the Jews to Samaria and Judea . Therefore, claiming the moral highground, the world repeatedly called it Israel aggression and occupation because they know that they are camping on stolen land filled with blood of the Jews, who died by their hands because the Jews chose to align themselves with the God of Israel rather than the Roman gods. If the Jews have been compliant, and not been so steadfast in faith and alleigence to God instead of Satan personified in the God of Jupiter, the Romans would have left them alone. Two thousand years later, the Jews have returned, the period of grace is over, those who called for Jerusalem to be divided in order to prevent the full return, will themselves be divided. Two thousands years of time glass waiting for judgement is up.

When the bible says the time of the Gentiles is over, it was over in 1967 when the Jews reclaimed Jerusalem. The nations had 50 years of grace to leave, and yet they are still there with hardened hearts. Israel is just a small plot of land, the middle east is a thousand times bigger, and yet they deny Israel this small plot of land. They did not leave the land but hardened themselves. Why? Did God hardened their hearts that judgement may come? We are in a precarious position when God hardened our hearts like Pharoah to receive full judgement.

Every day, there is an increasing judgement upon the nations of those who occupied Israel. The period of grace without penalty is over. Therefore, those who calls for a two nation state in the name of peace will find the wind of great divisions and calamities in their own nations.

We are reminded in the bible that the 400k Jews could have left Egypt without any gold or silver, or the destruction of the first born or the defeat of the Egyptian army, if the Pharaoh had just relented and said OK to Moses when he demanded to let my people Go. Judgement came because of the delay at which time the Pharaoh hardened his heart and instead of releasing the Jews, persecuted the Jews. The Pharoah actually had 400 years to let the Jews free. When Moses stood up to Pharoah, it was the final warning, times up. Once, the final request was rejected, it was God who hardened Pharoah’s heart for judgement. Pharaoh challenged God and lost almost everything. The nations who called for Jerusalem to be divided will themselves be divided and loose much more.

On 23 Dec 2016, nearly 50 years of grace period after the return of Jerusalem in 1967, the UN security Council resolution 2334 declared that Israel was occupying Palestine. The United Nations vehemently declared before God that the land doesn’t belong to the Jews at the end of this fifty years of grace. Now as they sought a 2 state solution in the name of peace, a sword of division will cut across the nations. The wealth and power of the nations will be cut down half by half.

Just like the heart of Pharoah hardened by God, the first of the Four Horsemen came upon the entire world. The covid was always there. It was God’s hand of grace and mercy protecting us. Once the world rejected God’s grace and mercy towards Jerusalem in the UN resolution, the hand of God is removed. Now, the 2nd horsemen is coming.

As the hearts are again hardened with many thousands of rockets, the arrows by night, against Israel and Jerusalem, the 2nd judgement of division is rearing to come out to the world of financial collapse and unrest, ie the sword is dividing the stock and financial markets.

Ironically, under Obama, the US nearly brokered a 2 nation state with most of the demands agreed by the Israel prime minister under incredible pressure by the US. Yet, peace failed because the Arabs had hardened their hearts. As Biden tries again to divide Jerusalem, the US President is not mindful that the clock is over and any nation who now seeking to divide Jerusalem risks bringing immediate judgement on their own nation.

The term Palestine was actually the new term used after the Romans crushed the Jewish Bar Kokbha revolt in 136 CE. So time is reversing itself, and judgement coming upon Rome and her children. Those who now called for Jerusalem to be divided will see the 2,000 years of judgement upon their heads.

Soon there will be peace in Jerusalem, but incredible division is coming to the nations of financial crises, great loss and unrests. The 2nd judgement is for an extended period. It will be a shaking and divisions within the nations. The Pharoahs will fall. Power, Wealth and gold will be taken from the nations. Many will loose much. There will be lawlessness and great division and conflicts within nations. It will be fall of Rome and her many children and the ancient nations surrounding Israel. The Rock will fall and topple them.

I am often amazed at the Christian Right in the US, who are fighting against gays at every front, but not realising that Obama/Biden in Dec 2016 by refusing to veto the UN resolution 2334, has put the US in grave mortal, spiritual and moral danger. And the danger of the collapse of the US economy is so near because of greed. The Covid has just expedited the coming financial crises.

Let us not only pray for peace in Jerusalem, but for ourselves. We are to flee for the return to a four fold of 1929 Great Depression is coming. We pray for Jerusalem, but actually we are the ones that trouble and calamity will come.

Jesus will bear our pain and suffering as victims of injustice

In the extreme victimhood mentality of the Christian Left, Jesus death at the Cross is simply reduced as Jesus being a victim of terror and violence. But Jesus was no victim rather He chose to die so that He could be victorious over death, and in doing so brought us the power over death. Indeed, declaring Jesus is a victim of terror and violence completely misses how Jesus saw His own death:-

1. Jesus cried for it was His own Jewish people that rejected and killed Him, mostly people of faith. Hence, there would be later grave tribulation for killing the Son of God which happened in AD70 onwards with the death of 2 million Jews and diaspora to the nations.

3. Jesus Christ did not deserve to die because He was totally without sin and was totally righteous. He was a victim because He was totally undeserving of death and not just because He was a victim of terror and violence. Hence the two thieves beside Jesus was deserving of death and were not fully victims.

3. Jesus was not a victim because It was His decision to die for us, to drink the cup of suffering. It was mankind motivated by Satanic deception that put Jesus at the Cross. Satan thought that He could destroy the works of Jesus by putting Him to death and even worst using the Jewish people. Jesus became a victim, the victim for our sins, so that we can escape from becoming victims ourselves to Satan’s deception.

4. From the Cross, Jesus looked far into the horizon and saw the hundreds of millions of harvest field His death and resurrection would bring. If Jesus had not been a victim as claimed by the Christian liberal left, we would still be in our sin. Jesus was no victim, the Cross was a necessity because mankind was doomed to suffer eternal violence and terror in hell.

At the Cross, Jesus was not a victim of violence and terror, but indeed if we should call Him a victim, a victim for our sin. Jesus chose to go to the Cross, for He could have sent His legions of angels to destroy the Roman garrison in Jerusalem. To declare that Jesus was a victim of violence and terror is an indirect denial of the finished works of the Cross, God’s saving grace and a denial that mankind is in sin and deserving of death and eternal hell.

When we say that Jesus is a victim of violence and terror, we are negating our individual responsibility but put the blame of causing Jesus death to the Romans and the Jews. If Jesus was indeed a victim, each one of us is equally responsible.

Jesus would be most saddened that after going to bible college, on Jesus death, some Christians would put it down to simply a victim of violence and terror, totalling diminishing His finished work at the Cross. This is the deception of Satan who did not forsee that Jesus’ death would take from Satan, the keys to hell and release the captives.

Jesus was no victim, but He was the sacrificial lamb. To attribute Jesus death as simply a victim of terror and violence is a subtle denial of Jesus perfect sacrifice as gentle lamb. It is His blood that washes us clean. There was no other way.

Jesus chose the Cross because there was no other way for mankind to comeback to God the Father. Jesus heart and eyes was on the multitudes. The pain that He felt of their sufferings that could only be alleviated through God’s grace which the narrow road of salvation would provide.

The self centered and sin denial focus of victimhood so pervasive in mainline Christianity has and will destroy Christianity because it will become no different than any NGO or civil organization promoting good without the centrality of Christ as the Saving Grace and resurrection power. Its self centeredness will consume us instead of acknowledging that it is us who are the sinner who put Jesus to death, and only in Christ that we are redeemed and cleanse by the blood of the lamb receiving our righteousness. The mentality of victimhood of the Christian Left will cause so much harm, terror and violence as we now see in BLM and Antifa bringing anti Christian socialist terror.

We are killing Jesus over and over again in our hateful revenge rather than letting Jesus be our sin offering and redeemed what we have lost 4 fold. We cannot find our own sanity and peace with revenge and a deep victimhood self righteousness. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Indeed the Christian Left mentality of extreme victimhood will not bring peace rather it will drag nations into civil wars and socialist liberation theology which itself is an endless cycle of hate, self righteousness, terror and violence. The left movements of BLM, and Antifa are anti Christ socialist movements powered by revenge and hate which will eat itself up and destroy nations.

Yes, we are legitimate victims eg the gay community who has been robbed naked by the Christian Church, but Jesus was naked at the Cross. In Christ we are clothed in a new perfect Righteousness when we chose to forgive on the basis that Christ has forgiven us of our own sin. We are no longer become victims because all our pain and suffering is put on Jesus Christ at the Cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ more than fully paid for all the terror, violence and injustice, we have suffered. Jesus Christ is the only one who can bear all our loss, our pain and sorrows, and be our recompense for all that we have lost. He did it all at the Cross of Calvary, and resurrection power.

Sky lights up on Jerusalem day, sound the trumpet

The attack by many hundreds of rockets firing upon Israel within minutes marks Jerusalem Day of 10 May 1967. It is 54 years from 1967. The attack was by Palestinians but the focus by the biased media is on Israel aggression with few in the liberal western media mentioning the massive scale and intensity of the rocket attacks nor the supply of the rockets by Iran. Turkey who is the Ottoman of old who once ruled Jerusalem is also eager to teach Israel a lesson. As her enemies surround Jerusalem, peace is not an absence of war but a coming defeat of her enemies. There will be seemingly a return to a sense of peace soon in Jerusalem for the real war will not be in Israel for the times of the gentile is over.

God has put an iron dome around Israel and Jerusalem. The arrows of her enemies shall not go through by night or day for the times of Gentiles are over. But in return, rocks will fall down from the heavens on the surrounding nations. For the coming calamaties will be crushing.

Iran and Turkey are notoriously anti gay where gays are hunted and killed by their faith based governments. You seldom see the liberal western media criticising such violent faith based actions. But the battle for Jerusalem is all about faith. Israel and most churches does not understand the time and season until they see the hand of God coming against her enemies from the North West, North and the East. They thought that peace is an absence of war when peace is a return of Jerusalem to the Jews and her enemies who had conquered and destroyed her gates and taken her citizens away be totally judged.

Ironically, the liberal Western media calls it the occupation of Jerusalem by Israel. But the historical truth is that Rome had invaded Jerusalem and killed millions of Jews, and the 2nd Jewish temple desecrated by various nations as the hexagonal temple to Jupiter and when the mullahs invaded, they built their own temple on top this sacred place 600 years later. There is no peace in Jerusalem until Jerusalem is returned and her walls rebuild, and her faith based invaders expelled.

The peace upon Jerusalem of 50 years from 1967 is over. The period of grace of 50 years is over. Therefore, the next phase of judgement is upon the nations who came against Jerusalem and had occupied her. The rocket attack is a an opening of the judgement seal not of war in Jerusalem herself (for the times of the gentiles is over), but just as the nations attempted to divide Jerusalem, the spirit of economic calamities, internal conflicts, division, and judgement is coming upon her enemies by the God of Israel.

This is just the start. As the rockets are fired, they will break the seal of the revelation at Mt Zion. The fire in the burning bushes is a sign that the spiritual hosts and mighty army of angels is coming down. There were scenes of dancing by the Jews in the background of the burning bush. Soon the fire of the God of Israel will consume the nations. The spiritual significance bring us back to Mt Sinai where the all consuming burning bush appeared before Moses to let my people go. Now the same consuming fire is coming after 2,000 years.

If the new Biden administration, Rome, and the United nations do not let the people of Israel go and return to Jerusalem but insists on dividing Jerusalem, deep darkness is coming upon the nations. It is already happening with the first horse of diseases which was triggered by the UN resolution against Israel in 2017. The triggering and escalation of violence against Israel and Jerusalem is the opening of the seal of the second and third of the Four Horsemen to come against the enemies of Jerusalem.

The enemies of Israel sees the opportunity with Biden at the helm of the US to launch the rocket attacks and pushed for a separation of Israel as desired by the liberals in the US democrats. But the more they pushed, the more is lost. The timing of the rain of rockets is prophetic.

1896 First Zionist Council

1917 General Allenby entered Jerusalem taking over from Turkey

1948 (+50 years from Zionist Council) Israel is founded.

1967 (+50 years from entry into Jerusalem and 70 years from Zionist Council) Jerusalem is fully under Israel.

2017 – (+50 years from return of Jerusalem, +70 from founding of Israel, +120 years from Zionist council) declaration by UN for separation of Israel. Thus ushering in judgement upon the nations.

The EU, and the UN is again making a grave error in a declaration that Israel’s reposessing of East Jerusalem be stopped.

The white horse has come with its arrows of diseases. Now the other horses are coming of internal divisions/economic collapse, followed by famine thus weakening of the powers of the nations with the pale horse. The horses represents events that God has allowed to occur for the power of the antichrist has come to consume Israel lest it be united. Antichrist is simply a theological framework of replacement where the world religious systems replaced Christ to take the centre of glory, revelation and the way and truth to the God of Israel.

The next horse is coming…. It is important for Christians to prepare for the next stage is going to be worst than Covid because overnight the stock market going to plunge and the housing bubble and debt crises will follow. This will result in grave internal conflicts around the world as 1929 repeats herself.

The Gate keepers of the charismatic Evangelicals in Singapore got it so wrong. They thought that God will judge Singapore and send the flood because of gays, but forgotten that blibical abomination is idol worship and not sexual orientation and the greatest abomination is the world making the temple Mount in Jerusalem, Babylon. The men at Sodom and Gommorah were not gays but had wives and children and were worshipping Baal, and in their faith were subjugating the surrounding nations through anal sex, and they wanted thus with the angel of the Lord visiting Lot. Why is the church deceived? Because gays are scapegoats to avoid the deep darkness of pagan worship and their gods which remain the major principalities today. The Freemason and the templars also worship the gods of Sodom and Gomorrah but no one calls them gay.

Blow the trumpet in Zion Zion, sound the alarm on my Holy mountain. They rush on the city, they run on the wall, great is the army that carries out His word. The Lord utters His voice, the Lord’s army, before His army.

Sound the trumpet from Mt Zion Jerusalem. A new kind of War is coming but the spiritual war will be at the gates of the city of the enemies of Zion who had laid waste to her. Through Zion, the powers and principalities of this world will suffer grave violence, before the great revival once the enemy is bound.

As the world is so interlinked and declared with one voice at the United nations that Jerusalem is to be divided, so will great calamity coming, in some nations more than others. Pray that this time might be shortened by God’s grace and mercy for the incredible pain and suffering is coming for a deep and dark winter.