Jesus will bear our pain and suffering as victims of injustice

In the extreme victimhood mentality of the Christian Left, Jesus death at the Cross is simply reduced as Jesus being a victim of terror and violence. But Jesus was no victim rather He chose to die so that He could be victorious over death, and in doing so brought us the power over death. Indeed, declaring Jesus is a victim of terror and violence completely misses how Jesus saw His own death:-

1. Jesus cried for it was His own Jewish people that rejected and killed Him, mostly people of faith. Hence, there would be later grave tribulation for killing the Son of God which happened in AD70 onwards with the death of 2 million Jews and diaspora to the nations.

3. Jesus Christ did not deserve to die because He was totally without sin and was totally righteous. He was a victim because He was totally undeserving of death and not just because He was a victim of terror and violence. Hence the two thieves beside Jesus was deserving of death and were not fully victims.

3. Jesus was not a victim because It was His decision to die for us, to drink the cup of suffering. It was mankind motivated by Satanic deception that put Jesus at the Cross. Satan thought that He could destroy the works of Jesus by putting Him to death and even worst using the Jewish people. Jesus became a victim, the victim for our sins, so that we can escape from becoming victims ourselves to Satan’s deception.

4. From the Cross, Jesus looked far into the horizon and saw the hundreds of millions of harvest field His death and resurrection would bring. If Jesus had not been a victim as claimed by the Christian liberal left, we would still be in our sin. Jesus was no victim, the Cross was a necessity because mankind was doomed to suffer eternal violence and terror in hell.

At the Cross, Jesus was not a victim of violence and terror, but indeed if we should call Him a victim, a victim for our sin. Jesus chose to go to the Cross, for He could have sent His legions of angels to destroy the Roman garrison in Jerusalem. To declare that Jesus was a victim of violence and terror is an indirect denial of the finished works of the Cross, God’s saving grace and a denial that mankind is in sin and deserving of death and eternal hell.

When we say that Jesus is a victim of violence and terror, we are negating our individual responsibility but put the blame of causing Jesus death to the Romans and the Jews. If Jesus was indeed a victim, each one of us is equally responsible.

Jesus would be most saddened that after going to bible college, on Jesus death, some Christians would put it down to simply a victim of violence and terror, totalling diminishing His finished work at the Cross. This is the deception of Satan who did not forsee that Jesus’ death would take from Satan, the keys to hell and release the captives.

Jesus was no victim, but He was the sacrificial lamb. To attribute Jesus death as simply a victim of terror and violence is a subtle denial of Jesus perfect sacrifice as gentle lamb. It is His blood that washes us clean. There was no other way.

Jesus chose the Cross because there was no other way for mankind to comeback to God the Father. Jesus heart and eyes was on the multitudes. The pain that He felt of their sufferings that could only be alleviated through God’s grace which the narrow road of salvation would provide.

The self centered and sin denial focus of victimhood so pervasive in mainline Christianity has and will destroy Christianity because it will become no different than any NGO or civil organization promoting good without the centrality of Christ as the Saving Grace and resurrection power. Its self centeredness will consume us instead of acknowledging that it is us who are the sinner who put Jesus to death, and only in Christ that we are redeemed and cleanse by the blood of the lamb receiving our righteousness. The mentality of victimhood of the Christian Left will cause so much harm, terror and violence as we now see in BLM and Antifa bringing anti Christian socialist terror.

We are killing Jesus over and over again in our hateful revenge rather than letting Jesus be our sin offering and redeemed what we have lost 4 fold. We cannot find our own sanity and peace with revenge and a deep victimhood self righteousness. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Indeed the Christian Left mentality of extreme victimhood will not bring peace rather it will drag nations into civil wars and socialist liberation theology which itself is an endless cycle of hate, self righteousness, terror and violence. The left movements of BLM, and Antifa are anti Christ socialist movements powered by revenge and hate which will eat itself up and destroy nations.

Yes, we are legitimate victims eg the gay community who has been robbed naked by the Christian Church, but Jesus was naked at the Cross. In Christ we are clothed in a new perfect Righteousness when we chose to forgive on the basis that Christ has forgiven us of our own sin. We are no longer become victims because all our pain and suffering is put on Jesus Christ at the Cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ more than fully paid for all the terror, violence and injustice, we have suffered. Jesus Christ is the only one who can bear all our loss, our pain and sorrows, and be our recompense for all that we have lost. He did it all at the Cross of Calvary, and resurrection power.

Sky lights up on Jerusalem day, sound the trumpet

The attack by many hundreds of rockets firing upon Israel within minutes marks Jerusalem Day of 10 May 1967. It is 54 years from 1967. The attack was by Palestinians but the focus by the biased media is on Israel aggression with few in the liberal western media mentioning the massive scale and intensity of the rocket attacks nor the supply of the rockets by Iran. Turkey who is the Ottoman of old who once ruled Jerusalem is also eager to teach Israel a lesson. As her enemies surround Jerusalem, peace is not an absence of war but a coming defeat of her enemies. There will be seemingly a return to a sense of peace soon in Jerusalem for the real war will not be in Israel for the times of the gentile is over.

God has put an iron dome around Israel and Jerusalem. The arrows of her enemies shall not go through by night or day for the times of Gentiles are over. But in return, rocks will fall down from the heavens on the surrounding nations. For the coming calamaties will be crushing.

Iran and Turkey are notoriously anti gay where gays are hunted and killed by their faith based governments. You seldom see the liberal western media criticising such violent faith based actions. But the battle for Jerusalem is all about faith. Israel and most churches does not understand the time and season until they see the hand of God coming against her enemies from the North West, North and the East. They thought that peace is an absence of war when peace is a return of Jerusalem to the Jews and her enemies who had conquered and destroyed her gates and taken her citizens away be totally judged.

Ironically, the liberal Western media calls it the occupation of Jerusalem by Israel. But the historical truth is that Rome had invaded Jerusalem and killed millions of Jews, and the 2nd Jewish temple desecrated by various nations as the hexagonal temple to Jupiter and when the mullahs invaded, they built their own temple on top this sacred place 600 years later. There is no peace in Jerusalem until Jerusalem is returned and her walls rebuild, and her faith based invaders expelled.

The peace upon Jerusalem of 50 years from 1967 is over. The period of grace of 50 years is over. Therefore, the next phase of judgement is upon the nations who came against Jerusalem and had occupied her. The rocket attack is a an opening of the judgement seal not of war in Jerusalem herself (for the times of the gentiles is over), but just as the nations attempted to divide Jerusalem, the spirit of economic calamities, internal conflicts, division, and judgement is coming upon her enemies by the God of Israel.

This is just the start. As the rockets are fired, they will break the seal of the revelation at Mt Zion. The fire in the burning bushes is a sign that the spiritual hosts and mighty army of angels is coming down. There were scenes of dancing by the Jews in the background of the burning bush. Soon the fire of the God of Israel will consume the nations. The spiritual significance bring us back to Mt Sinai where the all consuming burning bush appeared before Moses to let my people go. Now the same consuming fire is coming after 2,000 years.

If the new Biden administration, Rome, and the United nations do not let the people of Israel go and return to Jerusalem but insists on dividing Jerusalem, deep darkness is coming upon the nations. It is already happening with the first horse of diseases which was triggered by the UN resolution against Israel in 2017. The triggering and escalation of violence against Israel and Jerusalem is the opening of the seal of the second and third of the Four Horsemen to come against the enemies of Jerusalem.

The enemies of Israel sees the opportunity with Biden at the helm of the US to launch the rocket attacks and pushed for a separation of Israel as desired by the liberals in the US democrats. But the more they pushed, the more is lost. The timing of the rain of rockets is prophetic.

1896 First Zionist Council

1917 General Allenby entered Jerusalem taking over from Turkey

1948 (+50 years from Zionist Council) Israel is founded.

1967 (+50 years from entry into Jerusalem and 70 years from Zionist Council) Jerusalem is fully under Israel.

2017 – (+50 years from return of Jerusalem, +70 from founding of Israel, +120 years from Zionist council) declaration by UN for separation of Israel. Thus ushering in judgement upon the nations.

The EU, and the UN is again making a grave error in a declaration that Israel’s reposessing of East Jerusalem be stopped.

The white horse has come with its arrows of diseases. Now the other horses are coming of internal divisions/economic collapse, followed by famine thus weakening of the powers of the nations with the pale horse. The horses represents events that God has allowed to occur for the power of the antichrist has come to consume Israel lest it be united. Antichrist is simply a theological framework of replacement where the world religious systems replaced Christ to take the centre of glory, revelation and the way and truth to the God of Israel.

The next horse is coming…. It is important for Christians to prepare for the next stage is going to be worst than Covid because overnight the stock market going to plunge and the housing bubble and debt crises will follow. This will result in grave internal conflicts around the world as 1929 repeats herself.

The Gate keepers of the charismatic Evangelicals in Singapore got it so wrong. They thought that God will judge Singapore and send the flood because of gays, but forgotten that blibical abomination is idol worship and not sexual orientation and the greatest abomination is the world making the temple Mount in Jerusalem, Babylon. The men at Sodom and Gommorah were not gays but had wives and children and were worshipping Baal, and in their faith were subjugating the surrounding nations through anal sex, and they wanted thus with the angel of the Lord visiting Lot. Why is the church deceived? Because gays are scapegoats to avoid the deep darkness of pagan worship and their gods which remain the major principalities today. The Freemason and the templars also worship the gods of Sodom and Gomorrah but no one calls them gay.

Blow the trumpet in Zion Zion, sound the alarm on my Holy mountain. They rush on the city, they run on the wall, great is the army that carries out His word. The Lord utters His voice, the Lord’s army, before His army.

Sound the trumpet from Mt Zion Jerusalem. A new kind of War is coming but the spiritual war will be at the gates of the city of the enemies of Zion who had laid waste to her. Through Zion, the powers and principalities of this world will suffer grave violence, before the great revival once the enemy is bound.

As the world is so interlinked and declared with one voice at the United nations that Jerusalem is to be divided, so will great calamity coming, in some nations more than others. Pray that this time might be shortened by God’s grace and mercy for the incredible pain and suffering is coming for a deep and dark winter.

Only with Jesus Christ, there is middle ground

When Bertha Henson supported her student in an article about transgender against their cancel culture, it was all in the name of the middle ground where we can have a meaningful conversation without being cancelled by the cancel culture of the liberal left. The truth is there is no middle ground because transgenders have been totally cancelled by society for the last 100 years. They do not really exist. Therefore, coming together to talk appears to be the best approach but has no real meaning and is hypocrisy because of the unequal power structures.

The cancel culture is a reaction against the powers of the big majority versus the persecuted tiny Glbt minority groups. Gays have been cancelled by the church for the last 500 years. We are in a moment of time and space where this cancellation is challenged with utmost spiritual and moral violence. The slippery slope is that the entire church herself is beginning to be cancelled in response to their sins. This is the moral law of God that what harm is sowed, there is four times the impact.

A few years back, I told a Liberal Christian pastor that I managed to buy 1 lot (1000 shares) of a company. His reply implied that he had 10,000 lot of the shares. Ie I am placed 10,000 below what he has already achieved. When we do communion and say that this wine is made by poor laborers, our attempt to identify just once with the victims is just hypocrisy when we are entitled and privileged. Liberal Christianity in the end fails because it is a liberation theology created by the elites to support a carnal socialist revolution or a worldly “christian” religious hierachal power structures to bind common people, when we really are only free in Jesus Christ as Lord, God and Saviour, the Way, the Truth and the Life apart from all our intended actions of love.

Understanding the power praxis allows us to comprehend the encounters between Jesus and the poor and the outcasts he met. He met them at the same level and not as Almighty God of Mt Sinai. Only with Jesus, there was real middle ground whilst He was on earth and today up in heaven. But the door is closing soo. For Jesus has waited 1990 years (ad 30 to 2020) for us to meet Him and not religious works of the Pharisees nor in the good works/self righteousness of the Christian Left and Right.

The Christian Right in Singapore is no different than the Pharisees wearing white ready to stone the woman adulteror in their deep self righteousness. But who was the man committing the adultery? It was them. The woman was targeted just as the gentle gay lambs are targeted to heap on the sins of society. Surely, someone needs to pay for the sins of the 10, 000 abortions every year in Singapore.

Jesus will meet you where you are, the woman with many husbands at the well at mid day, the hottest time of the day because she was an outcasts just like gays in the community. The woman worshipped the same God the Father but came to see that salvation is not in Mt Sinai but in Zion, at Calvary because Jesus came from the Cross to meet her. Jesus is no longer at the Cross. He waits for you to bidst Him to come into your house, not by your works, by in your poverty by grace.

The middle ground where time and space meets is at our door. Will you let Jesus in or do we also cancel Jesus when the world has rejected us.

Why RZM cannot be saved

When the pharisees saw Jesus their Saviour, their biggest problem was not sin but self righteousness steeped in hypocrisy. RZM reflects the current state of Christianity. Just as the Pharisees did not bring themselves to accept Jesus, the Ravi Zacharias Ministry could not be saved.

The rampant and prolific adultery of Ravi Zacharias whilst being the loudest anti gay voice was well known with all allegations being rejected.

In 2008, the allegations of Zacharias being seen with an unrelated woman was reported to the head of the Singapore RZM board. And the response from the then chair of the board was

“Directors agreed that degorative remarks of any kind by any parties must cease immediately as they do not glorify the Lord… We are of the same conviction that brothers should reconcile where there have been misunderstandings… The work of RZM is making great impact on unbelievers and any public dispute will bring irreparable damage damage to parties concerned and the organization”

Ravi held hands in public with another woman. No action was taken yet the Singaporean Gatekeepers attempted all out to ban gays with incredible zeal. They had the same problem with the Pharisees. They were greater sinners because they were wearing white, their own self righteousness and blaming others for the smallest spec of sin.

The Christian charismatic Evangelicals in Singapore cannot be saved to reach the point of grace in Singapore for the Antioch revival until they realised the greatest sinners are not gays but they themselves because their sin is hidden and blamed on the poor gentle lambs.

Slippery slope of gay rights

The fear of “importing” the culture war is ironical for the culture war has been happening with the Christian Right Gay keepers scrubbing anything gay. Why the war is necessary? Because it takes effort and warfare to restrict the basic rights of gays because gays are innate.

Surrounding the red dot with nations both legalising homosexuality and to the extent of allowing gay marriage, dark clouds surround. The notion of a western cultural war is all but debunked as Taiwan, Nepal, India and Thailand moves towards full gay rights.

Through their western based anti gay crusade against gays wearing white, the fear of the slippery slope of gay rights is coming true, and it is not that everyone will become gay!

It is a slippery slope because once gay rights becomes legalised, no straight marriages are impacted nor would there be more abortions, but the church is put into a closet where all their actions, speech and motives are judged. All their sins are magnified. The slippery slope is that the church is viewed as sinful hypocrites. Just as our voice is used in judgement against gays, the voice of the church will be silenced.

Just as gays are put in closet, the slippery slope is that the Christian Right will be also put in the closet but a measure of four fold. This is the law of God:-

1. The voice of the church will be restricted. Media Restrictions in Facebook, twitter, YouTube for church sermons and the Gospel message.

2. Judgment on the church. All our sins are multiplied 4 fold and exposed. The spiritual power of the angel of judgement invades the church where all their sins are in the recent revelations of the numerous adulterous relationships that the great evangelist Ravi Zacharias would involved in the last 30 years whilst being ant gay.. All the doors hiding the skeletons are exposed to the nations.

3. Donkeys will prophesy against the church. Just like the BLM is blaming the plight of blacks against anything white, the church will be blamed for everything, and as the socialist left is rising, the church will be persecuted just like they had persecuted gays by blaming them for all the ills of society. It will be 4 fold judgement on the church. Just as they blamed gays for the destruction of marriage, the church will be blamed for all sort of ridiculous things.

4. The special rights of the church will be restricted. Just as the church seeks to ban gay organizations for the last 50 years, the special rights and priveleges of the church as charities will be taken away. The churches will be audited and any financial corruption will quickly lead to persecution.

The slippery slope is a four fold judgement on the church even though gays being 5% of the population is not very significant. As gays achieve their basic rights, the church will loose much more.

The slippery slope is coming of gay rights that as gays come out of the closet, the church will be put into a closet. The descent will come so naturally and quickly because it is a moral imperitive. Persecution is coming against the church because the law, the Word of God will not pass away, and judgement starts with the church. What ever the church has sowed against gays, it will reap. And we already begin to see it in the US with the Equality Bill.

The Christian Right has led a cultural war against gays for the 100 years. The war will now be coming to the gates of the church. A giant lock and chains will be placed at the gates of churches… For they have harmed the little ones.

Trump impeachment. The coming closet of the Christian Right.

Mark 3:22 and the scribes who came down from Jerusalem said, “He has Beelzebub,” and, “By the ruler of demons He cast out demons”

As liberal Christians rejoiced with glee that Trump is being impeached the 2nd time, it is perhaps reflective to say that the animus they have shown is anti Christ and will impact their own rights. Such zeal to impeach an ex-president already out of office is rather unnatural. The evidence presented of the incitement would be objectionable in most court of law because showing the actual mob breaching the Capital Hill does not prove that Trump directly incited it. Calling a protest is not an incitement for rebellion. Not doing anything much to stop the mob does mean he is guilty of causing the insurrection. Who are they led by? This is unnatural? A nation divided by extreme partisan of the liberals is no salvation on earth.

There was no speech, email, twitter text by Trump to direct the protestors to breach Capitol Hill. Political rethoric to protest does not meet these standards and so with little evidence, the left put on a grand show of the dramatic violence caused by the protestors, and the mainstream media and my liberal Christians all behind the bandwagon. For a trial to prove that Trump was guilty, the evidence presented by the left in most courts would be objected by the defence as unrelated and conjecture. A nation divided cannot stand in the best of times lest an impending financial crises. It was not about Trump, it was the Left attempt to divide the Right and destroy the Republicans. It sets a precedence for viciousness.

The danger with Social Justice is that we can easily move towards Socialism and then to Marxist liberation theology where free speech is restricted in the name of justice and equality which is an oxymoron. We now could not even use the greetings “ladies and Gentlemen” and “Father” God is banned because it is deemed politically incorrect. The very foundation is the right to free speech ie I may not agree with the Christian Left or Right, but I will defend their right to free speech even importing (I meant inviting) foreign pastors each week to preach in their churches. The move by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the mainline media to ban Trump and his supporters is very detrimental to everyone’s own freedom of speech. The deep hypocrisy of the left urging on the mob violence of BLM but now acting righteous to denounce trump.

In some ways, the Right had it coming.

The Christian Right has been most vicious and anti gay over the past 50 years. In the Red Dot, a one sided cultural war against gays have been fanned by foreign pastors invited each week by the mega churches over the last 30 years. Even the ex transgender US Pastor Sy Rogers became famous for their now defunct exgay movements. With the advent of gay marriage in 2015 and the election of Biden in 2020, the world has changed. Those that have unlimited free speech to cause harm to the weak hiding behind the Christian faith, they will be going into a closet as we see in the US.

It is not whether the “import” of cultural wars is pertinent, but the war is soon over and just as the Christian Right has put gays in the closet for the last 50 years, the churches will now go into the closet. This is Bible law. As there is false witness against gays, 4 x the judgement will be upon the church. The judgement is very clear, the loss of the speaking rights for the Gospel message. Because the church has put a banner in front of the church building that gay relationships are not about true love but straight relationships are, one day no one will even look to the church. Yet, no banner is raised against the thousand abortions by straight couples every year in the red dot. We become preachers of hate and hypocrisy.

Not so long ago, Australian Justice Kirby married his gay partner, this being 50 years together. They were prevented from marriage by the the Christian Right and their strongly held opinions. But most others are not so fortunate and their blood cries out against the church. The church has the freedom of speech and strongly held views, but there is judgement for the harm caused and justice denied.

There wouldn’t be a trial for the Christian Right nor the very loosed evidence the left are now trying to impeach Trump, the 2nd time. There is no need for a trial, because the suffering of many is judgement upon the church. Their special privilege and entitlements of the church will be no more. Their freedom of speech and to preach the Gospel curtailed because of their anti gay rethoric last 50 years.

In the recent expose of the RZIM ministries, it was exposed that their former lead minister who was virulently anti gay was involved in many sexual relationships outside marriage with other women over the last decades. There is no forgiveness nor grace because Ravi Zacharias was virulently anti-gay. The door is shutting on many Christian ministries for their false witness against gays hides their own sins.

Why would God used Trump? Because Trump was clearly unqualified, incompetant and a childish brat but his heart was for Israel. God doesn’t see the sins that the Christian Left and Christianity Today has so maligned him for. Is he a greater sinner than Keneddy, Clinton, and Martin Luther King with their many affairs? Churchill was a hero during WW2, but his helping the Russians has a tragic impact.

There is almost an incredible vengeance and hatred against Trump by the mainline media and many Christians. Why? Because Trump moved the Capital of Israel to Jerusalem by recognising the city as the Capital of Israel, thus returning Jerusalem to Israel after 1950 years from AD70 or 70 years after the founding of Israel in 1948.

“mat 12:25, 26 but Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them:” Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. If Satan cast casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?

As Jerusalem is coming to unity and wholeness again very soon, the world and its nation states will breakdown in disunity whether in Asia, Europe, and America, and the kingdoms of this world will fall whether great empires, and faiths, the Christian Left or Right or the Catholic and Eastern Church. For at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow down.

The coming of Famine/Tribulation

Mat 24:15 “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place”

When Biden becomes President there will be a period of grace where there is a return to normal with covid under control and outlook for great economic recovery. But suddenly in the first or second year, a period of great financial, stock market, debt, currency, and civil strive never seen before. Famine and tribulation is coming soon. Prepare yourself.

The church will not escape trials and tribulations. Her special rights and status would be removed and the mega churches wealth, tax free status, and abuses would be questioned. Liberal churches will further decline due to financial calamities and critical theories.

The recent storming of the US Capital by the protesters has resulted in the spin by the Christian Left to highlight the event as some great sacrilege, and the opportunistic attempt by the liberal media to limit the rights of the protesters in the various on-line forum. The extreme spin and exploiting the events claiming that Trump should be impeached for supporting the insurrection is based on animus rather than evidence for Trump never asked his supporters to do so. The attempt by the liberal far left is a road of no return for hate will be gain only further hate.

Alas, the election of President Biden will not bring in the utopia so imagined, but a deep prolonged famine/tribulation, starting after a period of grace after Biden becomes President. It matters not whether Biden or Trump for the time is at hand. The real sacrilege is not the protesters storming the capital, or the left wing BLM occupying cities, but of hospital beds being full, and Covid patients dying en-mass around the world before world wide vaccination.

We know that tribulation did come upon Jerusalem described in Mat 24:15 and the Romans killed millions of Jews because of the Jewish insistence to be faithful to the God of Israel, and to oppose the abomination of pagan gods which is the roman temple of Jupiter with its hexagonal corners now standing in the holy of Hollies. The abomination stood there ever since with different faiths building their temple on top of it. When the liberal Christians insists the status quo of the abomination remaining and Jerusalem being divided, they are aligned to the Spirit of anti-Christ. For as long as the abomination remains, then Jesus Christ is not coming back again until the new temple has been built. There is no peace in Jerusalem until the Jewish worship is restored at her holiest place.

The European Union, the British, and the US, are the descendants of the Roman Empire. They fell and rose, first Europe, then the British, and now the US. In the last days, just as tribulation killed millions of Jews in Jerusalem and the subsequent uprisings, and again more than 6 million Jews in Europe, there is arising great famine/tribulation in the Western nations, and in the Middle East to loosened the hand of the enemy upon Jerusalem after 50 years of the Jews returning back to Jerusalem. The period of grace of 50 years is over. We are heading into the period of judgement, God’s judgement, which is the removing of God’s hand of grace.

In Dec 2017, almost 50 years to the day that Jerusalem was returned to the Jews, the United Nations declared that Israel was to be separated again, just as the Romans did to remove the Jews from their Holy Land in diaspora to all the nations where millions were killed for maintaining their Jewish faith. They have forgotten that the days of the Gentiles was over. It was not going to be a repeat of AD70. The Trump presidency was a sounding of the trumpet of God, that the God of Israel would no longer protect the nations which is under a curse and domain of Satan because this is a fallen world. Hence, grace was lifted from the nations. The Covid 19 is no coincidence. It was the act of the enemy but the virus was always there, for we have forgotten the hand of protection of God because of Jesus Christ, until it is lifted, and we cried where is God!.

Trump called Washington a swamp. He is actually part of it, the worship of wealth and power. The whole setup of Washington, is based on the Freemason worship of Satan personified in the Sun God and the all seeing eye which is why the ancient pyramids were created to focus its powers. It has control over Washington, London, and Rome, symbolized by the obelisk to the Sun God. God is shaking the nations, to loosed the powers of Washington, London, and Rome. The City of London has already been shaken by Brexit which will decrease her influence. God is bringing down the kindoms of this world, who have the spirit of the anti-Christ in their pursuit of power and wealth, and taking away Jesus Christ from the Cross.

The flames in Washington is not an insurrection as claimed by the socialist left, but it is only the start of tribulation/famine. The Covid 19 virus has punctured a hole in the already very weak US economy where the Government is buying trillions of bonds and printing money. The next 20 years will see incredible strive not because of Covid but because the impact of the economic and stock market and currency downfall will spread like a contagion force.

When the Capitol Hill in protest strife and flames, with the mainline liberal media taking the opportunity to ban the Right, we see a civil conflict that is destined to become worst. There is no longer the centre, but the left and the Right moving further apart, each claiming the truth, but neither having the truth. For the truth is about love, and causing no harm, and not about our rights which often has been abused to limit the basic rights of others. Hate and racial identity politics takes away the individual. Biden may have won, but he may not able to use the fiscal weapons so used by previous Presidents, print more money. Liberal Socialism will beget a response of the Right bringing conflicts and disunity.

Tribulation is coming, because the world is under judgement because of what it did to the apple of God’s eye, which is Jerusalem. When the hand of God’s grace in Jesus Christ is lifted, diseases comes in, bringing great economic disasters. A stock market, housing, and sovereign debt crises is coming to many western nations that will mean great tribulation for many, whose life savings will dissapear. Many will grow hungry and in despair. There will be strive, poverty, violence and anarchy greater than 1929.

The fifty years period of grace plus 3.5 years from 1967 (the partial return of Jerusalem to the Jews) is almost over. The next 3.5 years will see great strife followed 3.5 years of hardship, and then a slow decline of many nations. It will be famine/tribulation. A period of grace and normalcy will follow the first 12 to 24 months of Biden before the rain starts and it will not stop.

Covid 19 has brought down the nations, and her economies, the smallest of virus killing millions. But the real sin of the United Nations is against Jerusalem, the attempt to divide Jerusalem, and letting the abomination remain in the location of the Holy of Hollies. The storming of the Capitol is just the start as unrest and strive comes through the nations of the world.

I believe that God is saying to His people, to Christians, to prepare for famine, to fast and pray like never before, store up the essentials of food, and medicine for the time of lack is coming where many will loose much. For in this time of famine/tribulation, the greatest Christian revival will come. And the church will be cleansed through trials and testings and become the bride for Christ return.

Mi Kamocha – Who is Like You

Ashira Ladonai; ki gaoh ga-ah (x2)
( I will sing to the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously)

Mi Chamocha baelim adonai
(Who is like you in the heavens, O Lord}

Mi kamocha nedar ba kodesh;
(Who is like you, glorious in holiness)

Nachita v’chas-d’cha am zu ga-alta (x2)
(in your mercy, you lead the children whom you have redeemed)

Ahira, ashira, ashira
(I will sing, I will sing, I will sing)

US Election Trump lost, and the end is near

With the Christian left so perturbed by the fact that it wasn’t a landslide repudiation of Trump, it wasn’t a death of democracy as they claimed, but a celebration of it. Biden won. Despite the Covid disasters, Trump didn’t fall, because his supporters were voting for themselves being perturbed for being blamed by BLM and continually being cast as white supremasist subjugating blacks and being blamed for the their poor social economic status. Discrimination do exist, but the laws against blacks were removed more than 50 years ago.

Trump did very well precisely because of the abusive excess of the Christian left and their identity politics. The indulgence into divisive racial identity politics by the Christian left is part of their theological framework of putting people in nice boxes and blaming them based on the labels put on them. Whites are cast as the rich oppressors, whilst blacks are cast as the poor victims. This creates a deep animosity and it will be further hardened into conflicts when those who felt that the elections were stolen from them. The grey areas doesn’t fit too well in liberal Christianities whose Marxist liberation theology must clearly be defined into the oppressor and the oppressed. The real sin is within all mankind, by our nature we are sinners apart of the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

The irony is that the Christian left living in large liberal rich cities pertuating race identity politics is a reflection of their guilty conscience to apply this narrative to their entire community when they are the priveleged rich highly educated wall street white folks. Hence, Trump’s message resonates deeply with the rural white folks who are perhaps innocent of much of the condemnation. They are simply a scapegoat of political and religious correctness.

Trump lost because like King Nebuchadnezza, he became proud, and thought that the US presidency was won in 2016 by his own effort when he was placed there by God for the sake of Israel. He will now go out to the pastures, roaming in twitter land.

Joe Biden won but it was not a clear victory as claimed. He slumped over winning line. A 100,000 votes either way in the marginal states would have meant a total reversal of results. Despite Covid and financial disasters, it should have been landslide. But the left framing this as an overwhelming victory may loose in the future for it is not that difficult to find a much better contender than Trump. But they have gained a bitter chalice for after 50 years of living beyond her means by removing the Gold backing of the currency, the US day of reckoning is coming.

The future of Christianity is at stake, just as the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire by the trickery of Rome using the last crusade to attack Constantinople resulted later in the Arabs invading Europe. Christianity spread because of the Romans and the Catholic Church continued the supremacy of Rome even to the extent of disposing her Eastern Church and exposing them to the invading mullahs. So too Christianity had spread because of the British, European and the US Empires.

Both the Christian Right and left have forgotten about the US privelege being the reserved currency. The greatest sin is not white privelege. The US Empire is set to diminish as it may soon looses the priveleged position of the world slaving for them and using their position as the reserved currency to chalk up debts. The end is quite near and the Dow Jones records reflects a 1929 scenario but perhaps worst with a housing buble and huge Government debts. The Covid virus will trigger her demise.

Obama increased the total debts by twice and Trump doubled that potentially ushering a sovereign debt crises. They had no choice because the US economy is no longer producing the goods but living a good life and printing more money to sustain it. It can’t last more than 50 years from 1970. And they know it. The US is desperate even to the extent of the US treasury buying near junk bonds to keep the economy afloat. The market keeps rising because the economy is such a bad state and has to be inflated by money printing and zero interest rates.

When the buble collapse in the US, it will be the start of the end, and the Christian mega churches and the mainline liberals will go down together in the US. The judgement is coming upon the churches in the US who has been priveleged and tax free whilst not doing sufficient for a charitable purpose but on the contrary known to be anti gay.

With the end of Trump and the resurgence of the Christian Left socialist movements and the Christian Right movements, they all forgotten that once the US losses its priveleged as the reserved currency allowing it to print money out of thin air, the fall is coming when the currency devalues. The division of blacks and whites so emphasised by the Christian left will literally cause great civil strife and sufferings when the currency and sovereign debt crises do comes.

The US is linked to UK/Europe, their ancestral home, historically and economically. And her fall, may further trigger the fall of Rome, the heart of the European Union, who have been against the return of the Jewish people to Jerusalem whom they had killed many millions.

The fall of Trump perhaps is the sounding of the trumpet ending and starting great tribulation in the Western nations, the former Roman Empire. Their sin against Jerusalem is not forgotten, neither the death camps nor the siege and destruction of Jerusalem and Masada.

The churches have abused the Word

1 cor 6:9 or know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulteror, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with men,…, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

There are few Christian bookshops left. Certainly the bible has not been the top selling for decades. Satan’s greatest attack on Christianity is on the bible. Every fault and misinterpretation is expanded. In particular, the bible interpreters made a major error in translating to the English word Homosexual.

The Christian Right has added to the word of God whilst the Christian Left removed from the Word of God. The sin is in the church and not gays. This was Satan’s plan right from the Garden of Eden when he distorted God’s word to Adam and Eve.

Before 1946, the English word “homosexual” was not in the Bible translations. When it appeared in the Revised Standard version in 1946, the RSV Committee actually thought “homosexual” was an inaccurate translation of malakoi and arsenokoitai in 1 Cor 6:9 and decided to replaced it with sexual perverts. The Committee admitted they had made a mistake when challenged but the publication was cast in stone by then. The rest is history. But the truth was that these were not “sexual perverts” per say but people of faith motivated and engaging in very sexualised faith worship of pagan gods of Cybele and Aphrodites.

For the next 70 years, the bible and all the latest translations were used to subjugate, bind and condemned gays when the real culprit were straight people worshiping the dark demonic forces by joining themselves with Satan through sex. It was nothing new, the church hierachal itself was deep into demonic and pagan worship and had persecuted Christians through the Counter Reformation which is still raging today, albeit unnoticed. The men had sex with men out of faith worship to receive the demonic spirit.

The charismatic evangelicals have added to the Word and are duped into fighting gays and culture whilst at the same time often coprorating with the church hierachal. The battle is almost lost and it was not winnable but they inadverantly destroyed the Word of God by undermining the bible in gay bashing. When the real enemy is deep, dark and hidden, controlling the levers of power and spiritual narrative. The anti gay crusade by the charismatic evangelicals stops the Gospel and breeds a deep self righteousness. The hypocrisy of the church exposed, under judgement for the millions of gays who had lost everything, and the bible not taken as the Word of God was Satan’s ultimate agenda.

When Paul mentioned that the Bible was God breathed, it was in the original language and pagan landscape. It was not in English and neither do we have pagan religious faiths having open sex in public. Why do the church blame gays for this abomination because the church hierachal went into spiritual abomination with the devil. Every day the womb of the church, the circle of life at St Peter’s is penetrated by the phallus of the Sun God, which is centered on the worship of Baal and Ashteroth.

Satan’s greatest attack on the bible is to find the weakness of the bible, and it is found the translation and lack of religious contextual information causing misinterpretation and false teachings condeming gays which in turn undermines the Gospel message.

The Bible translations have fallen and we should always go back to the bible context of the faith abominations of the ancients, and the original texts. Because the Word of God is the key to life and the Gospel message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

The Bible revelations if read correctly are a time bomb of a countdown of Jesus coming back, and great effort has been spent in the Bible colleges and mainline churches to change the narrative and focus instead on Jesus being a good person rather than God, and Saviour, and coming King. The opium of the Christianity is the mainline Bible colleges and churches which numbs the church to the Great Commission

Similarly, power, and prosperity theology with a big dose of self righteousness has taken over the evangelical charismatic churches instead of focus on the bible revealing the righteousness and grace of God through Christ alone. In essence, the greatest perversion are not gays but the church who has perverted the grace of God into the Gospel of condemnation of which Gays are the target

We are called to return the bible to see Christ, the Alpha and Omega, the King of Kings above all.

the church at the crossroads

In the early 1930s, the churches in Europe faced a moment of decision, to support the facist/nazis. They chose to support fascism in Europe and socialism in Russia to maintain their own power. Today the church is at the Cross Road with an even great Depression looming. The problem is not Trump but the churches and the US is falling after five decades of living on credit, low interest rates, and a giant bubble of over prized stock exchange waiting to pop with devastating implications. How can the Christian stand in the gap? To prevent a descent into a civil battle between the liberal Socialist Marxist and right wing Facist? The world wide rise in the stock market for the last 12 years is really fake because it is driven by cheap money and credit just like the Great Depression on 1929.

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